20 Questions for “Would you Rather?” Christmas Edition for Kids & Family Events

“Would You Rather” is a fantastic, easy-to-play game, ideal for casual post-dinner evenings leading up to Christmas. It can also serve as a creative way to brainstorm festive season activities with the kids. We’ve incorporated some activity-based “Would You Rather” questions to inspire you.

Instead of delving into neighborhood gossip or sparking intense political debates – topics that might bore the kids – why not try this enjoyable conversation starter? It’s a perfect way to ensure the whole family is engaged in the discussion.

Would you Rather Kids Christmas

Kids Would you Rather? Christmas Edition:

“Would You Rather…” is a game filled with quirky dilemmas and fun choices. Here’s a festive-themed list to get you started:

  1. Leave cookies for Santa or carrots for the reindeer?
  2. Craft homemade ornaments for the Christmas tree or purchase them?
  3. Top your tree with a star or an angel?
  4. Choose pumpkin pie or ice cream for dessert?
  5. Pick bubblegum or mint-flavored candy canes?
  6. Receive $100 worth of presents or gift $1,000 worth of presents?
  7. Unwrap socks or a dictionary for Christmas?
  8. Spend time wrapping Christmas presents or shopping for them?
  9. Build a snowman or go tobogganing?
  10. Sneak a fart machine under grandma’s chair or place fake poop atop a present?
  11. Create your own candy necklace or assemble a gingerbread house?
  12. Engage in a game of bingo or charades?
  13. Watch 8 hours of Christmas movies or shop for 4 hours?
  14. Settle in for “The Grinch” or “Elf”?
  15. Dress as an elf with pointy ears or a Who from Whoville with a pointy nose?
  16. Sing Christmas carols or stage a Christmas play?
  17. Find chocolate or candy in your “30 Days to Christmas” countdown?
  18. Sneak a peek at your presents or receive an extra gift?
  19. Eat a raw onion or a sour lemon?
  20. Land on the naughty or nice list?

Have some amusing “Would You Rather” questions of your own? Please share them in the comments below.

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20 Questions for “Would you Rather?” Christmas Edition for Kids & Family Events 1

The holidays is not just about presents, spend time with your kids playing thought provoking or simple silly games like this “would you rather” game and see what comes up 🙂

For after the kids go to bed, here is our adult version of hilarious “would you rather”.

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