20+ Swimming Pool Games and Inflatable Pool Floats For Kids

Kids love swimming, especially on a hot summer day surrounded by family and little friends. It is a great way to keep cool, while at the same time encouraging fitness and socializing. As much fun as swimming is, playing in the water is even better with some swimming pool games and floating toys. It may even keep them occupied enough for you to enjoy a few moments as well. Odds are it won’t, but at least they will be so tired out after playing all day. Whether at the lake, ocean, or in a backyard pool here are 20+ of the top swimming pool games and toys your kids will love!

1. Swimming Pool Basketball Game

From bobbing to splashing, basketball is one of those games that is more fun in the pool. Your kids will spend hours floating shots and slam dunking. Depends on the age and seriousness of your players, there are several different types of hoops to dunk on. From fully adjustable hoops that sit on the edge, to floating and portable nets you can take anywhere. For safety issues some kids (well pretty much all) may get a little too excited and hang from the rim. Last thing you want is for the net to fall over on them. We love the floating versions and take up less space. Here are a few floating hoops and pool side hoops for a slamming good time!

2. Bottom Feeders Pool Game

Swim your worries away with the bottom feeders swimming pool game for kids. Most children do not need a reason to go diving, but we have one for them. Essentially you have the kids diving in a race to collect as many items as possible while holding their breath underwater. If you do not have swimming rings a fun variation we played with this game at a birthday party was using different color poker chips. We had assigned a point system for different color chips. Make it a team game and watch as the kids bob like fish collecting as much as they can.
Pool Volleyball

3.  Swimming Pool Volleyball Game

Feel free to make those exciting dives without worrying about hurting yourself with a fun game of swimming pool volleyball. There are different sets for different pool sizes and seriousness of players. Some people enjoy just hitting around a volleyball with a smaller floating set, while some players love strong set to spike on. The biggest issue that some have is that the net posts are not heavy enough and having kids rough housing may mean that they fall over.
Bulzibucket | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

4. Bulzibucket

BulziBucket is one of our favorite beach games and makes an even better pool games! This is because the entire game floats and the balls will not sink. BulziBucket is a outdoor game that is a mix between cornhole and ladder ball. Essentially you are throwing bean bags into buckets with varying points (3,2,1) and activities. Even if you are not playing this game by the rules, kids will have fun sinking shots from all over the pool. This game is so amazing we had to create a full review on BulziBucket or you can check the latest prices online.

5. Splash Swimming Pool Paddle Game

Play in or out of the pool with this splash swimming pool game for kids. Count how many keep-ups you and a partner can do. Those who hit the ball back and forth can play competitively or together as a team, trying to keep the ball alive for as long as possible. The paddles are wrapped in stretch fabric and comes with two splashing balls.  Buy Paddleball Online.
Pool Jousting

6. Log Joust Pool Game

Jousting may have been a game for medieval knights to settle disputes, but is now a popular swimming pool game for kids. Instead of wielding lances on horses, you will settle your differences this floating log set and inflatable lances. It is guaranteed that this Log Joust game will ending with cheering and someone getting dunked.  You can create a DIY version of this game by using pool noodles and any floaty, but we don’t think the theatrics would be the nearly as hilarious.  Your pool party will not be the same without these, click here to get latest price.

7. CannonBall Diving Game

This is a game that makes a big splash at any pool party. Make a dive competition a fun swimming pool game for kids by seeing who can make the biggest splash. Having a diving board is ideal for bigger splashes, but you must use what you have. Turn this swimming pool game into a group jump where 3+ kids all hold hands and jump in the pool together. The best form, style, or splashes win. You will want to have your camera ready, especially if you want to turn it into a crazy jump diving competition. See who can display the craziest, funniest, and most painful cannon ball over!
Kids Swimming Pool Floats

8. Swimming Pool Floats for Kids

Nothing quite beats floating in your pool on a piece of pizza, crocodile, swan, or giant ducky. There are many different inflatable pool toys for single or groups of kids. Set your kids a sail in the shallow end and watch them captain their own crew.

9. Marco Polo Swimming Pool Game

Marco Polo is one of the classic swimming pool games that does not require anything but a few friends. It is one of those games that is fun for pool parties with 4+ other kids. Essentially one child is “it” and swims around with their eyes closed trying to catch other kids. When they yell “Marco” the other kids must yell “Polo” while swimming and splashing their way to the win.

10. Water Fight Pool Game

From water balloons and soakers to garden hoses and buckets, there are many ways to soak your opponents. From Water Tag, to water relays, or just a free for all there are many ways to play. Once you have chosen your spot, next you will want to mark off an outside tap or small pool as a safety zone for speedy refills.
20+ Swimming Pool Games and Inflatable Pool Floats For Kids 120+ Swimming Pool Games and Inflatable Pool Floats For Kids 2

11. Floating Bean Bag Toss

Bean Bag Toss (Cornhole) has always been associated and rated one of the best backyard games. Until now, it’s only been played on a hard surface, unless you have a Bulzibucket set (mentioned above). Now you can bring all the excitement from this classic board game to your pool with this floating game. Best thing with this game is once you are tired from sinking shots, you can float on it and relax. Same rules as our How to Play Cornhole Rules, just on water! Here are a few different versions below.
Pool Football

12. Swimming Pool Football Game

With all the exciting pool toys we listed, sometimes the simpler is the most fun is playing catch. Last thing you will want is getting hit in the head with a hard and heavy classic football, so you need one that is made for pools. The Hydro Football is lightweight, easy to catch, but heavy enough to throw a good spiral roll. Take turns jumping into the pool while catching the football for amazing catches that you can not do on land. Toss your way to a fun pool party with a waterproof and lightweight football.
20+ Swimming Pool Games and Inflatable Pool Floats For Kids 320+ Swimming Pool Games and Inflatable Pool Floats For Kids 4

13. Pirate Ships with Squirt Guns



It is one thing to have a pool float, it is another to have a floating pirate ship with squirt gun. What kid does not want to float across the pool while soaking everyone with the water blaster. The open design allows you to use your legs and feet for fast maneuverability. Click here to check latest prices.
Giant Beach Ball

14. Giant Beach Ball

You can never have a beach ball that is too big! You can use it to kick, toss, or float your way around the pool. With different designs and styles from watermelons, to glow in the dark, there is really a beach ball for every mood.  Perhaps a giant watermelon beach ball is the next fun beach ball theme.
Waterproof Speaker

15. Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Add some fun and background music to your backyard pool party with some exciting and fun kid’s songs. There is nothing quite like playing with many of these pool games and toys while listening to music. There are many different floating and waterproof radios to choose from, but wanted to showcase one of the stereos we use in our backyard. Not only is it waterproof, but also sand or dust proof.  Click here to buy online.
20+ Swimming Pool Games and Inflatable Pool Floats For Kids 520+ Swimming Pool Games and Inflatable Pool Floats For Kids 6

16. Floating Poop Gag Gift

This is one of the hilarious pranks without the stank!  One of the last children’s birthday parties we attended one of the parents secretly slipped this into the pool and watched in anticipation. None of us knew about it, and when one the children discovered the floating like screamed in terror. When we found out it was a prank, the children could not let it go afterwards. Yes, it was disgusting, yes it looks like the real thing, and yes I hope you do not bring it to our pool party. However, it was some hilarious fake poop.  Click here to order this hilarious product online.
20+ Swimming Pool Games and Inflatable Pool Floats For Kids 720+ Swimming Pool Games and Inflatable Pool Floats For Kids 8

17. Floating Disc Slam (Kan Jam)

KanJam is another one of our favorite backyard games and are excited to see that someone had made a floating game. Take your turns with this Frisbee Throwing Game! Here are the Original KanJam Rules, two options available are the Hydro Disc Slam or KanJam Mini Splash.
Floating ping pong

18. Floating Ping Pong Pool Game

Did you know that there is a floating ping pong set? Not only can this game be used in the pool, but the table can be used on any hard surface. This means when the weather changes, or gets dark out you can bring it inside. This set has oversite floating tables, balls, and a net. You can keep cool while playing an intense game of table tennis.  Get the latest price.
Above Ground Swimming Pool

19. Swimming Pools

As much fun as it is swimming in other kids backyards, sometimes home is where your floaty is. There are many different types of pools, but really for these games you do want to have a pool. If you don’t have a fancy built in pool, a seasonal above ground pool is generally the best option.  Plus you skip the year round pool maintenance headache.  Most people go with a vinyl or plastic pools, and there are a lot of options to choose from.
Slip and Slide

20. Slip and Slide Waterslide

One of the best swimming pool toys for kids is the classic slip n slide or waterslide. The extra long slide will have kids entertained for hours. All you need to do is unroll the slide, inflatable the water sprayer, hook it up to a garden hose, and you will be sliding all over the place.  Get an XXL slip and slide.
We hope we gave you many or atleast 1 idea for new games to play in the pool!  If you are looking for games to play when the kids are away, check out our swimming pool games for adults.

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