Top 7 Single Player Card Games

7 Single Player Card Games

Dear bored and lonely hearts, have no fear! When you find yourself in the company of nothing more than a deck of cards and a whole lot of spare time, we’ve got you covered with some magnificent single player card games.

Puns aside, this comprehensive blog post covers the top solo card games to entertain you, from classics such as Solitaire and Freecell to lesser-known gems like Accordion and Monte Carlo.

Shuffle those cards and let the amusement commence!

Solitaire (Klondike)

Kicking off this mighty list is the King of all solo card games – Solitaire, also known as Klondike. If you’ve ever been blessed with a Windows PC or a few minutes to kill, you must’ve come across this timeless classic.

The objective? To arrange all cards into four piles by suit, from the Ace at the bottom to the King at the top.

Start by dealing seven columns of cards with increasing numbers of face-down cards in each, then reveal the top card of each column.

By following the rules of moving one card at a time and building down by alternating colors, uncover and move cards until you achieve the ultimate victory.

This game is equal parts skill and luck, so if you need your next victory cherry-picked, go fish somewhere else!


Emerging from the shadows of Solitaire, Freecell is here to deal some (almost) equal awesomeness! With its roots in the 18th-century British game Napoleon at St. Helena, this game is another fantastic Windows classic.

The objective is to build the foundations up by suit using the tableau and freecells to help organize your cards.

What sets Freecell apart is that nearly every game is winnable – if you play your cards right.

So bid adieu to the frustration of dead-end games and hello to the rewarding embrace of strategizing your way to victory!


Feeling nostalgic for the great wonders of the ancient world? Then Pyramid is the perfect game to transport you to a world of majestic card-constructed majesties.

The objective is simple: Clear the pyramid by matching up cards that equal 13.

Start by laying out 28 cards in the shape of a pyramid, revealing all cards. Discard pairs adding to 13, making sure not to cover up any playable cards, and continue drawing cards from the stock when there are no more pairs on the tableau.

In this game, the Pharaoh in you must be smart and patient to complete the pyramid without getting trapped among the sands of waste cards.


Slam your boredom into a hole-in-one with Golf, a fascinating card game inspired by its namesake outdoor sport.

Deal seven columns of five face-up cards each and place four cards face-up as part of your foundation.

It’s all about managing your cards with the ultimate goal of achieving the lowest score possible. You do this by transferring tableau cards one at a time to the foundation piles, following a consecutive rank order.

In this world, Aces and Kings are neighbors for life! With each round, tally up your scores, and after nine rounds, the lowest score reigns supreme.

For a guaranteed tee-rific time, grab that deck and improve your swing on the fairway of green felt!


Squeeze all the entertainment you can with Accordion, a lesser-known but highly satisfying card game.

Start by dealing the entire deck face-up in a long row, and in Accordion, cards are laid out on the table, with the goal of compressing them down into one single pile.

You can do this by moving a card onto another card to its immediate left or onto a card three spaces to the left, provided that both cards are of the same suit or rank.

But beware – this game isn’t for the easily disheartened! Though the rules are simple, winning is as rare as cards with extra sleeves.

Do you have what it takes to be a solo accordion virtuoso?

Monte Carlo

As the name suggests, this game will inject a touch of glamor and sophistication into your solitary adventures.

To start, deal 25 face-up cards in a 5 by 5 grid.

Monte Carlo is a fast-paced matching game where you’ll shuffle through your cards in search of elegant pairs.

Remove pairs of adjacent cards that share the same rank, then consolidate the playing area by sliding cards to fill the empty spaces.

With a blend of luck and skill, no need to dress to the nines as you enjoy this stylish solitaire game! Here’s a video guide on how to play the game.

La Belle Lucie

No list of top single-player card games would be complete without mentioning the charming game of La Belle Lucie (also known as The Fan).

Start by dealing the deck into 17 face-up piles of three cards each, with one remaining card dealt by itself (making 18 piles in total).

This game is like a dainty cousin of the more familiar Solitaire, requiring you to build the foundations up by suit.

You can only move the top card of each pile, and once you’ve played all possible cards on the foundation, shuffle the remaining cards (without changing their order) and redeal them in piles of three.

To increase your odds of success, remember that much like a fan dance, it’s all about strategic revelations and concealing.

Looking for more fun card games check out our Cards Against Humanity Guide.


And there you have it – an eclectic mix of the top single-player card games from around the globe!

Each game, with its unique flair and skill set, promises a delightful time-killer for those fleeting moments of solitude.

Grab that deck and dive into a world of enthralling, pun-stoppingly awesome solo card games today! 

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