Santa Clause Drinking Game | Christmas Movie Party Game

T he Santa Clause Drinking Game is a classic, and now a classic christmas movie drinking game.  If you are like me and watch this movie, the second one and the third too.  You will love this game.

The Santa Clause, starring Tim Allen as Scott Calvin, a holiday classic where Scott Calvin discovers that Santa Clause has fallen off the roof. As he discovered the tragedy, Scott Calvin begins changing into Santa Clause.  We won’t say anymore.

A box office favorite, the sequels not as well received as the classic.  You can however apply the Santa Clause Drinking Game versions to the sequels as well.  One of my favorite 10 christmas movie drinking games.

I grew up watching Tim the Tool Man Tailor. I love all the hidden references in this movie to his fame from that super popular sitcom.  Not to mention all the hidden sexual innuendos.  The perspective of an adult is much more fun than a kid.

And I take #adulting very series. So you can’t simply watch your childhood favorite Christmas movie.  You can only watch this movie with a drinking game twist.  

Santa Claus Drinking Game

Santa Clause Drinking Game Rules:

Drink When: 

  • Scott Calvin is said
  • Santa is said
  • Scott goes to the North Pole
  • Someone finds out Scott is Santa
  • Scott denies being Santa
  • Charlie whines
  • Magic is used
  • Scott adds another physical characteristic to look like Santa
  • A Christmas song starts
  • A sexual innuendo is made

While watching this, feel free to pair the Santa Claus Drinking Game with a Santa Claus beverage from Just Plum Crazy with both vodka and rum.
If you liked this one, we also created The Grinch Drinking Game rules.

If you are playing the Santa Claus Drinking Game with friends, try playing after you play this Christmas Dinner Drinking Game.

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