How to Play Sand Hole Beach Games & Review

Sand Hole is an fun filled beach game that is so simple you can play it anywhere. Sand Hole is so simple you will wonder why you did not create it yourself.  It is essentially a roll up version of the popular Bean Bag Toss (Cornhole) but is meant to be played in the sand.

No more carrying around any heavy Cornhole Boards if you want to play bean bag toss at the beach.  The Sand Hole Beach Game is portable, lightweight, and rolls up for easy storage.  Here is what you need to know about the Sand Toss Beach Game and fun filled rules.

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How to Play Sand Hole Beach Game

If you have played the classic backyard game Cornhole (bean bag toss) then you will already know the rules. Sand Hole is a 2 or 4 player toss game where you try to throw a bean bag into the center hole. In fact, that is the entire goal of the game. Roll out the mat, dig a hole in the center, and see how good your aim is. Feel free to make up your own rules but these are the rules we play by:

  • Setup the targets (mats) approx. 15 feet apart (bring in closer for kids)
  • Partners sit at opposite sides and alternate throwing after each round
  • Each team throws 4 bean bags per round. They alternate after each throw with other team until all 8 bean bags have been thrown.
  • Do not cross the front of the target when throwing
  • 3 Points for landing in the hole, or 1 point for landing anywhere on the target.
  • Cancellation scoring is used. Take both scores and subtract the highest by the smallest. The wining team will get the balance of the points.
  • First team to get 21 and win by at least 2 points, wins.

How to Play Sand Toss (Variation)

The creators launched Sand Hole in 2010 and also created a second very similar game called Sand Toss. Instead of having a hole, Sand Toss is setup more like a shuffleboard set.  Essentially players take turns throwing your bean bag on a target and get points for the numbered section it lands on. Everything is the same except instead of landing it in the hole, you try to land it in the numbered square. This Sand Toss Game is better when playing in the park or backyard where you do not want big holes dug everywhere.

Sand Hole is an inexpensive outdoor game but is a fun game to bring to the beach!  It’s a good thing it’s inexpensive because it can only be used on sand, unless you want lots of holes in your backyard.  It gets everyone laughing and throwing their way to a good time. The game is not the highest quality, and if you had your own bean bags and mat you can make an easy DIY Version. This game requires you must fill up your bean bags with sand. But it does come with a Velcro strap to make it easy. It is one of the most portable games that is convenient and can fit in any beach bag.  It will be funny to see your friends lugging a huge cornhole game down the beach while you easily pull your Sand Toss out of our picnic bag. Great family game that everyone, even kids love! Make sure to add this to your backyard collection.  Find this game and other beach games on the Beach Games for Adults list.

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