Rolling 3 Yard Game – Review & Rules to Play

The Rolling 3 Yard Game is an exciting tossing game that will have you rolling all over each other. In fact, you will need to roll or bump your competitors out of your way to score points in the goal. The outdoor toss game is almost like a mix of cornhole and bocce with some elements of croquet.

The reason why they call it “rolling 3” is that the goal is to role your ball into the one of 3 goals for points. You can through your ball directly in, or bounce your ball in off another one. Just be careful not to hit your competitors in. Rolling 3 may be a new game, but seems like a Classic Backyard Game to play in your backyard on grass or even at the beach.

Rolling 3 Yard Game

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How to Play Rolling 3 Yard Game

Take the Rolling 3 Game out of its carrying case and assemble the frame. It comes with 6 balls (3 red and 3 blue).  The game Rolling 3 is played by rolling the heavy balls through one of 3 slots into the goals.  The middle goal is worth 3 points and the two sides are worth 1 point. Each player takes turns throwing their balls as close to as possible or in. The slots are only on the front side of the goal, so you do not want to overshoot. If you threw it too late you have the possibility of blocking your other competitors or being able to bump your own ball in. Or if you are lucky your competitors will knock yours in. Once your setup the frame, step back (approx. 12-20 feet) from the frame and be ready to play.


The Rules are simple:

  • This is a 2-player game. Each player gets 3 balls each of the same color.
  • We suggest Rock Scissors Paper best of 3 to see who throws first.
  • Players or teams alternate underhand rolls from the start line
  • Knocking another players ball are not just allowed but encourages
  • The ball must be completely inside the goal to count for points.
  • Cancellation scoring is used. This means that the team that gets the most points gets the difference.
  • First player or Team to score exactly 15 points wins!

We really like where Rolling 3 concept is going. It’s a simple and addictive game. We do believe it should come with 8 balls (4 different colours) so it could be a 2, 3, or 4 player game. With 6 balls of only 2 colours limits this. You can work around this by making your own variations. However, it is meant for more careful backyard gamers. Sometimes we get a little aggressive and try to knock each other ball out of the way but miss coming crashing into the front or back of the wood frame. The repetitive hitting on the back of the frame can do damage long term. We recommend it should come with an additional frame. Everything aside it is a really fun game that earned a spot in our Ultimate Backyard Game List. See the latest pricing and get your own Rolling 3 Yard Game.

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