A re you looking for some spiced up fun for your Backyard this Summer?  Then look no further, we at Backyard Games are passionate about having fun! Our core mission is about showing you how to have fun.

So we put ourselves to the test and listed every backyard game we could think of.  We came up with 68 Ultimate Outdoor Games List!

We look at Backyard Games as the “vehicle” for you to have fun.  Not only that, incorporating games into your summer plans will get you moving, exercising and interacting with friends and family.  After all, games can’t be played with one person and are meant to be played with friends.  We have listed our outdoor games list in no particular order.  If you are looking for our favorites, find out top 5 best backyard games.

Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List:

1. Spikeball

Ok, we admit it, Spikeball is our favorite game so it had to be number 1 on our Outdoor Games list, also rated in our Top 5 Best Backyard Games.  The rest are in random order we promise!  Spikeball is played with 4 people and can be described as a reverse game of volleyball using a trampoline sized net and a handball.

2. BulziBucket Game

Collapsible bucket targets and bean bags game.  Bulzibucket is similar to Cornhole but arguably more portable and lightweight.  With these bean bags, you can throw it, hack it, or assist it making BulziBucket a game for everyone.  Not only that we love this game because it’s one of the few games that actually floats and can be played in a swimming pool.  Read our BulziBucket review and Rules to Play or Check the latest Price Online.

3. Bocce

Played as long ago as the Roman Empire, Bocce is really a classic game. Bocce is played with a target ball and the winner of the round wins who can get their colored ball closest to the target.  You can play on a traditional Bocce Ball court or anywhere in an open space.  Also in our Top 5 Best Backyard Games.

4. KanJam

A game that has quickly been on the rise in popularity, KanJam is also in our Top 5 Best Backyard Games. Played with 2 or 4 people, this game uses two bins as goal posts and a Frisbee, a wonderful improvement to the classic game of Frisbee.  KanJam also folds up so great for storage and portability. Buy KanJam Online or read our Complete guide to KanJam.

5. Horseshoes

The classic game of Horseshoes isn’t something you normally think about for backyard games, however there are some options for a semi-portable Horseshoe pit.  That way you don’t have to worry about digging out the grass and replacing your grass with sand.  The Horseshoe pit, if installed will provide hours of entertainment.

Throw your horseshoe into the pit, the goal is to wrap your horseshoe around the stake.  If you get a bulls eye by wrapping your horseshoe around the stake you get 3 points.  If no one wraps their horseshoe around the stake the person with the closest shoe to the stake gets a single point.  The horseshoe rules are simple, first person to 21 wins.  Horseshoes can be played with either 2 or 4 people. Buy Portable Horseshoes Online.

6. Cornhole

Cornhole, also known as Bean Bag Toss, is a game that combines throwing a bean bag onto a platform 15 feet away. There are ways in which you can score points, the goal is to get your bean bag into the top hole.  First person to 12 or 21 wins.  Cornhole is a classic game and also rated in our Top 5 Best Backyard Games.

7. Croquet

Unless you grew up with your Grandparents having a large backyard like mine did, you might not be familiar with the game of Croquet.  Croquet is a classic lawn game that is similar to Mini Golf.  This game doesn’t need to be left setup in your yard at all times, and the playing course can easily be setup at anytime.

Croquet includes 8 croquet mallets, 8 balls approximate size of a tennis ball, and wire arches.   Croquet can accommodate up to 8 players but can be played with as little as 2 persons.  The goal is to hit your ball through the arches to the end of the court and then back again to win.

Play Soccer in your Backyard

8. Speedminton

We love Badminton, already featured on our list at number 10 but sometimes Badminton has it’s downfalls when it’s too windy outside. The birdie just simply can’t fly effectively because they are so light. That’s when Speedminton was invented, with a unique Speeder aka birdie, was invented that has a different design and is heaver to not be affected by the wind. That ways it’s ideal to take with you to parks or beaches.  Making it our favorite alternative to badminton game.

Badminton | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

9. Badminton

Get 2 or 4 badminton racket’s and birdie out for a fun game of Badminton.  The birdie is traditionally called a shuttlecock. Play a friendly rally by challenging the 2 players to get 50 consecutive hits or a competitive game seeing who can get to 21 first.

Or learn how to play badminton for a 2 or 4 player game. You can play with a net if you have a badminton net available, otherwise just playing for fun with a imaginary court can work too.  Buy Badminton Online.

Shuttlecock Jianzi | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

10. Shuttlecock Jianzi

We discovered this game in the parks of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for the first time and instantly knew this game had to be added to our ultimate list.  It’s so easy to play, you can play with up to 8 people, and it gets all involved up and moving.  This game uses a shuttlecock with feathers and a bouncy end so you kick it between players with your foot. As a Chinese game, it’s known as Jianzi, but most commonly called Shuttlecocks. Buy Jianzi Online.

11. Ladder Ball

Play Ladder Ball with 2 or 4 people, or also known as Ladder Golf.  The ladder ball rules are simple, each person takes a turn at throwing a string with ping pong balls on each end, known as a Bola aimed at a Ladder rung approx 10 feet away.  Each rung of the ladder post is a point with the top rung being the highest.  Ladder Ball is lots of fun to develop technique to get your piece twisted around the ladder rung.  You can make your own game set with our DIY ladder ball instructions.

Molkky | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

12. Molkky

Created in Finland, sometimes called Scatter, this is rated in the top European outdoor games.  A rendition of bowling, Molkky uses 12 pins and 1 pin to use to skillfully knock down the 12 pins.  The game rules of Molkky even allow for up to 26 people to play at once. Toss the throwing dowel underhand at the skittles with the goal of knocking them over.  You receive the points that are on top of the skittle you knock over. The first player to 50 wins the game of Molkky.

Beer Pong | Backyard Games List

13. Beer Pong or Giant Yard Pong

Beer Pong might be classified as a drinking game but it’s also a great backyard game too!  You can easily play Beer Pong with water or juice instead.  Each player arranges 12 red cups in a triangle and takes turns throwing a pong ball into the cup. Once you sink your ball in a cup, it is removed from the table and keep playing until all cups are gone.  The beer pong rules are that simple, with a couple extra rules about redemption rounds and overtime. What’s required is really simple, red solo cups and ping pong balls but there’s some really cool beer pong tables and accessories to be the beer pong hero. You can play with the classic game or upgrade to a backyard version with Giant Beer Pong.  Buy Beer Pong Online.

14. Frisbee

Who doesn’t love throwing around a Frisbee?  And even if it’s just you, your furry friend might enjoy playing a game of Frisbee with you.  Simply grab a Frisbee and pass back and forth between you and your partner.  A great game to keep in your car when you find yourself at the next park or beach.  An upgraded game of Frisbee is KanJam.

Plus there’s so many fun Frisbee games you can play with just a simple frisbee. We created a list with the top 8 games for drinking game Frisbee if you want to kick it up a notch.

The Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List 1

15. Lawn Twister

Get a spray paint can and spray paint your grass with the 4 different rows and colors of twister to make a DIY Twister.  Simply cut a circle into a piece of cardboard and use this as your stencil to spray paint with.  If you have the traditional game of Twister, grab the spinning board or make your own.  This game will last atleast 2 weeks until you cut your lawn again!

16. RampShot

Rampshot can be played with 4 people, stand on opposite sides of the Rampshot and throw the ball into the net that is an approximate 6″ gap in between the ramps. You win the round if you get the ball into the net, if your ball bounces off the ramp, your team mate must catch it.  Beware if your team mate misses the ball or it bounces back you can compete with the opposite team to get the ball to throw again.  First team to 15 wins the game of Rampshot.  This game is guaranteed to get you up and moving.

Play Lawn Darts this Summer as part of our Outdoor Games List

17. Lawn Darts

Lawn darts is ideal for all ages to have fun.  This game is very simple with a hoola hoop and Lawn Darts. There are versions of lawn darts with metal ends that stick into the ground or weight bottoms.  The weighted bottom lawn darts are safer for children to play with. Stand a far distance away from the hoola hoop, throw the dart underhanded and you receive points for your lawn dart making it into the circle. Buy Lawn Darts Online.

Giant Jenga buy online or build your own

18. Jumbo Giant Tower

Yes, you read this correct, turn this coffee table favorite into a super sized Backyard Game.  Giant Jenga can require a different type of finess to get those giant blocks out from the tower and placed on top.  There are lots of DIY Jenga Instructions for this classic game or your can Buy on Buy Jumbo Giant Tower Online.  Grab your Sharpee and turn this game into a drinking game with our Giant Jenga Drinking Game rules.

Ring Toss | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

19. Ring Toss

Ring Toss is similar to Horseshoes instead of trying to wrap your horseshoe around the stake you want to throw your Ring Toss onto the stake.  Ring Toss has a simple setup, you have 4 plastic pieces that fit together that form a cross with stakes at the end of each arm.  Some variations include 4 or 5 rings. You can play in turns or you can play all at once for everyone to throw their ring and points are tallied, 1 for each of the ends stakes and 3 for the bulls eye middle stake. Buy Ring Toss Online.

Volleyball | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

20. Volleyball

Need we explain more about this classic game?  You can play with 2, 4, 8 or 12 people, breaking into teams of 2. Ideally played with a net, each team is allowed to up to 3 hits of the volleyball before returning it over the net to the other team.  Volleyball is tons of fun played in the backyard or on the beach!

Backyard Bowling | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

21. Backyard Bowling

Who wants to go to a stuffy bowling alley in the summer when you can create the same outside, only downfall is you might want to cut your grass first (sorry!).  Create your own bowls pins with empty pop bottles, fill with sand and decorate with this great DIY image source and project from moonfyre or Buy Backyard Bowling Online.

Learn how to DIY Hopscotch Court in your Backyard

22. HopScotch

This classic game is not only meant for the school yard.  Grab a bean bag, setup a hopscotch court with chalk on pavement, rope in the dirt, or your own DIY pavement tile hopscotch (photo and instructions from happinessishomeade) and practice hoping on one leg.  We even have annual hopscotch tournaments with the whole family. It can get really competitive.  To play in a tournament, all players throw their bean bag in the first square.  You cannot jump in a square that has a bean bag in it.  Go to the end, come back and on the way back pick up your bean bag.  Throw your bean bag into the next square and repeat.  It can get very difficult when the bean bags are spread across the Hopscotch arena and you find yourself trying to jump 3-4 squares at a time on one foot.

23. Fricket

Fricket is played with flying discs, some poles (wickets) and some empty cups.  As the name says, it’s a combination between Frisbee and Cricket. It also has been called stickupski, disc cricket, cups, suzy sticks or catchy-throwy.  Basically, place the wickets in a rectangular shape, 40 feet apart, and place cups on top of the wickets. The object of the game is to knock your opponents cup off their wicket first.  We put together the full Fricket rules here.

Tic Tac Toe DIY

24. Rock Tik Tac Toe

Take this traditional paper game and turn it into a backyard game that can be played of all ages. Mark 3 rocks with x’s and 3 rocks with o’s and label your game field in chalk or on a wooden board.  Find the photo above and cute board design from Tatertotsandjello.

Ladder Bean Bag Toss DIY

25. Bean Bag Ladder Toss

This is not the same classic game we are talking about Ladderball, this game involves getting a ladder and labeling each row in points of 10 and throwing bean bags onto the ladder rung.  An actual literal translation of Bean Bag Ladder Toss. Picture and DIY instructions from landsleelandedo.

Pool Noodle Toss DIY

26. Pool Noodle Toss

Join these fun floaty rings together into rings to try and then throw them into the circles.  All that’s required is 8 noodles, 2 broom handles, masking tape, and connectors to make Pool Noodle Toss.  No cutting of the noodles so you can dissemble and still use as pool noodle floaties. Photo and instructions via hallmarkchannel.

Balloon Darts | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

27. Balloon Darts

It’s hot on a summer day, so grab some balloons or water balloons and tack them to a board either just simply on your fence or follow the instructions below.  Stand a distance away and throw the darts at the water balloons.  The first person to pop the most water balloons wins.  This is generally found as a carnival game but who says you can’t bring some of the circus home to your backyard.  Photo and DIY board instructions from hallmarkchannel.com.

Tiki Toss | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

28. Tiki Toss

Tiki Toss can be installed on your patio and an easy game to test your skills and play anytime.  The installation is easy and all age levels can try their hand.  Simply attach the tiki board to a pole, side of your house or fence. Standing approx 5 feet away, try and swing the rope so that you can land the ring onto the hook on the Tiki Toss board.  Buy Tiki Toss Online.

Washer Toss | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

29. Washer Toss Game

Similar to horseshoes but a miniature version with a little more finess, Washer Toss Game includes a wooden frame with a circular goal and 8 sets of washers to throw with.  This game is similar to the arcade game of Skeeball.  Photo credit and buy on Buy Washer Toss Game Online.

Playing Capture the Flag in your Backyard

30. Capture the Flag

Another child hood classic, break into teams of 2, create a flag at either end of your backyard and strategize with your team members on how to capture the opponents flag without getting tagged by the opposite team. Each team might choose to strategically hide their flag making it harder for the other team to capture the flag. Photo credit and instructions at thespruce.com.

Jazzminton | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

31. Jazzminton

A jazzy way to play badminton.  Jazzminton includes simple paddles and glow in the dark birdies make this a upgraded version that can be played way past sunset.  What makes it upgraded is the unique birdie design isn’t affected by the wind, so you can now play in any type of weather conditions.   Plus the professional versions of Jazzminton can be played up to 120 ft apart!   Buy Jazzminton Online.

32. Rollers

An award-winning active play game, Rollers combines horsehoes, bocce and bowling into one very fun game. This game even won the 2015 Men “Gear of the Year” award.  With the goals set 25 feet apart, each player takes a turn at rolling their piece towards the goal. The player closest to the goal wins the point. You can play this game with 2, 4, or 6 players.  Buy Rollers Online.

Flippin Chicken | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

33. Flickin Chicken

This game gives your next BBQ a whole new meaning when you tell your guest’s BYOM (Bring your own meat). Bring your own plastic chicken to take part in Flickin Chicken backyard game.  Each person takes a turn to flip their chicken at the target disc, at the end of 9 rounds the person with the lowest score wins.  Similar to miniature golf, but with a unpredictable bouncy chicken. But before these plastic chickens are slippery and bouncy so it’s no as easy as it seems. Read our full review and rules to play here or  Buy Flickin Chicken Online.

First N Ten Backyard Game

34. First N Ten

First N Ten uses the traditional football post design and turns it into a Backyard Game.  Made from PVC piping and easy to carry and assemble, reminds of similar setup to Ladderball with different post and rules.  The rules of first n ten are super simple, so can be quickly learned by people of all ages.  Simply throw one of your 4 rings at the post, 1 point if you hit it, 3 points if it flys between the posts, and 5 points if you get a ringer. Created by a local Buffalo, New York couple Buy Online here.

Giant Kerplunk DIY

35. Giant Kerplunk

Remember that time you tried to garden and all your tomato plants died?  You will finally have a use for those tomato plant holders that are now stored in the garage.  Use them to make a large version of Kerplunk.  Photo credit and instructions at AllParenting.com.

Glow in the Dark Ring Toss | Backyard Games

36. Glow in the Dark Ring Toss

Turn this normally tame day time game into a game you can play at anytime even without a flashlight.  You can purchase a glow in the dark ring toss or you can diy of glow sticks.  With the goal posts glowing, and glow sticks at your throwing pieces, ring toss lights up and is a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love playing around with glow sticks. Buy Glow Ring Toss Online.

Waterballoon Dodgeball | Backyard Games List

37. Water Balloon Dodge Ball

If you remember how classically fun Dodgeball was as a child this will be even more fun without the hard balls and have it replaced with water balloons.  On a hot summer’s day Water Balloon Dodge Ball can be a great way to get active but remain cool.   A refresher for the rules is split into two teams, stand on opposite sides of the yard and try hit the other team with a water balloon.  Once you are hit you are out.  The last one standing wins!

Watch your Step Backyard Game

38. Watch your Step

This game is best played in groups.  We first encountered “Watch your Step” at a Muay Thai fight in Thailand but also makes a great backyard game.  Tie a balloon to the ankle of each player. Each player must jump around on one foot and try and pop the balloon of the other players.  The last one standing wins.  Photo credit and instructions at playpartyplan.com.

Giant Pickup Sticks | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

39. Giant Pick up Sticks

This classic game is always fun at a table so why not bring it outside and play with giant 3 foot long pick up sticks.  Plus I’m loving the giant sized outdoor games trend. Giant pick up sticks is just one of 15 giant backyard games that is popular right now.  Buy Giant Pick up Sticks Online.

Djubi | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

40. Djubi

For all those who scrolled past the game of throw and catch earlier in Outdoor Games List, this is the ultimate spin-off game to throw and catch, called Djubi. The game is named after the unique ball, Djubi.

Pronounced, JooBee, hook your ball on the racquet, aim, pull back and let the Djubi soar to your opponent.

The unique thing that sets Djubi apart from regular catch is that the balls will soar super far, up to 100 feet. If you were to see someone in the park playing this game, you couldn’t help but want to play it.  Read our full review of how to play Djubi or Buy Online.

Bottle Bash | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

41. Bottle Bash

The Sports Bottle Bash game combines horseshoes and disc golf with a few more twists.  Also called Beersbee and can be played with a beer. The objective of Bottle Bash is to knock your opponent’s bottle off the pole by throwing the disc.  Add difficulty by placing the poles approx 20 to 40 feet apart.

Kubb | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

42. Kubb

Kubb is a lawn game that knocks over wooden blocks with wooden batons, an ancient version of lawn darts. Kubb brings a simple concept with skill and strategy game to your backyard.  Because of it’s viking heritage, Kubb is often known as “Viking Chess”.

You win the game by knocking down the opponents 5 field Kubbs and King, but you can only hit the King once you have knocked over their Kubb’s first.  Don’t go too crazy with your throw’s, hitting the King before the other Kubbs will instantly loose the game.

Hide and Seek | Cute Kitty Photo Hiding

43. Hide and Go Seek

Hide and go seek was a great excuse for us to include a super cute kitty photo.  Your welcome!  Hide and Go Seek requires no equipment and especially fun for the kids, tag one person to hide and while the rest count down to 10 with their eye covered that persons hides.  The persons who finds the hider and tags him wins.

Frisbee Golf | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

44. Frisbee Golf

This can be played in your backyard if you have the Frisbee Golf posts or at your local park.  Throw your disc under or overhand with the goal of getting it into the Goalpost.  Depending on the distance from the tee pad to the target it may take you par 3 to 6 to get your disc into the post.  You can play with as many players as you want, the player with the least points wins.  Frisbee golf normally follows the same amount of tee’s as golf, either 9 or 18.  The Frisbee golf discs are different than a frisbee.  Buy Frisbee Golf Online.

Boochie | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

45. Boochie

No, this isn’t Bocce, Boochie is similar but instead you throw a ball AND a hoop at the Boochie target. At each round, there are fun throwing challenges to always keep it challenging to toss, throw, roll or bounce your pieces.  Boochie is a quick game that can be played in 15 minutes with up to 2-4 players.  Primarily a kids game, but we think adults will have a silly good time too!

Pop n Catch | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

46. Pop n’ Catch

Similar to Air Scoop but with a triangle basket to catch the ball in, you get get some good air with Pop N’ Catch. Find yourself running after the ball to master catching it in your triangle shaped scoop. Buy Pop N’ Catch Online.

Glow in the Dark Bowling DIY

47. Glow in the dark lawn bowling

Same as lawn bowling above, this time start playing after sunset and add different colored glow sticks to the pop bottles to your DIY Lawn Bowling project.  This is best created as a DIY game, photo credit and instructions at kixcereal.

Flagger Toss Game | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

48. Flagger Toss Game

Using 2 pylons, and 3 flags with bean bags, take turns with your opponent aiming your piece at the goal post, it’s the world’s first Flagger Toss Game.  Aim to get your flag toss as close to the pylon or into the pylon. If your aim is impeccable you can get an instant win if you get your flagger on the pylon.  So be the first to land your flag there. Buy Flagger Toss Online.

Scavenger hunt | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

49. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt can be a fun game that gets you exploring every inch of your backyard or a new park.  You can easily print some DIY scavenger hunt cards or purchase a card game set.  On the scavenger hunt cards have participants find items that match the card or do different actions when they find the clues.  Your imagination can make this game limitless! Buy Scavenger Hunt Cards Online.

50. Rolling 3 Yard Game

A combination between bocce, croquet and cornhole, test your aim by rolling these heavy balls across the yard into the goal post.  The rolling 3 goal has 2 1-point goals and a 3 point goal in the middle.  A 2 player game, be careful not to not your competitor into a goal.  Rolling 3 has an easy score tracker on the frame and comes with a portable bag.  Here’s the full rules to play Rolling 3 or Get the latest price online.

Zip Ball | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

51. Zip Ball

By the looks of this game you might not recognize how to play, stand with 2 players each holding onto a handle and try to get the ball to the other teams side, Zip Ball!  This game is actually a great upper body workout. Buy Zip Ball Online.

Giant Yahtzee or Giant Dice Games to play Outdoors

52. Giant Wooden Yahtzee

Need we say more?  Get active by throwing the super sized dice outside when it’s your turn instead of playing Yahtze as a boring coffee tablet game.  Get oversized dice to play Yahtzee or any other giant dice game version of your choice.  Just one of 15 giant outdoor games we love. Grab a set of oversized dice and play any dice game outside or DIY Dice instructions on how to make your own. Buy Giant Dice Online.

Hook and Latch Toss Game

53. Hook and Latch Toss Game

2 velcro pads, 1 tennis ball and 2 players is all that’s required.  Hook and Latch game comes with an easy to carry bag so you can keep this game with you on the road.  Hook and Latch Toss Game is one of those classic games from our childhoold so we couldn’t miss this game on the Ultimate Outdoor Games List. Buy Hook and Latch Online.

Throw and Catch | Backyard Games List

54. Play Catch

Yes, playing catch might seem like an obvious but many forget about how fun it can be to simply throw around a ball and play catch.  You can play catch sitting down at a table, standing up in the yard, with 2 people or up to 6 people.  This classic game of Catch never will get old in our books.

Pickel Ball | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

55. Pickle Ball

Pickle Ball is a sport that combines attributes of badminton, tennis and table tennis. Up to 4 players use wooden balls to hit a ball over a low net. Up to 4 players use a wooden or composite paddle with a perforated ball. Buy Pickel Ball Online.

Hookey Ring Toss | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

56. Hookey Ring Toss

Bored of playing lawn games?  We have included a lot of lawn games in the Ultimate Outdoor Games List. Put the target board of Hookey Ring Toss on your patio wall or backyard fence to add an exciting new twist to the game of lawn darts or ring toss. Played in much smaller scale, Hookey is a game you can leave up year round, in a covered area ideally.

Portable Tetherball | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

57. Tetherball

You would think this game was only available at your local playground but now there are portable Tetherball versions available for sale so you can bring the entertainment of Tetherball to your backyard. Tetherball is an approx 8 foot pole that attaches a string with a ball at the end of the string.  People stand opposite and hit the ball back and forth.  The swing ensures that you don’t know which direction the ball will be going in next. Buy Portable Tetherball Online.

Djubi Rocket Birdie | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

58. Djubi Rocket Birdie

Djubi is growing in popularity revolutionizing the classic game of throw and catch.  We listed Djubi previously in the Outdoor Games List with the paddle and ball, now you can play Djubi with a birdie while aiming at a hoop at your target.  A twist to the classic game of Lawn Darts.  To shoot, pull back, take aim and release to send your birdie rocketing into the target hoop. Buy Djubi Rocket Birdie Online.

Air Scoop | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

59. Air Scoop

Sometimes the simpler the game, the more fun it can be. Air Scoop requires a learned skill to easily throw and catch the ball in the scoop. But playing around makes it all the fun.  Air scoop is played with 2 people. Buy Air Scoop Online.

Outdoor Skeeball and Football Skills Challenge Game

60. Ringstix

A genius upgrade to the classic game of catch using sword-like sticks and a ring to send the ring flying up to 120 feet between 2 players.  One of the few games that you can also play on your own.  Ringstix only takes about 2 to 5 minutes to learn the technique of how to through before you fully go the hang of it.  There are 3 different sets, the lite version is great for kids.  The best part, the rings float and aren’t affected by wind, so this portable toss game also makes a great beach game. Read our full review here with rules to play Ringstix or  Buy Online.

Playing Basketball in your Backyard

61. BasketBall

This game could be considered a backyard game but might also be played on your driveway.  All ages can play Basketball with a kids hoop or an adults hoop.  Play 1 on 1, 4 on 4 or perhaps play a game of H-O-R-S-E.

Outdoor Skeeball and Football Skills Challenge Game

62. Outdoor Skeeball Variation and Football Skills

You probably have never heard of this game but we bet you have played it. That classic arcade game that requires you to throw the ball into one of the 3 circles, called Skeeball.  Now it’s been adapted to be a backyard game too. This game sets up to include 9 holes which you can aim and throw your ball into.  Develop your precision and throwing skills while having fun with a game.  Buy Outdoor Skeeball Online.

Backyard Baseball | Backyard Games List

63. Baseball

Skip the “official” bases, throw a frisbee down to represent each plate and split into groups of 2 for a good old traditional game of baseball.  Our family always has a ton of fun in a classic backyard baseball game.   You can play the traditional game of baseball or “500 up”.  500-up is when one person pitches, one person bats, and the rest of the outfield run and catch the ball.

Slack Lining | Simple Setup between 2 trees in your backyard or Park

64. Slack Lining

This is really a 1 person game, but you can compete to see who can stay balanced for longer.  Tie a slack line in between 2 trees so it’s taught and walk the line. This is incredible for working on your balance while having fun challenging yourself.  This was borderline not a game, but since we’ve seen so many playing this in the park together it’s included in our Outdoor Games List. Buy Slack Lining Online.

Play Soccer in your Backyard

65. Soccer

Set up 2 goal posts using pilons, chairs or another creative goal post since we assume your backyard isn’t a professional soccer field and split your group into 2 teams to kick around a classic game of soccer.

Play Soccer in your Backyard

66. Wobbly Worm

This game is fun kids aged 3-5 and is great to get all 2-3 players up and moving about. Featured on our Beach Games for Kids and it’s a wobbly amount of a good time.  Inspired by ringtoss, this game adds a little bit of a crazy challenge by the Wobbly Worm bouncing around uncontrollably.  You don’t know which way it will go next, making it that much more fun. Find the full rules to play Wobbly Worm or Buy Online here.

Kids Playing Ping Pong in their Backyard

67. Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a classic table top game that most people play with a traditional ping pong table, 2 or 4 people and a net in the middle. In the summer, convert your summer table into a ping pong table with one of these easily attachable ping pong nets.  This saves you the cost of having to invest in one of those huge ping pong tables that takes up space in your garage. Photo credit and purchase on Purchase Ping Pong Nets Online.

Play Soccer in your Backyard

68. Fling a Ring

Fling A Ring brings these cool Ninja like discs to a game that combines the best of horseshoes and frisbee golf.  Played with 2 to 4 players, Fling a Ring is much safer than throwing a huge metal horseshoe.  The scoring is very similar to horseshoes and you throw the discs just like a Frisbee.  The disc locks onto the pole and hopefully you can get it to latch onto the pocket closest to the core for a ringer.  Here’s our review and rules to play Fling A Ring or buy online.

Time’s up! That’s a wrap.  Thank you for checking out our Outdoor Games List.  It was not easy but we brainstormed, and researched and scrolled through countless products and blogs to bring you these 63 games (updated to 68).  We hope even just a couple them make an appearance in your Backyard this summer.  Make sure to checkout our top 5 backyard games and the best 21 games to play with 4 people. If we have missed any games, please do comment below, we would love the feedback!

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