Croquet is one of those classic lawn games many of us remember playing with grandparents. If you are not familiar with it, Croquet is a classic lawn game like mini golf.

You might think, this sounds simple, but there are a couple of rules that will make this game more fun and challenging. If you hit another person’s ball on the playing field, you can either choose to hit your own ball twice or to skyrocket their ball in whatever direction you choose.

Add in sloping courses, rocks, and taunting friends, and up the ante with a fun-filled Croquet Drinking Game (keep reading for rules).

Croquet does not need to be left set up in your backyard always using the same course. We always bring croquet camping or to a picnic with us. It is fun for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Croquet game reminds me of what it was like at grandma’s house on some summer days. I will always remember them cheering in the backyard as they drank Pimm’s cocktails and played friends. This is what inspired us to write the rules for the Croquet Lawn Drinking Game. Enjoy!

How to Play Croquet Lawn Game + Drinking Game Rules 1

  • Classic Game stood the test of time
  • Easy to learn
  • Fun for all ages
  • Comfortable paced lawn game
  • Can be flexible with court setup

Best Croquet Game Set

Best Croquet Set and What is Included

If you played this will your grandparents years ago then there is a good chance they still have the same quality croquet sets from years before. Many of these wooden mallets were handmade and showed this when rocketing the balls.

Included in Croquet, are Mallets, Hoops, Balls, & Completion Pegs. Most sets are still made from wood, or sometimes plastic.

In case you are looking for good quality and newer design you get a lot to choose from. These range greatly in price from simple backyard garden toys to professionally designed sets.

We always advise to never go for the cheapest, or most expensive. We like to find a deal in the middle price range that is also portable and strong. Our favorite is here but here are a few that we recommend:

How to Setup Croquet

An official croquet field is set up on an area of 32m X 26.6m (104 x 87 feet) with corners marked. However, as Backyard Gamers we suggest using obstacles to create an interesting course best suited for your backyard size.

Spread the 12 hoops throughout the field and 2 Pegs at opposite ends.

Just make sure to keep a space bigger than 3 feet from the goal stick to the wickets and that any member can hit their ball through the arches.

The ball must pass through the hoops in the direction it is currently heading so don’t be that jerk.

How to Setup Croquet Field

How to Play Croquet

The objective of Croquet is to be the first team to knock their balls through 12 hoops in order and hit the peg and win.

Croquet can either be played by individuals, using either one or 2 balls each. Or played with doubles, each player has their own ball.  Or triples with 3 players 2 teams or 2 players 3 teams.

In regulation Croquet, the blue & black balls play against the red & yellow balls.  We however do not judge a ball by their color and usually let each other choose their own teams and balls.

In order to win, complete the course by going through the hoops in the least number of strokes.

The ball must pass through the hoops in the direction it is currently heading.  If you miss going through a hoop, you must go back and retry going through that hoop in the direction you are going.

You hit once per round, unless you hit your competitor’s ball, hit it through the hoops, or hit one of the end pegs. If you do one of those actions, you get an extra hit each time. You can make up a big distance with this strategy.

My personal best was getting 6 shots in one turn. To do this, I went through 4 hoops at knocked 2 of my opponent’s balls.

How to Play Croquet Lawn Game + Drinking Game Rules 2

If you are looking for the full set of Croquet rules, the United States Croquet Society has great instructions.

This will get you through the entire game and any other disputes can be judged by group or random game of chance. We let a little slide especially when it’s time to bring out the Beer Croquet Rules.

How to Roquet (Smack) your Competitors Ball

Most people’s favorite moment playing is when you get to Roquet. When you hit a competitor’s ball, you then get the smug pleasure of rocketing their ball far off the course, which is a ton of fun. This term is called a Roquet.

Each time you do a Roquet, you are rewarded with an extra swing. Sometimes your competitor hits their ball close to yours or they just get in your way on your way to the Hoop.

You are not allowed to hit their ball but you may smack your ball into their sending it flying. Keeping your ball secure with your foot smack the ball that bounces their ball away while you stay in the same place.

This ensures the game is always kept interesting, as you can get roqueted at any point in the game.

How to Play Croquet Drinking Game

Odds are while you are enjoying some amazing outdoor games with friends you may crave a few cold alcoholic drinks. The great thing about backyard drinking croquet is that you will not get yelled at for sneaking your own beer in!

Smashing your friends at a game of Croquet and enjoying some brews is a good time. To make sure your Croquet drinking games are organized, we have the unofficial Backyard Games Croquet drinking rules.

How to Play Croquet Drinking Game

Croquet Drinking Game Rules

  1. You must ALWAYS have a drink in your hand. Yes it does makes it hard to swing a wooden mallet with only 1 hand but those are the rules.  Failure to comply means take another drink.
  2. Only address your competitors by their Mallets name. You do not have to say anything to them at all but if you do we better hear more Homer Simpson or Shenanigans versus Chris.
  3. Roquet your competitor, they must take a drink.
  4. Last person to reach half way peg must take 2 drinks
  5. If your ball gets knocked out of play and you can not play it, take 3 drinks and move it closer (but still far).
  6. Answering a cell phone or sending a text message is 2 drinks, be in the moment!
  7. Optional: Once you finish a beer you may throw it anywhere on the course creating obstacles. Keep it civilized and make sure it goes at least 5 feet from you. Don’t forget to clean up at the end of the game.

Get the latest Croquet price online and realize why this classic backyard game is still played through the generations. Or have a ridiculously fun time trying to get your ball through the course with a beer in your hand with our Croquet drinking game rules.

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