Outdoor Game Combo Sets including 3-in-1 and 4-in-1’s




Outdoor Game Combo Sets

We are constantly looking to search for the best products and best deals for our fans. One of the biggest questions we had were what were the best combination lawn games we played lately.

Over the last few years many new backyard lawn games have emerged that went from just an idea in someone’s backyard to selling online all over the world. We understand it is hard to purchase all these backyard games, not too mention where to store them all. When we saw the emergence of some of these 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 outdoor lawn games, we got pretty excited.

A new personal and party favorite of ours is the Lightspeed Outdoor Game Combo Sets. These 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 outdoor game combo sets are a lot of fun for your backyard or next camping trip.   The best part is you don’t have to worry about the space of bringing 4 different types of games with you, the combo sets are great for space savers.  


It ensures that you will not get bored of playing the same game over and over again all weekend and can switch it up without having to carry another big game around with you.  Kids and adults of all ages and physical fitness levels will love playing these games and many different variations. The introduction of outdoor game combo sets has changed the dynamic of how we transport and play our backyard games.

Most of the outdoor game combo sets incorporate the use of the 3 most popular games.  Those games are normally Disc Slam (KanJam), Bean Bag Toss (Cornhole), Washer toss, or Laddergolf (Ladderball).  The combo game sets are normally assembled in that you can flip over a main component of the game, add on an extra accessory and voila!  During our testing, we have found the conversion from one game to the next very simple. Make sure you keep track of your accessories as each game come’s with the additional 3 to 4 attachements.

*Important Note On Quality*.  We have tested playing with the games that are in the $30 price range, and feel we should warn our customers that you might notice a difference in the quality of the lawn combo sets from the original companies.  They are not nearly the original quality, nor the original price.  However, the convenience of having 4 games in one great price makes it a simple fun game to purchase.  If you intend on playing any of these games in a competitive or repetitive environment we would recommend purchasing the real deal. We do not look for cheap, we look for quality games at really good prices! Enjoy ?

Here are Top 4 Outdoor Game Combo Sets:

3-in-1 Outdoor Game Combo Set

Ladderball, Bean Hag Toss (Corhole) and Wash Toss

When looking for 3-in-1 game combo set that includes Ladderball the brand you see DMI brand in many backyards. It is portable and higher quality for a lower priced multi game set. It is very good value for the money because price you pay for the entire set is comparable to the price of Ladderball alone.  Here are two options for 3-in-1 combo game sets.  Both include laddergolf and bean bag toss, but vary with options of Washertoss and Skeeball.

  • 3 in 1 cornhole game by DMI.
  • This Combo game can change functionality in seconds from LadderGolf, to Bean Bag Toss to washer toss.
  • So next time you are not sure which game to bring to the beach, you can bring all 3!



This lawn game toss combo was one package we bought this summer and was a lot of fun to play with. The 4-in-1 combo is no longer available online, so the 3-in-1 outdoor game combo is currently the best option.  We are keeping our eye open for when Go Gator launches their 4-in-1 combo game available online again and will update our website.  The Go Gator set included Disc Slam (KanJam), Washer Toss, Disk Toss (Beersby), and Bean Bag Toss with all accessories for only $30.

Our opinion of the Go Gator combo set is pretty good, for a simple set that gives you 4 options to play for only the price of $30 you can’t go wrong.  The bean bag toss is a smaller board to aim for, the frisbees are a little flimsy, the washer toss is pretty basic, and the bottle bash is not very secure.  The Kanjam (Disc Slam) was my favorite from this 4-in-1 game combo. The Frisbees are a little less quality then original game but did not matter too much. The bean bag toss is not as stable as the original wood board of course, but still is a great game that we have played time and time again. The washer toss was very basic and functional. The Disk Toss (Beersbee) was pretty flimsy, I would consider this a kids version. However for the price, portability, and design I am quite happy with it for only $30! Check out the Go Gator 3-in-1 without the discfly, bottle bash.


Badminton, Volleyball, Flip Toss, Paddleball & Flying Disc

This 5-in-1 combo is more of a purchasing set than a combo game, however being that you have the net included you can use each game with the badminton net so it qualified for our 5-in-1 outdoor game combo set.
• Badminton, volleyball, flip toss
• Paddleball, flying disc
• Includes mini inflation pump and needle
• Adjustable net height features
• Poles: 7′ 1″ high X .75″ width

Other top rated outdoor lawn game toss combos

These were a few of our new outdoor game lawn combo sets and as they are a new option to the market place believe we will see more.  So we will update soon once we see more of these goodies available! If you have seen any other good combo games, make sure to comment below. Make sure to view our Top 5 Games.