Not only is BulziBucket is one of the BEST 2 to 4 player outdoor toss games but the entire game also floats! It is also an awesome swimming pool game plus it’s great on land too. The best way to describe this game is to compare it to a mix of between Cornole, Horseshoes, and Beer Pong.

The game is pronounced like “bulls eye bucket” and is essentially a 3-level bucket that you try to land your hacky sack game pieces in. Let’s take you through the rules of the BulziBucket outdoor game and show you how to play with our Backyard Games unofficial drinking game rules!

BulziBucket Outdoor Game | Best portable tailgate game

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How to Setup BulziBucket Outdoor Game

In less then a minute you will be able to fully assemble the BulziBucket game and be ready to get your game on. Each BulziBucket game set includes 2 large collapsible 3-tier bucket targets, 8 bean bags, and a carrying case. The game is much larger then we thought it would be (awesome thing) but is extremely compact and collapsible at the same time. It is a really well-made design and the creators deserve a high five for it. Once BulziBucket is assembled you will want to setup on level ground with the buckets 12-15 feet apart. This part is like horseshoes where it can be a 2 or 4 players game so pick your partners and stock up your coolers.

How to Play BulziBucket

One of our favorite things about BulziBucket is how there are so many ways you can play. If played with 4 players your partners sit at opposite sides (buckets) and rotate between rounds. Your partner does not just sit down and wait for you to throw your piece in the bucket.

Pick any throwing style you want whether it is underhand, overhand, or sidearm to sink as many shots as you can. There are 3 tiers of scoring and points available, with the ultimate being a bullseye in the top bucket. For any of your wild shots to the side or over the bucket your partner will be able to assist you and may deflect it into the bucket for points. This adds new level of skill into the game.

A very skilled partner may be able to hacky sack it into the bucket.  A hacky sack assist can be creative including with the feat, head or chest, just no hands and it must be hacky sacked twice before played into the bucket.  Any assistance cannot interfere with the bucket and also cannot be above the bucket, the assist must come from behind or the side.  The rest of the rules on how to play is very similar to cornhole.

How to Score and Rules of BulziBucket

The scoring for BulziBucket is simple and straightforward. Each bucket has a different number (3, 2, 1) on the outside. A nice addition, so you won’t forget how much each bucket is worth. Like Ladder ball the top level is worth the most points and is the hardest to hit. Ideally you will hit it in the top every time, but we know how difficult. The other scoring rules go as following:

  • Each round consists of 4 bags per round.
  • Cancellation scoring is used. This means that the team that gets the most points is awarded the difference. This means if one team scores 4 and another team scores 2, the winning team will be awarded 2 points.
  • The last bag you throw, is your bullseye bag and is worth double.  A fun twist!
  • First team to 21 points is awarded the winner.  However, you must win by a lead of 2 points.



Now that we have explained how to score we can go over the rules. This is not meant to be a serious game so feel free to make any of your own rules or variations. The official rules are:

  • BulziBucket is a 2 or 4-player beach game with 2 team (1 or 2 players each).
  • Partners sit at opposite sides and alternate tossing after each round.
  • Each team has 4 balls per round and alternate after each throw with other team until all 8 balls are thrown.
  • Do not cross the imaginary line in front of the bucket while throwing.
  • Assist shots are permitted, but do not come in contact the bucket.
  • For assisting your team mates shot it must be outside the perimeter of large bucket parameter.
  • Bags contacted above the top of the bucket are not permitted and will be removed.
  • For assisting, don’t use your foot as a backboard and absolutely no hands. Keep it classy.
  • In order to hacky sack the bag in your partner must throw it directly to you and you must “hack” the bag twice before taking the scoring shot.
  • Losing team starts throws in the next game.

See it in action:

BulziBucket Outdoor Game Drinking Rules

BulziBucket is an outdoor game that best played with a beer in the hand. What other games can you be playing sinking shots while sipping beers in a pool? We highly recommend that for each BulziBucket drinking game that a bet or hilarious rule are also placed. These may include slamming your drink, removing an article of clothing, a somersault competition, or something crazy. Here are the few additional BulziBucket outdoor drinking game rules we play in our backyard.

• After each round the losing player or team must have 1 drink per point they lost.
• If you miss all 4 balls for zero points that round you must take 1 drink.
• You must always have 1 drink in the hand or take a drink.
• Losing team must cheers and take 3 drinks.
• Committing a foul in the “official” rules above, take 1 drink per rule broken.

BulziBucket is truly a unique game that is a refreshing change from many of the outdoor toss games we have seen lately.  It’s similar to the fun that we already love with other games but brings conveience to a game that otherwise was clunky, cornhole

Instead of using the classic bean bags we also like that Bulzibucket uses hacky sacks, which is a fun challenge in itself during game play.  The game pieces are sturdy, and yes the buckets actually float and balls won’t sink. The buckets were much larger than expected which was great for the game play. If you like outdoor games Cornhole, Ladderball, or horseshoes but want something more portable this game will be for you. Just pack the game up in minutes and you will be playing in a matter of minutes.

Featured on our Ultimate Outdoor Game List, Games for 4 People, and Beach Games for Adults.  It is a truly valued guest to any of your next BBQ, tailgate, camping, or picnic events. Get latest pricing for your own BulziBucket Set.

BulziBucket Outdoor Game | Best portable tailgate game

Game title: BulziBucket

Game description: BulziBucket is a very portable and fun new version that's like cornhole but it even floats! Collapsible bucket, gives you a 3-tier scoring opportunity as your target to throw your bean bags at.

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