If you are a fan of Bocce Ball then we know you are going to love Bocce Toss! It has the same rules of bocce ball but instead of throwing heavy balls we toss Frisbees instead. It can be played on any surface (beach or grass) but is best on a wide open field with as little wind as possible. The larger the field and as many obstacles, trees, or giant ricks the better! Bocce Toss is featured on our list of 15+ Frisbee Games.

The object of the game is the throw your frisbee closer to the target frisbee then your opponent. You can pick the number of points that you play to but most people choose 12 or 21 depending on how may people are playing.

Highlights of Bocce Frisbee Toss

  • Easy to play with rules everyone already knows
  • Portable and very multi purpose
  • Play with minimum 2 to maximum 8 people
  • Covers a long distance and good exercise
  • Also to be played with a drink in your hand

Equipment Required for Bocce Toss

Much like Bocce Ball you would have 8 Frisbees made up of 4 different colours (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) so you would have 2 Frisbees per team.  Then you will have 1 frisbee that you use as your target. In Bocce Ball we call this the Jack or Pallino (little white ball) so you will have 9 frisbees in total. One of the reasons we like it over the traditional bocce ball was because the portability. The frisbees stack on top of each other and can easily fit into a pouch or bag in the back of the car just in case a game breaks out. You can buy the frisbees at the dollar store and is very cost effective. We would suggest getting a few extra in case you lose one or have a few more friends that want to play.  Here are a high quality frisbees that we recommend at best prices.

Choose your Team for Bocce Frisbee

The rules are completely up to you! You can play with individuals (up to 4 teams), or in pairs (with up to 4 teams), or in 4 players on a team (and play the other team). Pretty much as many people and frisbees you have! Ideally when you are playing you would.

  • 1 Player per Team –  Throw  2 – 4 Frisbees Each
  • 2 Players Per Team – Throw 1 or 2 Frisbees Each
  • 3 or 4 Players Per Team – Throw 1 Frisbee Each

Decide who plays first

Once you have chosen your teams either by who you like most or random chance its time to play. With this we suggest having someone throw the target frisbee a short distance and whoever team is closest throws first. The team second closets throw second, then 3rd, and so on. The team or person who is cloests the first play, gets to throw the target frisbee.

it is important to remember this order for who you follow and not the position you originally scored. This is because the order who throws first will change but you will always throw behind the same person you throw before.

Throwing the Target (Jack or White Ball In Bocce)

Throwing the target frisbee can be an advantage as you can use the exact amount of strength and try to land it in the same location. Find interesting places to throw the target an use any obstacles in your way.  Try throwing a few either really short, far, or over bushes or hill if you can. You may even want to bounce it off a target to land somewhere difficult to land just to make it a little more difficult. It is important to know that once you throw the target frisbee there are no re-do’s.  This means if you are trying to land in one spot and rolls or gets carried in the wind and lands somewhere everyone may be a little annoyed with you.

Scoring Points in Bocce Toss Frisbee Game

In each round, only one team scores points. One point is given for the frisbee closet to the target. If 2 of a teams frisbees (or possibly 3rd or 4th) are closer then the closets of the other teams throws then you get additional points for each frisbee. The team that gets the point gets to throw the target frisbee for the next round therefore throws their own frisbee first. The team that throws first is followed in order by the same person they were following from the initial target throw.

Only 1 player from each team will throw a frisbee before the other team throws.  This means that if your team throws first (2 players per team and 4 teams in total) the other partner will throw 5th (first of the second round) followed by the other members in the same order.  

First team to 12 or 21 wins (or choose whatever number you want)

Bocce Frisbee Toss Drinking Rules

  1. You must always have a drink in hand – Or take 1 Drink
  2. Furthest player away from target – Take 1 drink
  3. If your frisbee hits another player – They take 1 drink.
  4. Losing team has 1 big drink (finish full drink if 4 teams)
  5. Horrible Target Toss = Take 1 Drink Because.

If you like this drinking game, and want to find more, check out our list of 15 Outdoor Drinking Games.

If you like Bocce Toss you will really like our other DIY Tic-Tac-Toss.  Since you are investing in 9 frisbees make sure that they are decent and you can use them for multiple purposes.  Try them out with other Frisbee games found in our 8 Frisbee Drinking Games List. You can find some at the dollar store but we have some good options below that you can get an entire set for the best price possible.

This game is fun, and as we said above can stack the frisbees together for easy portability and storage. Last time we were camping we forgot plates and the frisbees really came in handy. Truly a multi purpose game ?

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