NBA Drinking Game! Basketball with a Tipsy Twist

We invented the NBA Drinking Game while sitting around watching basketball one night. It is sure to get competitive if you and a friend love the NBA or NCAA. If you aren’t a fan and you are dragged to a bar and get bored easily this will help keep things fun!  

The rules are simple, each person picks a team. If the opposing team scored or commits any of the actions below, you drink!

nba drinking game

NBA Drinking Game Rules

2 Point Shot = 2 Drinks

3 Point Shot = 3 Drinks

Free Throw = 1 Drink

Highlight Dunk = 5 Drinks

Technical Foul = 2 Drinks

Turnover = 1 Drink

Loser of the Game = Full Beer or Shot!

NBA Drinking Game! Basketball with a Tipsy Twist 1

NBA 2K Video Game Drinking Rules

Is basketball season over? Or if you don’t trust your team and want to take things into your own hands, there is a great video game version!

Drinking rules are easy here. If the opponent scores you drink. To be fair, if you are still drinking from them scoring, the opponent cannot steal the ball from you or commit a turnover.

Whoever is losing at the end of each quarter and the game must take a shot.

Now that you know all the NBA Drinking Game rules you need to hype up your basketball experience, pick a team and have fun! We always recommend to drink responsibly and mix in some water every now and then!

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