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Ever heard of the Monopoly drinking game? Yep, you heard it right. We’re mixing things up and injecting some boozy fun into the classic game of trading and strategy.

Monopoly likely holds a spot in your game cupboard already. It’s one of those universally loved games that never gets old. But wait until your pals hear about the Monopoly drinking game rules – their jaws will drop!

Next game night, drop the bombshell. “How about a round of Monopoly?” you’ll say. And just when they start yawning, hit them with the drinking rules. Their surprise will be priceless.

So, it’s time to load up on your preferred adult beverages, dial up your crew, and brace yourselves for a wild ride with this classic game, turned party sensation.

Enjoy Responsibly with Non-Alcoholic Alternatives

While the game can be played with alcoholic beverages, we believe in promoting responsible and inclusive fun. That’s why we encourage you to consider non-alcoholic alternatives as well. Whether you’re a designated driver, don’t consume alcohol, or simply prefer a non-alcoholic option, there are plenty of delicious and exciting alternatives to enjoy.

Check out this list of non-alcoholic beverages for some inspiration. Remember, the goal of this game is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Always drink responsibly and know your limits.

Monopoly Drinking Game

What are the Monopoly Drinking Rules?

Essentially, we’re still playing good ol’ Monopoly, but with a lively, liquid twist. The official Monopoly guidelines may not list these, but trust us, these extra rules are going to amplify the fun. Whether it’s sipping a drink when landing on someone else’s property or downing the communal cup upon hitting Free Parking, things are about to get lively.

Property Transactions:

  • Land on another player’s property: Take 1 drink.
  • Land on a color group all owned by one player: Take 2 drinks.
  • Land on a property with a hotel: Take 3 drinks.
  • Need to mortgage a property: Take 1 drink.

Movement and Dice:

  • Roll doubles: Take 1 drink.
  • Land precisely on GO: Give out 2 drinks.
  • Sent to jail: Finish your entire drink.
  • Receive a visitor while in jail: Take 1 drink.
  • Land on someone’s railroad: Take 1 drink (plus an additional drink for each railroad they own).

Financial Occurrences:

  • Pay luxury tax: Take 1 drink.
  • Pay a water or electric bill: Take 1 drink.
  • Pour 1 drink into the communal cup at Free Parking for each bill paid.
  • Receive a refund from the government (through a card draw): Assign 1 drink to someone else.

Cards and Special Spaces:

  • Pay due to a Community Chest or Chance Card: Take 1 drink.
  • Land on Free Parking: Slam the communal drink.

These Monopoly Drinking Game rules add an unexpected, exciting twist to an age-old classic. Let’s roll!

Monopoly Drinking Game Review

There are no winners or losers when you play the Monopoly Drinking Board Game! Normally Monopoly is a longer playing game and add in some drinks and creative rules and it can last all night.

In most games you dedicate a banker who oversees finance, well you are going to need a bartender. They will be in charge of handing out drinks and making sure people’s drinks are filled.

As fun as this game is game (sober or drink) I think we all must agree that the Monopoly Drinking Game is an even better way to play this classic board game, and is featured on our 20+ Drinking Card Games.

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