Mastering Beer Die: The Most Exciting Backyard Drinking Game

What is Beer Die?

Beer Die (also spelled as Beer Dye) is a popular drinking game often played in outdoor settings like backyard barbecues, tailgate parties, or beach outings. This exhilarating game combines skill, strategy, and a touch of competitive spirit, making it a favorite game for when you need to play something high energy. It involves players tossing a die across a table with the goal of hitting the opposing team’s cup of beer and scoring points. We started playing it in college 15 years ago and still play it to this day!

Rules of Beer Die:

Setup: You need two teams of two. Position yourselves at opposite ends of a table, just like beer pong. An 8×4 wood table is standard, but realistically you can make any table work. Fill a solo cup with beer and place one in each corner. You can find an official beer die table on amazon here!

Mastering Beer Die: The Most Exciting Backyard Drinking Game 1

Objective: The primary objective of Beer Die is to score points by successfully hitting or sinking the die into opposing team’s cup. The first team to reach either 11 or 21 points wins the game.

Dice Throw:

    • Each team takes turns tossing a single die across the table towards the opposing team’s beer. Both players on the team will go and then on to the next team.

    • The die must be tossed underhand and hit a minimum height of 8ft. (I’ve played 6’ minimum but it’s always recommended to throw higher) If the die does not hit a minimum height, the opposing team can shout “LOW”, and the throw will be forfeited.

    • The die must land on the opponent’s half of the table.

Scoring Points:

    • If the thrown die hits the opponent’s side of the table and hits the ground, it counts as a point. If the opponent catches it with one hand, then no points are scored. Catching with two hands is not allowed.

    • If the die hits the opponent’s cup, bounces off the table, and hits the ground, the throwing team scores two points.

    • If the thrown die lands in the cup, then its 3 points and the opponents must finish their beers. This is called a Sink. Always the most exciting moment of the game!

    • Every point scored is a big gulp of beer. Teammates drink together, so no matter whose cup is hit, they both drink.

Bonus Rules:

    • Biz & Buzz. You are not allowed to say the numbers 5 or 7. Say biz instead of 5 and buzz instead of 7. If you get caught saying 5 or 7, your team has to drink.

    • If the die lands on the table and is showing biz, the team that throws it has the chug their drinks.

    • If you sink your own cup, your team needs to chug their drinks.

    • Fifa Rule: Any toss from the offensive team that misses the table can be kicked up by one of the defensive players and caught by the adjacent defensive player. If successfully caught, the offensive player that threw the air-ball die must sit out on defense for the next turn

Tips to Dominate Beer Die:

    • Aim and Precision: Practice your throwing technique to improve accuracy and increase the chances of hitting your opponent’s beer. Experiment with different throwing angles and distances to find what works best for you.

    • Communication on Defense: Defense wins championships! Have a plan on where your team is going to be to catch the die. Use strategic placement of your hands and quick reflexes to block incoming dice and prevent them from hitting your beer.

    • Adaptability: Stay flexible and adapt your strategy based on the flow of the game. Be ready to dive to the ground on a moments notice. Do anything it takes to WIN THE GAME!


    • When playing this game while sitting down at a lower table, it is called Snappa (link to wikpedia). This is a good version if you are stuck inside on a rainy day and have less of a ceiling clearance to work with.


Beer Die is more than just a game; it’s a social experience that brings friends together for laughter, camaraderie, and friendly competition. Rules may differentiate depending on the region you are in, so as you play more you will pick up more styles. If you have a different way of playing leave us a comment. Beer die is a perfect addition to any Beer Olympics or any time you are tired of regular beer pong. You can find our larger list of the top 15 backyard drinking games here!  


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