Mario Kart Drinking Game: Drunk Driving Rules

Mario Kart was the first video game many people including myself ever loved! Next time you sit down to an intense race why not add a twist to your next gaming session? Enter the Mario Kart Drinking Game or Mario Kart Drunk Driving– a delightful concoction of racing, competition, and, of course, DRINKING. These rules apply to any Mario Kart from Super Nintendo to Nintendo 64 to the Nintendo Switch. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a newbie to the tracks, these drinking rules will take your Mario Kart experience to a whole new level of excitement.


Mario Kart Drinking Game Rules

Rule #1: Choose Your Racer

Before you even hit the track, you’ll need to select your character. Each player should choose a racer, but here’s the catch: your choice determines your drink of choice for the race. Lighter characters like Toad or Yoshi may warrant a lighter beverage, while heavier characters like Bowser or Donkey Kong might require something stronger. Personally, Yoshi and light beer is my go-to! Check out this list ranking the best Mario Kart characters.

Rule #2: Starting Line Toast

As the race begins, crack open your drink for a toast to the starting line. It’s important to start the game off honorable before the madness of shells and bananas ensue!

Rule #3: Item Penalty

In the Mario Kart Drinking Game, every time you get hit by an item – whether it’s a red shell, a banana peel, or the pesky lightening – take a sip of your drink. It’s a small price to pay for the chaos of the race!

Rule #4: No Drinking While Driving

All players must stop their vehicles while drinking. There are no exceptions!

Rule #5: Finish Your Drink!

Your drink must be finished before you cross the finish line! Your race is not complete before your drink is gone. This is where the strategy of stopping to drink comes to play. If you are good at chugging drinks, you may want to just stop in the beginning and drink. Otherwise, you should stop periodically to drink or my strategy is to drink while you are recovering from getting hit my an item.

Rule #6: Rainbow Road Roulette

In the Mario Kart Drinking Game, Rainbow Road becomes even more treacherous with Rainbow Road Roulette. Before the race begins, each player spins a virtual roulette wheel (or a physical one if you’re feeling fancy) to determine a special rule or penalty for the race. Whether it’s a double drink penalty or a switch-up of racers, Rainbow Road Roulette adds an extra layer of excitement to an already exhilarating track.

Rule #7: Victory Lap Shots

Finally, no Mario Kart Drinking Game would be complete without a victory lap victory shot. The winner of the overall cup gets to choose a special beverage for everyone to enjoy together in celebration of their racing prowess. Whether it’s a shot of tequila or a fancy cocktail, it’s the perfect way to toast to a night of unforgettable gaming fun.


From choosing your racer wisely to celebrating victory with a victory shot, the Mario Kart Drinking Game adds a whole new level of excitement to an all-time gaming classic. This game will bring out the best and worst of everyone so get ready for some serious competition! Always remember to drink responsibly and we do not condone drunk driving outside of Mario Kart!

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