Top 17 Outdoor Drinking Games 2024 | The Ultimate List

At Backyard Games, we are all about drinking games, particularly those that can be enjoyed outdoors during camping trips, beach outings, or simply in your backyard.

These games are perfect for those looking to add a fun twist to their gatherings with friends.

These games can be played with a refreshing beverage in hand, making them a great choice for adults who are legally above the drinking age.

However, we want to emphasize that these games are about fun and camaraderie, not excessive or competitive drinking. Always remember to drink responsibly and know your limits.

Take to your backyard with a cool drink, good friends, and the following game ideas for an enjoyable afternoon or evening. We’re not just talking about the regular games like cornhole or bocce that simply involve having a drink in hand.

If you’re looking for games that don’t involve as much physical activity, check out our list of 20 drinking card games for adults. Remember, the goal is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company, not to consume excessive amounts of alcohol.

We are talking about games created around drinking. Don’t forget about these outdoor drinking games this summer when you are camping next or having a beach party.

15 Outdoor Drinking Games Infographic

15 Epic Outdoor Drinking Games


Beersbee or Bottle Bash is inspired by a game found in our Top 63 Outdoor Games List that with the addition of beers will make it one of the most incredibly fun outdoor drinking games.

Beersbee can be known by many different names including Polish horseshoes, Frisnock or Frimsee, and played with a minimum of 2 people.

Before playing Beersbee, purchase Bottle Bash online and make sure to read our full Beersbee drinking rules.

To play, each team gets 1 pole and places them approx. 36 feet apart from each other. Of course, it would be silly to put an open beer on the target, so place 2 empty beer bottles on each pole and true to an outdoor drinking game, you must have a beer in each hand.

Each team gets a Frisbee and the goal of Beersbee is to throw the Frisbee and knock over the beer perched on top of the other team’s goalposts.

You can either aim to hit the beer or hit the pole will garner you points too. If the team hits your beer bottle off that’s 2 drinks, if they hit the pole that’s one.

Beer Die

Beer die is a thrilling game that will have everyone diving all over the yard. It involves players tossing a die high up and across a table with the goal of hitting the opposing team’s cup to score points.

Setup: You need two teams of two. Position yourselves at opposite ends of a table, just like beer pong. An 8×4 wood table is standard, but realistically you can make any table work. You only need one die and 4 cups to get started.

Points are scored by the die bouncing on the table, hitting cups, and sinking cups. You can find our full list of rules and how to play here!

Beer Darts

beer darts

Grab a beer, or two, and gather a minimum of 2 people together to kick up a game of beer darts. A game of Beer darts is ideally played with 4 people.

To play this game you will also need 4 chairs to sit on. Place 2 chairs at each end approximately 3 feet in between. You should be able to touch the hand of your partner.

Place your full beer, unopened, in the middle of the 2 chairs. Before you place it down, make sure to add a little challenge and shake that beer up.

With your darts in hand, aim at the opposite team’s beer. It can be a challenge as you have to throw with a decent amount of force and aim to pierce the beer can with your beer dart. 

When you are successful, the dart will pierce the can and probably start spraying it. If your beer can has been hit, open it at the top and start slamming it till it’s gone, sharing it with your partner. Then repeat!

This game can take a long time because it’s difficult to hit the can but it can also be short-lived because of how fast you drink. Buy Darts Online.

Drinking Kan Jam

A Complete Guide to Kanjam | Backyard Games

We love Kan Jam as a traditional Backyard Game, but this game can also be a ton of fun transitioned into an outdoor drinking game. My favorite is playing Kan Jam as a beach drinking game.

With the addition of 2 bin goal posts, KanJam is a twist on the traditional game of Frisbee. Making it one of the top Frisbee drinking games. Played with 4 players, the goal of the game is to work with your partner to throw the Frisbee or deflect it into the goal bin.

For the KanJam drinking game, you must keep a beer in your hand at all times. We put together detailed scoring instructions on how to play the Kan Jam drinking game. Buy Kan Jam Online.

Beer Pong Battle Ship AKA Battle Shots

Battleship Beer Pong

Remember that traditional game of Battleship you used to play as a kid?

For this game, every time your opponent hits your ship, you take a drink. Once you complete the game and all your ships are sunk you might be equally drowned with beer.

You can play with beer or shots. There are 2 variations, Beer Pong Battleship or battle shots. Beer Pong Battleship is a great swimming pool game whereas Battleshots is more similar to the game of Battleship.

This DIY drinking game requires a bit of setup, be we think it’s worth it. On a blank piece of paper, create your board, then place shot glasses where your ships will be placed and insert a tall separation board between you and your partner.

Use our free battle shots printable to quickly set up a game. Get the different Battleshots rules here.

Ice Cube Tray/Moose

Icecube Drinking Game

Those little ice cube spots in an ice cube tray can make a nice little sip of a drink.

This Ice cube Drinking Game challenges you to drink either beer or a drink of your choice through a straw as fast as you can till the whole Ice cube tray has been sucked dry.

Play with a minimum of 2 people, the first person to completely drink their ice cube tray wins!

Another game to play with an ice cube tray is Moose! It involves bouncing a quarter up an ice tray and handing out amounts of drinks that correlate with how high the the quarter lands in the tray. Check out the video on gameplay below!

Flip Cup

Flip cup game

Another game that can also be played inside, except that no one wants to clean the beer off the floor in the morning. You can definitely have more fun playing outside or while camping.

Flip Cup requires nothing more than a bunch of red solo cups and a minimum of 6 players.  To play, split up 6 players into 2 teams of 3, or as many people wanting to join in the game. Each team stands on one side of the table. 

Place your cup down with the top open part of the cup on the table. You want to be hanging the cup approximately halfway off the table, but so that it still stands strong, not falling off the table.

The goal is to flip your cup from the downward position to standing upright on its own.

To do this, use one finger in a “flipping” motion from below where the cup hangs off the table. Try to flick the cup so that it flips over and stands up. 

When the game starts, the first player on each team begins. Once that player has flipped over their cup, the next player on their team can begin.

The team to have all their players flip their cup over first wins.

This doesn’t sound much like a drinking game but there is one key rule.

You must first fill the cup halfway with beer or drink of your choice and each player chugs the cup of beer before they can begin Flip Cup. After a couple of rounds, flipping the cup over might be a little harder!

Slip & Flip Cup

Slip and Flip Cup

On a hot day, this outdoor drinking game is genius. It combines a wet slip and slip and quenching your thirst by downing a beer with Flip Cup. The ultimate outdoor drinking game!

The rules are pretty simple. Get a slip-and-slide game setup or even just a massive tarp filled with water.  Line up in teams of 2.

First, you must run, flop down onto the wet tarp and slide all the way to the end. Get up, run to the table, and down your drink.

Then incorporate the rules of Flip Cup above to flip your cup on the table before your next teammate can take their turn. The first team for all players to complete this silly fun win!

We got this image and enjoyed a good laugh at this video of Slip and Flip Cup.


Top 17 Outdoor Drinking Games 2024 | The Ultimate List 1

Disclaimer: This is the most dangerous of the Outdoor Drinking Games, proceed at your own risk.

The game Stump takes getting hammered to a whole new level. This game requires a tree stump, so you are in luck if you have one of these in your yard already.

To play, you hammer in a nail for each player that is participating in the stump. Only hammer it in so that it is sturdy and sticks approx 2 cm out.

You must throw and catch the hammer and right after you catch it hammer a nail in the stump. The person whose nail gets hammered must take a drink.

There are 3 types of throwing techniques, the traditional throw (1 point), the under-the-leg (2 points), and the behind-the-back throw (3 points). Keep playing until all but one nail is left standing.

We put together the full instructions for how to play the stump drinking game.

There have been attempts to have this game funded on Kickstarter but failed, so for now this game is up to you to transport your stump.

Dizzy Bat

Dizzy Bat

Dizzy Bat will leave you drunk and dizzy, hence the name! But from what we have read this game can be a lot of fun. There is no scoring or competition in this game, but it is a challenge to successfully complete it.

First, you need a Wiffle ball, cut the end off, and punch a hole in the bat 4 inches from the end. Fill the Wiffle bat with beer.

To begin, chug all the beer from the Wiffle bat. Touch the Wiffle bat to the ground once and then spin around 10 times.

You have up to 3 seconds to sturdy yourself and then the pitcher throws the beer can and you must hit it with the bat.

If you are not successful, try, try again until you complete the level. Be careful not to try too many times in a row. If you are inspired to get a real game of wiffle ball together you can find our guide here!

Flonky Ball

flonky ball

Most drinking game rules are set up so the person who loses a round must drink. However, most people play drinking games, so that they can drink.

The game of Flonky is the opposite in that the team that drinks their beer first wins.   

Set up 3 empty beer or wine bottles in the middle of your yard with 2 foul lines set up approx 10 feet away for each team.

You can use a ball or a stick to take aim at the bottles and throw it to knock them down.

If you knock them down, start drinking your beer. The other team has to run to the middle and pick them up and yell stop. Once they yell stop, you stop drinking.

The first team to finish their beers wins!

Drunk Waiter

Drunk Waiter Drinking Game Rules

We first discovered Drunk Waiter at a fun small-town festival, obviously a kid-friendly version. That led us to discover the hilarious outdoor drinking game of Drunk Waiter.

You play by holding an object above your head and spinning around in a circle counting to 10. After spinning around, an assistant hands you a serving tray with drinks cups on it, filled with water because you will likely drop it.

Afterward, you must try and walk the serving tray to the other end of the yard and put the cups on a table.

Exchange the full cups with empty cups that are on the table and run back to the other side of the yard. Ideally, you play 2 people or more at a time, so the first person who gets back to the start line wins.

Likely, you will not stick to a straight line, interfere with another player or just plain fall down after spinning.

Add in a couple of drinks each round and you will be historically laughing on the ground. You take a drink for how many cups you spill.

Beer Pong

Beer Pong | Backyard Games List

Beer Pong is the king of drinking games. Because of the potentially spilly cups and general crowd excitement you might find playing it outside is better than in your small living room where you don’t want ping pong balls going flying.

The best place to play Beer Pong is outside.

Here are our unofficial Beer-Pong rules.

You will need to have a decently long kitchen table, outdoor table, or fold-up table.  If you have a Beer Pong set already great, otherwise all you need is 13 red cups to create a triangle.

Setup with 5 cups along the edge of the table, 4 in front of them, 3 in front of that, 2 in front of that, and then 1 to create a triangle. Set up each of these cup triangles at the end of each table. 

There are some cool accessory variations that you can add for a twist to classic beer pong.

You can get a special beer pong kit, a rotating platform for the cups, and even glow-in-the-dark. Here are my favorite 15 Beer Pong tables and accessories to play with.

The basics of how to play beer pong are to land the ping pong ball into all of the competing team’s cups. Aim at the opposite team’s cups, if you get your ball in the cup, then they have to drink. 

As each shot is landed, that cup is then removed from the table. Land your ping pong ball in each of their cups and they should have drank a whole beer.

The more cups removed, the harder it becomes to aim at the cups. Also, the more beer you drink can add a natural challenge.

The first person to get land the ball in all the cups wins.  You can easily shoot your ping pong ball with a beer in your hand. 

Don’t drink too much extra though, wait for your partner to sink a ball before you take a drink, otherwise, you might need 2 beers for your game! Buy Beer Pong Online

Giant Beer Pong

giant beer pong

If you think Beer Pong is fun, like many do, Giant Beer Pong is specially made for the backyard.

Versions of giant beer pong can be as large as sandbox pales to as large as garbage cans, your choice. Just swap out that mini ping-pong ball for a Tennis ball.

Giant Beer Pong is one of many giant backyard games that go big.

Don’t worry, you aren’t drinking the whole can. Keep your beer handy and follow the same rules of beer pong for giant beer pong. Check the price of Giant Beer Pong.

High Noon

This game requires only 2 people and no setup is required.  

All that you need is 2 passionate drinkers and beer. Simply stand back to back, drink your beer, and walk 10 paces apart. Turn around, crush your beer, and throw it at each other.

The first to hit the target wins.

Giant Jenga Drinking Game

Drunk Jenga | Rules to Play Drinking Jenga

We take the awesomeness of giant-sized games and classic Jenga to make a hilarious drinking game.

Drunk Jenga is a super easy DIY project to make with our free drunk Jenga printable. Find our rules for the Jenga Drinking Game setup and instructions.

The game is the same as classic Jenga, but every time you pull a cube from the tower to place it on the top, you must complete the action when you put the block on top.

You will find hilarious rules such as Young Buck drinks, Slap that Ass, Sibling love, British accent, and more hilarious rules!

Beer Ball

Beer Ball is a thrilling drinking game that’s offers unique excitement. Played in teams of 4, 6, or 8 (but can be adapted for 2), it combines skill, strategy, and drinking. All you need is beer, ping pong balls, and a large table. Players throw ping pong balls at the opponents cups and then chug their beers while they scramble to retrieve them. It’s fast-paced and easy to learn, making it perfect for any gathering. You can find a full guide to beer ball here!


We saved the most ludicrous for last. But Fromel might just be the drinking game you want to play first to kick up the Outside Drinking Games a notch before you start one of the games above. The Fromel drinking game rules are simple.

Sit in a circle with all participants. You smash the beer can on your forehead until holes develop in the can, and keep going until the beer can explodes on the winner’s face, the Fromel champ.

We don’t know if you will be smarter after playing this game.

That’s it! Please comment below on rules you might play with or if we are missing any games.

For indoors or good camping fun, check out 20+ Fun Drinking Card Games For Adults.

Happy Outdoor Drinking Games time!

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