Kings Cup Drinking Game: Everything You Need to Know

What is Kings Cup Drinking Game?

King’s Cup is is the top card drinking game! It is a perfect party that can be played with only a deck of cards.

Players take turns picking cards where each card requires an action or challenge. Kings Cup goes by other names such as Circle of Death, Ring of Fire, Waterfall, Kings, or Just Kings.

You can call Kings Cup by whatever name you want. It is designed to get all the players drinking and having fun! We will take you through how to play the official Kings Cup rules.

Kings Cup Drinking Card Game Rules

Enjoy Responsibly with Non-Alcoholic Alternatives

While Kings Cup is normally played with alcoholic beverages, we believe in promoting responsible and inclusive fun. That’s why we encourage you to consider non-alcoholic alternatives as well. Whether you’re a designated driver, don’t consume alcohol, or simply prefer a non-alcoholic option, there are plenty of delicious and exciting alternatives to enjoy.

From refreshing mocktails to a simple soda or sparkling water, the possibilities are endless. Check out this list of non-alcoholic beverages for some inspiration. Remember, the goal of this game is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Always drink responsibly and know your limits.

How to Play Kings Cup  

Kings Cup is one of the simplest drinking card games to play. All you need is a deck of cards, a lot of alcohol, and a group of 3 or more friends.

You can write the rules on your phone or buy an official Kings Cup Drinking Card Game sets for around $10 to $15.

Start by placing a big cup in the middle of the table and spread out all the cards around this. The cup in the middle is the King’s Cup. If you are the player to draw the last king, you will find out more about the King’s Cup a little farther down.

Just like a deck of cards, there are 52 cards in a deck, with 4 suits, and 13 different cards. Write down on a piece of paper the different cards (Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King).

Each one of these will require a specific action or rule. You can make up your own or use our PDF download below, so you don’t have to write them all out by hand. Keep reading for details on each rule.

Kings Cup Drinking Rules

The Kings Cup Drinking Game features 14 different rules, one rule for each card number drawn. It’s a good idea to get familiar with the rules before you start the game.

We suggest writing it down or printing out the PDF and making it visible to players for reference. Feel free to make up your own, otherwise here are the classic Kings Cup Drinking Card Rules:

Card Rule Definitions

Ace is Waterfall

The player that draws the Ace will begin to drink, then the person to their left starts, then the next person until everyone is drinking. You do not stop until the person to your right does.

2 is You

This means that you point to someone and say “you” and they will have to drink.

3 is Me

Draw 3 and you drink.

4 is Floor

The last person with their hand down on the floor must take a drink.

5 is Guys

All men take a manly drink.

6 is Chicks

All women take a superwoman-sized drink.

7 is Heaven

Everyone at the table must put both hands in the air as quickly as possible. The last one to do so must drink.

8 is Mate

Choose a mate to drink with you. For every drink you take, they take, until another 8 is pulled. This excludes drinking the King’s Cup.

9 is Bust-a-Rhyme

The player who draws this card starts by saying a word everyone must rhyme with.

Don’t be rude and say orange, but something like “why” is a good start. Why, sly, ply, fly, got it? Another good variation is for the first person to say a full lyric and then the next person needs to keep the rap going!

The person who fails to think of rhyme in 5 seconds or repeats a word already said must drink.

10 is Categories

The player who drew the card chooses a category and everyone says something that fits the description.

Good categories include sex positions, brands of beer, types of candy, and cars.

For example, for types of beer starts with the person to the left of the player that drew the card and says, Budweiser.

After this, it goes around Keystone, Heineken, Becks, etc. until someone can not think of anything in this category (or within 5 seconds) and must drink.

Jack is rule

When a player draws a jack, they get to make up a rule that must be followed for the rest of the game.

Some example rules may be that nobody can swear, say names, no drinking with the right hand, start all words with hashtags, or that only Justin Bieber songs can be played for the rest of the game.

Any player who breaks the rule (each time) must have a penalty drink.

My favorite rule is that every time you take a drink you must take your monkey off the cup before and after your drink.

Queen is Question Master

The player who picks this card starts by asking a question. Going around the circle each person must answer their question with a question.

For example, the first question may be what is my favorite drink? The next person may say “Are you talking about beers” or any questions to keep it going.

It goes around until someone is not able to answer the question or takes more than 5 seconds to start. Plus, if it is not a valid question or is just plain stupid call out your fellow players to drink. Another fun version is that that whoever pulls the queen is the question master until the next queen is pulled. Whenever someone answers a questions they have to drink!

King is for the King’s Cup

It is fine to draw a king but make sure you are not drawing the fourth king in the deck. The first 3 players to draw a king pour whatever they are drinking into the cup in the center of the table.

We play max 1 shot or 1/3 beer, so it is not too ridiculous. When the fourth king is drawn, this poor bastard must drink the rest of the mix signaling the end of the game.

Drink it with pride then put your crown on your head!

Bonus Kings Cup Setup

Another fun way to play is with a can in the middle instead of a cup. Whenever someone picks up a card they have to stick it in the tab of the can. When the can finally pops open then they have to drink the entire beer!

Where to Buy Kings Cup Drinking Card Game Set

As we mentioned, you need nothing more than a classic game of cards. There are a lot of fun versions, but we highly recommend that the one you buy is a waterproof deck.

Nothing is worse than some spills or condensation getting on the cards and wrecking them. Not all the games below are waterproof but here are some fun Kings Cup Drinking Card Games.

As we said above there are several different variations, but the rules are pretty much the same. King’s Cup is featured in our 20+ Drinking Card Games List or you might also like Drinking Jenga. If you don’t have a deck of cards on hand check out our list of drinking games without cards here!

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