Supreme Backyard Fun: 40 Top Kids Games for 2024!

Welcome to the best backyard games for kids! With all the electronic and indoor distractions sometimes our kids need a little motivation to get outside. Playing outdoor games improves your kids vision, social skills, attention spam, reduces stress, great exercise, and good old increases vitamin D. With all the benefits and fun of playing outdoors, we created the top 40 backyard games for kids, that they will love!

This best backyard games for kids list is intended for children 5-14 years old. For more active games to make you sweat  like Spikeball, Rampshot, Bocce, and others see our Top 67 Outdoor Games list.  This version has some smaller and mini versions designed just for backyard games for kids. Just because they are meant for kids does not mean the big kid in you won’t love a lot of these games as well.

Here are the 40+ Backyard Games for Kids:

1. Capture the Flag

Revamp your family game nights with the Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag set. With 25 light-up pieces and 12+ hours of battery life, this set offers endless excitement for players aged 8 and up. It can accommodate 4-8 players, extending up to 16 with game variations.

This game not only encourages outdoor play but also promotes physical activity and social interaction, all while being screen-free. It’s a perfect gift for boys and girls alike, serving as a unique alternative to traditional kids’ games.

Light up your nights with this captivating glow-in-the-dark game set!

2. Kids Parachute Play

Playing with parachutes are not only a lot of fun, they also teach cooperation and teamwork. There are many games you can play outside like Ball Roll, Merry Go Round, Parachute Tag, or the Wave.  Here is a list of 24 parachute games to start playing outside with. A parachute is something that can fold up and go anywhere and can lead to creative backyard games for kids. It is best played with 4 or 5 children so is a fun addition to any birthday party or family get-together.  Parachutes are not only for school time but can easily be played in the backyard or on the beach.   Buy Kids Parachute Online.

3. RingStix Outdoor Toss Game

After picking up the Stix’s your kids will wonder why you played catch any other way.  This 2 player game uses two sword liked shaped Stix to launch a rings at your partner. The innovative design of the rank and RingStix make the rings super stable and fly up to 50 yards away. The rings float and work well in windy conditions and is a game you also want to bring to the beach. Buy RingStix Toss Game Online.

4. Flickin Chicken Game

Get ready for a laughing good time. Your kids will love the rubber chicken. First of all, just the chickens themselves will have the kids giggling, but add in throwing those bouncy chickens around for all out laughter.  Players are encouraged to make up their own rules while throwing rubber chickens at a target.  Fun for 2 to 4 players. After 9 rounds, whoever has the lowest score wins. This puts your skills to he test as these chickens bounce and roll hilariously. Read our Review and Rules to Play Flickin Chicken or  Buy Online.

5. Jarts Outdoor Throwing Game 

Test your aim with Jarts, a remake of the classic backyard game, Darts. Jarts is like lawn darts but much safer and based on the rules of Horseshoes. Jarts are kids approved, made of plastic with a rounded rubber tip and aerodynamic to land safely instead of sticking in the ground.  Take turns throwing and be the first player to reach 21 and win.  The set includes 4 Jarts, 2 target rings and Jarts game instructions. Buy Jarts Outdoor Throwing Game Online.

6. Jumbo Giant Checkers 

Adults may like playing games while sitting down, but kids are hard to get to sit still and absolutely love moving with the giant checkers.  A life size version of checkers is sure to get the kids thinking strategy while moving their giant checkers about.  One of our 15 favorite giant sized backyard games. The rug is machine washable and made up of synthetic and natural fibers. Most important the 3-inch diameter vinyl checkers pieces make it almost impossible to lose. Follow this genius option for DIY Giant Lawn Checkers by glueing 2 paint can lids together or  Buy Jumbo Giant Checkers Online.

7. 5-in-1 Game set (Badminton & Volleyball)

Badminton had to be our favorite backyard game when growing up.  The hours we spent outside trying to smash birdies at our friends created lasting memories. No sense just getting badminton when you can get a 5 in combo with volleyball, Flip Toss, Paddleball, or anything with a ball. Buy 5 in 1 Game set (Badminton & Volleyball) Online.

8. Giant Wooden Jenga Classic Game

Kids like building things outside and why they must love Giant Wooden Jenga Game! We apologize for this one in advance as it is not portable and does take up a considerable amount of space. In fact, it is so big it starts at 2.5 ft tall and grows to over 5.5 ft. This super jenga backyard games for kids and comes with 60 pieces that can make up to 25 rows. Watch out for random flying balls as for some reason are drawn like a magnet to knocking down your pieces.  Buy Giant Wooden Jenga Online.

9. Giant Wooden Yahtzee

Go big or go home! The theme for these last couple Backyard Games for Kids is BIG.  If you are going to play Yahtzee you may was well do it with some beautifully crafted wooden dice.  The circles are burned into the wood with edges rounded off making this the best Giant Wooden Yahtzee sets. The giant 6 dice measure 3.5 in x 3.5 in and are sure to be the hit of your outdoor games.  These dice can also be repurposed for other giant dice games including Catch up and Going to Boston.  Buy Giant Wooden Yahtzee Online.

10. Kids Mini Basketball Hoop

Every backyard needs an outdoor basketball game. If you are looking for an intro to basketball edition for your kids up to pre-teens, this is a great start.  This hoop adjusts and grows to 5.5 feet, whereas a professional basketball hoop stands 10 feet tall. The base of the hoop fills up with sand or water making is portable in case your kids feel like Michael Jordan slam dunking it. Buy Kids Mini Basketball Hoop Online.

11. Djubi Kids Game Edition

Djubi is an outdoor game children and adults both love. This target style outdoor game is easy to setup. Just place the circular rope on the lawn and take turns firing the Djubi Birdie into the rope. It is like lawn darts but way more fun flinging the target that will not take an eye out. Make up your own creative rules and get the entire family playing outside with this epic backyard game for kids. Buy Djubi Kids Edition Online.

12. Grand Slam Baseball Waterslide

For kids on a hot summer day this must be the best version of baseball ever created. It includes a 14 ft x 14 ft Water Slide Diamond, plastic baseball bat and ball, ready for you to hit the next home run. Slide into first as the water rail keeps the sprinkling surface wet and fast. Why play just regular slip and slip or just regular baseball when you can combine the best of 2 worlds.   Buy Grand Slam Baseball Waterslide Online.

13. Molkky Wooden Throwing Game

Molkky is one of our favorite game for adults that kids over 8 will really enjoy. In fact, it is rated the #1 backyard game in Europe. It has more rules then many of the other games we listed but combines throwing wooden mallets and 12 pins bowling your kids will love. We have the entire Molkky rules here.  The main goal of Molkky is to earn points by knocking down pieces of wood.  Knock down 1 pin, you get the number on the pin. Knock more then one and get a point for each pin (3 pins = 3 points). Be careful as you need to get exactly 50 points are will be panelized back to 25. Truly fun and awesome outdoor game your kids will play for years so start them early. Buy Molkky Wooden Throwing Game Online.

14. Mini Inflatable Kids Badminton Set

We love badminton, but for your younger kids and toddlers it can be a difficult game to play.  This inflatable version of badminton will be something they wont forget and a foundation to learning how to play badminton. Soon we will be seeing kids playing with the giant size rackets plastered all over your Facebook or Instagram feed because it is just so cute.

Inflatable badminton is really meant for kids 6 and the 2-in-1 set includes 2 rackets, birdie, tennis ball and oversized volleyball. This backyard game for kids does not have to be pegged into the ground and just sits in place on top of the lawn. Buy Mini Inflatable Kids Badminton Set Online.

15. Backyard Foot Golf

Outdoor Foot Golf is an exciting and totally new game for your backyard. It combines both the skills of soccer and golf for a game that is fun for all ages. Make the outside course as big or as small as you want and be sure to make up your own game rules.  The set includes 3 targets with flags and soccer ball. Buy Backyard Foot Golf Online.

16. Bean Bag Bullseye

Bean Bag Bullseye is like the Cornhole game except your do not need to carry around a huge wooden board with you. This portable bean bag game folds up into a shoe sized box so easy for you to carry. Just throw the bean bag, at the oversized (55”x55”) target getting points for each section you land on. Really easy to learn and difficult to master. Just take a few more steps back to make it even harder. Buy Bean Bag Bullseye Online.

17. Kids Saucer Hockey

Get a taste of this fun and challenging hockey game without ever happen to step into a cold arena or frozen lake. You can even play on the beach! Kids Saucer Hockey Game is pretty much a hockey rink on a shooting board that you can score goals all over the place. It comes with 4 real hockey game pucks from Sherwood and rules to play. This is a great skill to practice for and can be played even if your by yourself.  Setup the nets and practice your skills and show your friends on or off the ice whose the next Gretzky. Buy Kids Saucer Hockey Online.

18. Kids Juggling Set

Teach your kids how to juggle 3 or 4 balls at once now. When they are parents hopefully they will be able to juggle their own kids and life one day.  I wish learning to juggle would guarantee that kind of success in life.  Besides, juggling is a great eye and hand co-ordination skill to tackle and learn.  In grade 7 gym class we had a 2 week practicum on juggling.  I love shocking kids and crowds by juggling 3 balls and even throwing between my legs. Regardless it is a fun skill to master and will greatly help improve hand eye coordination. Heck maybe your kids will leave home early and join the circus. Just kidding! Buy Kids Juggling Set Online.

19. Rollers Outdoor Game

Rollers has won numerous awards as a kids game, including an Dr. Top Top 10 Active Games & Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award!  Rollers is a lawn toss game that combines aspects of horseshoes, lawn bowling and and bocce ball.  This wooden game is easy to learn but still a challenge to learn how to roll the rollers to be lots of fun and a game you can play over and over.  It can be played with 2, 4, or 6 kids or buy an expansion pack to play with even more.  Read our full review and rules to play Rollers or Buy Rollers Online.

20. Foldable Mini Soccer Net

One of the backyard games for kids that should be mandatory in all backyards is Soccer. This mini Soccer  game that folds up and challenges kids even when space is limited. Get a pair of 2 portable mini Soccer goals for when your next game breaks out. Each 4 foot goal come with 3 pegs to keep nets anchored into the ground for the next power kick. Buy Foldable Mini Soccer Net Online.

21. Ultimate Disc Toss Target Game

This outdoor Frisbee toss game is a lot like Frisbee golf but portable and better for smaller areas. This includes heavy duty plastic frame, fabric, 4 high quality frisbees and a carrying case. Buy Ultimate Disc Toss Target Game Online.

22. Fling a Ring

Fling a Ring is a outdoor game like horseshoes and disc golf but safer for kids to play than horseshoes.  The scoring system is just like horseshoes and you throw the Ninja like disc just like a frisbee.  Instead of throwing heavy horsehoes you throw a ring-shaped disc that has many different points that can wrap around the pole. Score 1,2,3 points or get 4 points for the ultimate ringer.  The poles can easily be setup on grass in your backyard or at the beach.  Here’s our review and rules to play or Buy Fling a Ring Online.

23. Kids Football Quarterback Challenge

There are a lot of different footfall throwing games out there because they are awesome! Practise makes perfect and after perfecting the perfect spiral will amaze your friends and teams with your skills.  We have listed a few different games but the one we really like is the 4 games in 1.  You can play games like Touchdown, Field Goal, Interceptions, Punts and more. For a more serious thrower or looking to use a official NFL football a higher quality steel frame and net may be required. Buy Kids Football Quarterback Challenge Online.

24. Outdoor Tetherball Game  Set

No more having to go play Tetherball at the elementary school up the road when you can not play this fun and outdoor family game in your own backyard. Just fill up the base of the tether ball with sand or water and see this heavy duty set sit directly in place. This is a regulation sized 8 inch tetherball, 72 inch heavy duty cord, and a 96 inch tall steele pole. This is built to last and strong enough to entertain your entire family for years. Buy Tetherball Online.

25. TriCross

Growing up playing lacrosse this is one of the coolest games I have seen. It is becoming a very popular backyard game that is fun for all age levels. Either have fun with a friend or engage in an extremely competitive tournament style game. Grab a racquet and hurl some balls at your competitors goal. Buy TriCross Online.

26. Tic Tac Toe Cornhole

Tic Tac Toe Cornhole is a ball toss game that adds a flare to the classic game of Cornhole. It’s quite unique but still very fun. The game challenges 2 to 4 players to score in three different size holes, with the highest points awarded to tosses in the smallest hole. Buy Tic Tac Toe Cornhole Online.

27. Waterproof Frisbee

Throw! Catch! Bounce! Frisbee has always been a well-loved outdoor sport. It is great for hand-eye coordination and a great indoor or outdoor sport. For a fun summer twist, try it in the pool with water balloons! Buy Waterproof Frisbee Online.

28. Rolling 3 Yard Game

This outdoor game will have your kids rolling all over each other! In fact that is the goal to see who can roll their disk closest to the goal. Buy Rolling 3 Yard Game Online.

29. Jazzminton

Jazmington is similar to badminton but with an innovative new design. It can be played outdoors and does not even require a net. This is perfect for any age, children and adults alike. The spin of the birdies is the magic of this game, it adjusts itself to the skill level and the mood of the players. You can play it slow and or hard and fast. Buy Jazzminton Online.

30. Classic Kickball

This classic game is just like football. Kickball is a fun and enjoyable outdoor game which will surely make any kids or adults have fun.  Buy Classic Kickball Online.

31. Offroad Golf

A fun and addictive outdoor game that needs a bit of imagination to determine where you want to set up your course. A regulation course is 10 holes of varied length. Holes are usually played in groups of four or less. This can be played with any number of players. Buy Offroad Golf Online.

32. BucketBall

Bucketball is definitely the ultimate outdoor game. You can play it on the beach, on your poolside, or even in your backyard! To play the game, start with setting up two sets of 6 buckets in triangular formation separated 30 feet apart. Each player on a team tries to throw the ball into the opposing team’s buckets. If a ball goes into a bucket, that bucket is removed from the game. The first team that can remove all of the buckets first wins. Buy BucketBall Online.

33. Softball

An old time favorite outdoor game. Softball is designed to improve hand-eye coordination skills. This is a great, fun game for group members. Play it on a field, on a park or in your backyard. Buy Softball Online.

34. Nerf Kids Ball

Grab the Ball and Slam! Nerf Kids Ball is a fun game wherein you use a flexible sports ball has 3 handy holes so you can grip it and whip it in dodgeball, volleyball or other games. Buy Nerf Kids Ball Online.

35. Pickel Ball

Played in groups of 2, 3, or 4, Pickel ball is a game that combines badminton, tennis, and table tennis.  What’s great about Pickel ball is the rules are simple so it’s a great game to introduce your kids to racquet sports.  The space required is a badminton sized court so fits most backyards.  Once the kids have some practice, Pickel ball can develop into a game with faster play and more technique.  Buy Pickel Ball Online.

36. Sky Catchers Launch Game

It’s pretty common for kids to love throwing stuff around.  How many times do you find yourself telling them not to throw stuff in the house.  With this game, let them get that pent up throwing excitement out with sky catches launch game and see how far you can throw it in the air, and then catch it again.  It’s almost effortless to launch the tripod rocket into the air up to 100 feet.  For ages 5 and up, why not create a competition who can launch it the highest. Buy Sky Catchers Launch Game Online.

37. Inflatable Boxing Gloves

Here’s a fun way to introduce kids to boxing with oversized inflatable boxing gloves.  No one can get hurt with these gloves and kids can get an introduction to boxing.   Buy Inflatable Boxing Gloves Online.

38. Mini Football

A lot of Backyard Games for Kids can be a wonderful launching point to teach them the basics of popular sports.  Start with a mini football and teach your kids how to throw and catch the oval sized ball.  Buy Mini Football Online.

39. Paddle Throwing

Paddle throwing a great sport for summer fun. You can bounce any ball using the paddles. This is a great outdoor sport with a twist. Buy Paddle Throwing Online.

That’s it! If you see any games that are great for kids we have missed, please comment below.  We would love to hear from you and hear about any other gem games that we should be sharing with the rest of the Backyard Games for Kids community.  You might also enjoy our 50+ Birthday Party Games for Kids list or get ready for Christmas with our Christmas Games List for Kids.

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