How to Play the Jenga Drinking Game

Jenga is the drinking game that will have you falling all over the place! By falling all over the place, we mean falling all over the place with laughter. Try not to drop the tower of blocks while you’re laughing at the fun drinking rules.

Why We Love the Jenga Drinking Game:

  • Simple rules that are easy to grasp.
  • Quick gameplay, typically lasting 15-20 minutes.
  • Affordable with minimal equipment needed.
  • Customizable rules to suit your group.
  • Free printable rules available.

Enjoy Responsibly with Non-Alcoholic Alternatives

While the game can be played with alcoholic beverages, we believe in promoting responsible and inclusive fun. That’s why we encourage you to consider non-alcoholic alternatives as well.

Whether you’re a designated driver, don’t consume alcohol, or simply prefer a non-alcoholic option, there are plenty of delicious and exciting alternatives to enjoy.

From refreshing mocktails to a simple soda or sparkling water, the possibilities are endless. Check out this list of non-alcoholic beverages for some inspiration. Remember, the goal of this game is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Always drink responsibly and know your limits.

Drinking Game Jenga

What is Jenga?

Jenga is a classic board game, that puts your balance and soft touch to the test.  You pull out a block from the tower, gently, and then gently stack it back on top.

After a few drinks and some enthusiastic friends, will your hand be steady enough to pull the last block out before it comes collapsing down?

Here are the Jenga drinking game rules that we play in our backyard. Giant Jenga Drinking Game is one of our favorite 15 outdoor drinking games.

How to Setup Jenga Drinking Game

Setting up the Jenga Drinking Game is a fun process that combines the classic Jenga game with a twist of humor and spontaneity. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Gather Your Materials: At the very least, you’ll need the traditional Jenga set and a couple of Sharpie markers.
  2. Decide on the Rules: Before diving into the setup, brainstorm and decide on the entertaining rules and actions you want to include. These will be written on one side of each Jenga block.
  3. Block Orientation: When stacking the Jenga tower, ensure that the side of the block with the written action faces inward. This adds an element of surprise, as players won’t know which action they’ll have to perform until they pull out a block.
  4. Variety is Key: Remember, there are 54 blocks in a Jenga set. This means you have the opportunity to come up with 54 unique actions, challenges, or humorous twists. The more diverse, the better!
  5. Preparation Before Writing: Before you start writing on the blocks with a permanent marker, list out your 54 chosen actions. This ensures you don’t accidentally repeat any rules. While having duplicate rules isn’t a problem, having a variety can make the game more engaging.
  6. Using the Printable: If you’re short on time or need inspiration, there’s a free printable available with pre-decided actions. Alternatively, you can pick and choose from a suggested list of Jenga drinking game actions.
  7. Caution with the Marker: Be careful when writing on the blocks. You wouldn’t want to mistakenly create duplicate rules. However, if you do end up with a few duplicates, it’s not the end of the world. The game will still be enjoyable!

Jenga Drinking Game: Cube Values Guide

The Jenga Drinking Game is all about the unique actions and challenges written on each block. Here’s a refined list of the cube values to add a twist to your game:

Drinking Assignments:

  1. You Drink Blocks (1-5): Incremental drinks from 1 to 5.
  2. They Drink Blocks (6-10): Assign drinks ranging from 1 to 5 to another player.

Gender-Specific Drinks:

  1. Ladies Drink: A generous sip for the women.
  2. Gentlemen Drink: A hearty gulp for the men.

Fun Challenges & Actions:

  1. Two Truths, One Lie: If others identify your lie, you drink. If not, they do.
  2. British Accent: Maintain the accent throughout the game. A slip costs a drink.
  3. Arm Wrestle: Challenge the player to your left. The loser takes a sip.
  4. Rule Block (14-16): Establish a game rule. Non-compliance results in a drink.
  5. Young Buck: The youngest player drinks.
  6. Elder Card: The oldest player drinks.

Humorous Twists:

  1. The Real Slim Shady: Stand for the remainder of the game.
  2. King’s Cup: Everyone contributes to a cup, and you drink it.
  3. Slap That Butt: Circle up for a round of playful butt slaps.
  4. Higher Education: Drink for each year of your post-secondary education.
  5. Sibling Love: Drink for each sibling you have.
  6. Thumbs Game: Last to place their thumb on the table drinks.
  7. Phat Booty: Compliment the best booty in the room with a drink.
  8. Nameless: If someone says your name, they drink.
  9. X-Rated: Confess the last adult film you watched.
  10. Rock, Scissors, Paper: Drink for wins, assign drinks for losses.
  11. Single’s Toast: All single players drink.
  12. Parent’s Tribute: Players with kids drink for each child they have.
  13. Bartender Blocks (31-32): Refill everyone’s drinks.
  14. Left-Handed Challenge: Drink with your left hand or face a penalty.
  15. Sir Slams a Lot: Finish your drink with a loud cheer.
  16. Waterfall: Begin drinking, and others can’t stop until you do.

More Fun Challenges:

  1. Height Matters: Shortest and tallest players drink.
  2. Sobriety Check: The most sober person drinks four times.
  3. Call Out the Drunkard: The tipsiest player takes a challenging shot.
  4. Fast Food Confession: The last to eat fast food drinks.
  5. Third-Person Talk: Refer to yourself in the third person or drink.
  6. Staring Contest: First to blink drinks.
  7. Hide Your Teeth: Drink if you show your teeth.
  8. Cheesy Countdown: Name cheese foods in 10 seconds or drink.
  9. Hashtag Talk: Use a hashtag before every word.
  10. Cartwheel Fun: Execute a cartwheel, or everyone else drinks.
  11. Spill Penalty: Last to spill, or next to spill, drinks.
  12. Vegan Toast: Non-meat eaters drink.
  13. Phone Detox: Next to check their phone drinks.
  14. Friends Trivia: Name 8 “Friends” cast members quickly or drink.
  15. Random Text: Send a funny message to a random contact.
  16. Four-Eyed Cheers: Those wearing glasses drink.
  17. Cheers to Couples: All couples drink twice.
  18. Dizzy Challenge: Spin rapidly 10 times.

Click here to Download the Jenga Free Printable

Drunk Jenga | Jenga Drinking Game Free Printable

How to Play Drunk Jenga:

Drunk Jenga is a hilarious twist on the classic game, combining strategy with spontaneity and a dash of humor. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure you play the game right and have a blast:

1. Setting Up the Tower:

  • Begin by selecting the entertaining actions and punishments for each of your blocks.
  • Assemble the tower, ensuring it stands 18 stories tall with 3 blocks per story.
  • You have two options for the orientation of the blocks:
    • Visible Rules: Display the drinking rules on the outer side of the blocks.
    • Hidden Rules (Recommended): Keep the rules facing inward for an element of surprise.

2. The Unofficial Drunk Jenga Rules:

  • Toppling the Tower: If you knock over the tower, you must finish your drink as a penalty.
  • Action Execution: Upon pulling a block, you must perform the action or challenge written on it. No peeking ahead!
  • One-Hand Rule: Use only one hand to pull out the blocks. The other hand should be occupied holding your drink.
  • Testing Blocks: Feel free to test the tightness or looseness of blocks before deciding which one to pull.
  • Block Replacement: If you start pulling out a block, you can decide to put it back, but it must return to its original position.
  • Tower Toppler’s Duty: The player responsible for toppling the tower gets the honor (or chore) of setting it up for the next round.

3. Classic Jenga Rules (Still Apply):

  • One Hand Only: Continue using just one hand to remove blocks.
  • Top Row Off-Limits: Do not remove blocks from the last fully completed row.
  • Turn-by-Turn Play: Players take turns removing a block from any row and placing it on top. Ensure you act out or complete the block’s challenge after pulling it.
  • Building Upwards: Once a new level of 3 blocks is complete on top, you can begin a new row there.
  • Objective: The goal remains the same – keep removing blocks and placing them on top without causing the tower to fall. The player who causes the collapse loses, while everyone else celebrates their win!

Remember, the essence of Drunk Jenga is to have fun, share laughs, and enjoy the company of friends.

Always play responsibly and ensure everyone is comfortable with the rules and challenges. Cheers to a game night filled with laughter and memorable moments!

How to make your Own DIY Jenga Drinking Game

Transforming the classic Jenga game into a hilarious drinking version is both fun and straightforward. Here’s how you can craft your very own set:

1. Safety First:

Before you begin, remember that safety is paramount. Refrain from consuming any beverages while operating machinery or tools.

2. Materials You’ll Need:

  • Several 2×4 lumber pieces.
  • A circular saw for cutting.
  • An electric sander for smoothing out the edges.
  • A marker or paint for writing the rules.

3. Crafting the Blocks:

  1. Measuring and Cutting: Measure and mark the 2x4s to create blocks that are 8.5 inches long. Using the circular saw, carefully cut along the marked lines.
  2. Sanding: Once all blocks are cut, use the electric sander to smooth out any rough edges. This ensures the blocks slide easily during gameplay.
  3. Writing the Rules: Decide on your drinking rules and challenges. Using a marker, write these rules on one side of each block.

4. Dimensions for Larger Outdoor Version:

If you’re aiming for a more substantial outdoor version of the game, ensure each block is:

  • 8.5 inches in length
  • 1.5 inches in height
  • 2.6 inches in width

5. Buying a Pre-Made Set:

If crafting isn’t your forte or you’re short on time, there are plenty of quality Jenga Drinking Game sets available for purchase. For those on a budget, you can find decent Jenga sets for under $20.


Whether you decide to DIY or buy, the Jenga Drinking Game is guaranteed to bring life to your party.

If you are looking for other ideas to spice up your night, check out our drinking card games list and board and card games for adults. Or take another classic game like Monopoly and change to a Monopoly drinking game. If you’d rather chill out and enjoy your drinks on the couch, visit our 10 must-try movie drinking games for some ideas.

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