20 Questions for “Would you Rather?” Christmas Edition for Kids & Family Events


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Would you Rather Kids Edition


Would you rather is a great game for a simple around the table game to play after dinner on a simple week night leading up to christmas.  Or even would you rather questions to get ideas for how to spend the christmas season with the kids. We have included some activity type “would you rather” questions to give you some ideas.

Instead of gossiping about the neighbors down the road or getting into a heated conversation about today’s politics, here’s a fun conversation starter game.  Plus those are ultimately topics that the kids will get super bored by. So here’s an idea to have a fully family engaged conversation.

Would you Rather Kids Christmas

Kids Would you Rather? Christmas Edition:

Would you rather…

  1. Leave cookies for Santa or carrots for the Reindeer?
  2. Make homemade ornaments for the Christmas tree or buy them?
  3. Put a star or angel on top of the tree?
  4. have Pumpkin pie or ice cream for desert?
  5. have Bubblegum or Mint candy canes?
  6. get $100 of presents or give $1000 of presents?
  7. receive socks or a dictionary for christmas?
  8. wrap christmas presents or shop for christmas presents?
  9. build a snowman or go tobogganing?
  10. put a fart machine under grandmas chair or leave a fake poop on top of a present?
  11. make your own candy necklace or build a gingerbread house?
  12. play bingo or charades?
  13. watch 8 hours of christmas movies or go shopping for 4 hours?
  14. watch the Grinch or Elf?
  15. dress up like an elf with pointy ears or a who from whoville with a pointy nose?
  16. sing christmas carols or make a christmas play?
  17. have chocolate or candy in your “30 days” till christmas?
  18. peak at your presents or get an extra present?
  19. would you rather eat a raw onion or sour lemon?
  20. be on the naughty or nice list?

If you have other funny “would you rather” questions that you would like to share with others, please comment below.

I have also created a FREE PRINTABLE that you can preview below, our printable is created in a high resolution, 8.5 x 11 size PDF that you can easily print or take to a local printer.

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20 Questions for “Would you Rather?” Christmas Edition for Kids & Family Events 1

The holidays is not just about presents, spend time with your kids playing thought provoking or simple silly games like this “would you rather” game and see what comes up 🙂

For after the kids go to bed, here is our adult version of hilarious “would you rather”.

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