One of my favorite time of years to play games is Christmas time.  Being the self appointed “game master” I need to find a balance between fun for all ages games, and hilarious adults only games. 

I would describe this game as a bit of luck mixed with “never have I ever” with a Santa themed twist of naughty or nice.

This naughty or nice Christmas game was a new game that none of my family or friends had played before.  The feedback was a hit though!  So I definitely had to create the rules and share with our backyard games fans.  I got pretty sick during the holidays so sorry that I didn’t make it for 2019 as I’m posting this in February.

Naughty or Nice Quiz Game Summary:

Theme: Christmas!

# of players: 3-12 players

Ages: all ages, I have kids and adults versions.

Time: takes approx 30 minutes to play

Time to create: approx 30 minutes + 2 hours of drying time. 

How to Win: Collect the most naughty or nice points.

You can also get creative with the nice prizes and the naughty gag gifts.  Plus I “gamified” this version creating a winner at the end.  I’m one of those competitive people who likes to have a winner at the end of games.

I would describe this game as a bit of luck mixed with “never have I ever” with a Santa themed twist of naughty or nice.

I put together a free printable download (keep reading) for both kids and adults versions.  All you have to do is print it out and cut each paper into pieces.  The setup does take a bit of effort.  I used this game about 4 times this past Christmas season and the re-setup time in between was minimal.


Naughty or Nice Quiz Christmas Game

Naughty or Nice Game Supplies:

In the perfect world, I would have a plethora of games for each group.  But the reality is that putting together these games takes time and energy. 

Research and planning to find the game, the trip to the store to get supplies, and then the creation time.  Plus the extra trip to the store to get the supplies I missed on the first trip.

You probably already have all of these supplies handy, so no trip will be required.  I was in the middle of moving this past Christmas so I chose to get an amazon delivery for these supplies.  Except the particle board, the dollar store is always great for these.

1. 36 pack of red solo cups (or santa themed solo cups)

Naughty or Nice Quiz Christmas Game (with Kids & Adults Versions) 1Naughty or Nice Quiz Christmas Game (with Kids & Adults Versions) 2

2. White Particle Board (these are always cheapest at the dollar store)

3. Christmas colored tissue paper. Red and Green will work just fine.  I used fun tissue paper like this.

4. Glue, Elmers liquid glue will do.

5. Scissors

6. Rubber bands. I recently got one of these rubber band balls and love how much more organized my rubber band organization has been since!

4. Nice goodies.  I used chocolates for this or a christmas candy favorite.

5. Naughty goodies.  You can use gag gifts, or I used lump of coal chocolate.  If you are trying to stay away from unhealthy chocolate, try this fake coal. Or make your own activated charcoal soap with these coal-like soap molds.

Naughty or Nice Quiz Christmas Game (with Kids & Adults Versions) 3

Again, you probably have most of these supplies.  At the end of the season you can also give the solo cups a wash and get them ready for the picnic and camping season.  I always try and be mindful to reuse the game supplies and not just needlessly throw them away.


How to setup Naughty or Nice Christmas Game

Step 1:

I put this game together while having one of my favorite hallmark channel Christmas movie marathons. 

I got creative with the banner using stencils so it took me a bit longer. Lucky for you I designed these two title’s the you can print on 8.5×11 paper for each board.

Naughty or Nice Quiz Christmas Game (with Kids & Adults Versions) 4
Naughty or Nice Quiz Christmas Game (with Kids & Adults Versions) 5

Click above to download a copy of the title free printable.  The printable for each of the inserts are below, keep reading.

Simply glue these titles to the top of each of your white particle boards.

Step 2:

Glue 18 of your red solo cups to each board, 36 solo cups in total.

To let the glue set, I let these sit overnight.

Step 3:

Download the free printable for the inserts.  I created 2 versions, one for kids and one for adults.  I included the printable just below the setup instructions.

Once printed, just cut each phrase into small pieces of paper.

Insert each slip into a red solo cup.  They should be random spread across both boards.

Naughty or Nice Quiz Christmas Game (with Kids & Adults Versions) 6

Accompany each of the slips with a corresponding prize.  Nice phrases get a fancy chocolate or nice gift and naughty phrases get a lump of coal chocolate.

Naughty or Nice Quiz Christmas Game (with Kids & Adults Versions) 7

Step 4:

Cut your tissue into 6×6 inch squares.

Cover each cup with a tissue and secure with a rubber band.

Naughty or Nice Quiz Christmas Game (with Kids & Adults Versions) 8

That’s it!

Naughty or Nice Quiz Game KIDS Version:

First step, download and print the kids phrases:

Click here to Download Printable

If you don’t have access to a printer, feel free to write the below phrases out on a piece of paper.

I was careful in the naughty phrases to not create too many phrases that gave little minds an idea of how to be naughty.  I definitely had “picked and nose and put it under the table” and decided to get rid of it.

Nice Quiz Phrases:

  • Delivered mom breakfast in bed
  • Shared your lunch
  • Played a board game and didn’t cheat
  • Clean up after other people
  • Donated blood
  • Made your parents bed
  • Saved electricity, give an example
  • Make your bed without being asked
  • Picked a flower for someone
  • Give a gift to a stranger
  • Grabbed a drink for uncle
  • Eat all your vegetables at dinner
  • Gave a massage
  • Told your mom or grandma they are beautiful
  • Kept your room clean for a whole week

Naughty Quiz Phrases:

  • Got detention
  • Slapped someone
  • Not washed your hands after the washroom
  • Wiped up a spill with your sock
  • Farted and blamed it on someone else
  • Peed in a swimming pool
  • Eaves dropped
  • Didn’t change your socks for a week
  • Put empty milk carton back
  • Went to bed without brushing teeth
  • Yelled at your mom
  • Told a lie when you were in trouble
  • Drink right out of the jug in the fridge
  • Picked your nose
  • Sneak peaked at your Christmas gifts
  • Wore the same underwear for a week

You can definitely customize these phrases for your family!  Like played pranks on your sister or brother.  Or quirks that you family members do.

Naughty or Nice Quiz Game ADULTS Version:

First step, download and print the free printable:

Click here to go to our Download page

Do not mistake these adult phrases with your kids game!  I added more naughty than nice phrases for this version but you can add your own in as well.

I also chose to play this with my friends not my family.  But hey it’s your choice if you want your Dad to know if you had a threesome haha.

Nice Quiz Phrases:

– Paid for someones coffee
– Hidden a dollar in the toy section at the dollar store
– Donated to a charity this year
– Served food to the homeless
– Bought a toy for a random child
– Gift christmas cookies to a stranger or neighbour
– Was a girlguide or boy scout
– Hugged a stranger out of the blue
– Ask for donations instead of birthday gifts

Naughty Quiz Phrases:

  • Wore the same underwear for a week
  • Been fired
  • Mile high club member
  • Woken up next to someone I don’t remember
  •  had skype sex
  • Gone skinny dipping
  • Got a tattoo
  • Been to a swingers party with a boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Had sex in a friends bed
  • Had a threesome
  • Slept with someone I thought was ugly
  • Peed in a swimming pool
  • Re-gifted a gift
  • Sent a naughty photo
  • Been slapped
  • Shop lifted
  • Rainbow Kissed
  • Faked an orgasm

How to Play Naughty or Nice Quiz Christmas Game:

This Christmas game is super simple to explain and to play!

Place your game boards together leaning up against something stable.  A wall or even a couch will do.   I actually leaned mine up against the Christmas tree.  We weren’t too roudy while punching through the cups but your audience could be different.

You can play this game with groups as small as 3 people to maximum of 12.

The first person punches through the tissue paper on a red solo cup. Then they take out the piece of paper and read out loud the phrase.  If the phrase is true for them, they get to keep the piece of paper and the prize or gag gift inside.  If the phrase is not true, return the paper and the gift to the cup.

The game keeps going clockwise until all players have gone.

At the end of the game, the player with the most nice phrases wins the “nicest person of the year”.  The person with the most naughty phrases wins the “naughtiest person of the year”.

You can optionally have a prize for the winners too.  I crowned the nicest person with one of those crowns from those dinner poppers.  And the naughtiest person got dishes clearing the table at our Christmas dinner!

I would love to hear your feedback and leave a comment below with any new phrases you came up with!  

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