20 HILARIOUS “Would You Rather”? questions | Adult Christmas Version

Would you Rather is a hilarious conversation starter game with the funny questions and the answers.  Have your friends choose an answer of the 2 hilarious scenarios that are difficult to answer.

For a family friendly version, find our kids would you rather version.  But this is the adults only version, with some hilarious questions that will surely make the whole room laugh.

My mother called me while I was writing this list, she laughed a ton and then changed the topic on question number 3. No joke!

But for all you that are curious, she said she would rather receive a scale for Christmas and would eat the gingerbread house.

Happy would you rather’s : )

20 HILARIOUS “Would You Rather”? questions | Adult Christmas Version 1

Hilarious Adult “Would you Rather?” Christmas Edition:

It’s not just kids that get to have fun! And let’s be serious some of those questions wouldn’t be a great adults only conversation starter, so here’s the “adult” version

Would you rather…

  1. spend Christmas at home or in Mexico?
  2. be naughty or nice?
  3. have sex with Santa or give an elf a BJ?
  4. have a floss or twerk dance off?
  5. listen to Maria’s “all I want for Christmas is you” or ” jingle bells” on repeat?
  6. be locked in a room with a person who hates Christmas or a Christmas fanatic?
  7. chug a gallon of eggnog or eat a whole gingerbread house?
  8. make a tofu-rky or spam turkey dinner?
  9. would you rather receive money or gifts for Christmas?
  10. say happy holidays or merry Christmas?
  11. receive cleaning supplies or a scale?
  12. give or a receive a lap dance at your work Christmas party?
  13. receive a christmas gift wrapped in zap straps or 12 layers of masking tape?
  14. hang a mistletoe in the bathroom or above your desk at work?
  15. go the whole christmas season without christmas movies or christmas songs?
  16. wear a christmas tree skirt as an actual skirt or oversized antlers to a christmas party?
  17. never receive a gift ever again or give everyone in your family a sex toy this Christmas?
  18. have snow every day in December or not at all for Christmas?
  19. work as a mall santa or work every weekend sober as the christmas bartender for the rest of your life?
  20. be the person who gets way too drunk at the Christmas party or does not get invited at all?

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20 HILARIOUS “Would You Rather”? questions | Adult Christmas Version 2

Christmas holidays are my favorite time of year!  It’s always a great reason to get together with friends and family.  Not only that, to have fun themed ugly sweater christmas parties, have lots of games and time spent with family and friends.

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