How to Play the Go Fish Drinking Card Game!

What Makes The Go Fish Drinking Card Game the Ultimate Game for Adults?

Go Fish, a cherished game from our childhood, takes on a new life as an unforgettable drinking card game. The simplicity of Go Fish makes it accessible at any stage of the night, but don’t be fooled – mastering the game is a challenge.

Combining your memory skills with the fun of drinks, Go Fish morphs into a riotous, yet strategic game for adults.

This drinking game can be played with a refreshing beverage in hand, making it a great choice for adults who are legally above the drinking age. However, we want to emphasize that this game is about fun and camaraderie, not excessive or competitive drinking. Always remember to drink responsibly and know your limits.

What Do You Need to Play Go Fish as a Drinking Game?

Embarking on this animated maritime adventure requires a standard deck of cards, at least two pals (the more, the merrier), and a selection of your favorite drinks.

Don’t worry if your memory of the classic Go Fish rules is fuzzy; keep reading to get the lowdown before you set sail.

How to Deal Cards in Go Fish Drinking Game?

The treasure you’re hunting for is “books” of cards. Each book is four cards of the same rank. To begin, choose a dealer by drawing cards or answering a funny question.

Deal the cards clockwise: seven each for two players, six each for three, and five each for four players. The rest of the cards become the ocean in the center from which you’ll fish.

How Do You Play Go Fish with a Drinking Twist?

The game starts with the person to the left of the dealer. They can ask any player for a specific card. The game goes clockwise, and if the player being asked has the card, they have to hand it over.

If not, they say “Go Fish”, and the asking player must draw a card from the ocean. Here’s the twist: if you have to “Go Fish”, take a drink!

Go Fish Drinking Card Game Rules Infographic

How do you win Go Fish Drinking Game?

To win, you need both strategy and memory. Pay close attention to the cards others are asking for. This gives you clues about what’s in their hand.

When someone says “Go Fish”, make a mental note that they don’t have the card in question. As the drinks flow, the memory challenge intensifies, adding hilarious twists to the game.

Customize Go Fish Drinking Game with Alternative Rules

Spice up your Go Fish Drinking Game by adding alternative rules that will keep the waves rolling! Let’s dive into the possibilities:

Play with Pairs Instead of Books

Traditionally, you collect books of four cards of the same rank. But who says you can’t bend the rules? Try playing with pairs instead.

Whenever you collect two cards of the same rank, that’s a score! If you manage to gather all four cards of the same rank, count the second pair as an extra two points. This variation adds a fast-paced twist, ensuring no one’s glass stays full for long.

Replenish Your Hand

What happens if your hand runs dry? In this variation, if you run out of cards before the game ends, don’t just sit there like a beached whale!

Draw a new set of cards (7, 6, or 5, depending on the number of players) and dive back into the game. This rule can be applied at the end of your turn, or during it, so you can keep the questions coming.

Add Themed Drinks

Feeling nautical? Choose drinks that align with a seafaring theme. From grog to mermaid-inspired cocktails, theming your drinks adds an extra layer of immersion and is sure to get everyone into the pirate spirit.

Include Pirate Lingo

Ahoy, matey! How about mixing in some pirate speak? Whenever you ask for a card, do it in your best pirate voice. If someone doesn’t have the card you’re looking for, they must shout “Arrr, go fish!” with gusto. Throw in a “Yo-ho-ho” for good measure when you score a book.

Throw in Some Challenges

Add challenges to the mix! For instance, if someone collects a book of a certain rank, they can challenge another player to do something funny or daring. If the challenged player refuses, they must take an extra drink.

Rotate the Dealer

To keep things lively, rotate the dealer each round. The person who captures the last book becomes the dealer for the next round, or you can invent hilarious criteria to choose the next dealer.

Why is Go Fish Drinking Game the Perfect Choice for Your Next Gathering?

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Go Fish Drinking Game is a nostalgic yet exhilarating choice for any gathering. It combines the simplicity and strategy of the classic Go Fish with the added fun of drinking rules.

Whether you’re hosting a casual game night or throwing a boisterous party, Go Fish Drinking Game guarantees laughter, camaraderie, and a night to remember. Bottoms up and happy fishing!

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