21 Best Outdoor Games for 4 People in 2024

Are you a couple and having another couple over for a backyard BBQ?  Are you a family with 4 kids looking to get them engaging and playing in a team together?

Or perhaps thinking you need a good game to have on hand for when just a couple of people at your BBQ want to play? Recently, we put together the ultimate outdoor games list.

To make it even easier we have now compiled from that list the outdoor games for 4 people.

Best 21 Backyard Games for 4 People


Spikeball is a game that can only be played with 4 people. Because of this and it’s also our favorite game it’s at the top of our list.

You can find more detailed information in our complete Spikeball Guide.

Spikeball is played in teams of 2 and follows a format similar to volleyball. However, this is a much easier version of volleyball as it is played with a yellow handball.

Instead of setting over a net, you bounce off of the net to the other team. Like reverse volleyball with a trampoline.

It takes a little bit of playing around to get comfortable with the handball and is a ton of fun!  You may even find yourself creating BBQ tournaments of Spikeball.

Click here to purchase Spikeball Online.


Get in the groove with Rampshot, a 4-person required game, that will get you moving and having fun.

This game is played by a team member standing on each side and taking aim at the goal in the ramp.

Your partner is on the other side to help if you miss by rebounding it into the net if you miss.

The twist in the rules to Rampshot is that if you miss the ramp and your partner rebound misses, the opposite team can play the ball.

This outdoor game is portable, and be a fun game for 4 people while moving around your Backyard. Read our full instructions including Rampshot drinking rules here or purchase Rampshot Online.


Also, a relatively new game to the games market is Kan Jam, originally created in 1987 but didn’t become a popular game until 2001.

This game is lots of fun once you get the hang of it and is a nice twist to throwing a traditional Frisbee around.

After all, it’s just a Frisbee, so it’s a game that anyone can jump in and play. This game would be rated semi-portable in that the “bins” are made of plastic and easily slide together so do unfold into long plastic sheets.

Kan Jam is 2 black circle bins that have a “mailslot” in the front with an open top and a yellow Frisbee.  The goal is to throw the Frisbee at the bin and have your partner knock it into the bin or aim for the “mailslot”.

If you get your frisbee in the front slot you get an Instant win!

We created a complete guide for Kan Jam or purchase it online here. For those looking to add an extra challenge to Kan Jam, we have even created the Kan Jam drinking game version.


Horseshoes, another great 4 person game, is most popular with a traditional horseshoes pit.

But if your backyard hasn’t been converted with a sand pit and metal stake, there are still many options to bring Horseshoes to your backyard.

Find portable Horsehoes to bring the game that was once only played at large parks to your Backyard.

The horseshoe rules are simple, throw a horseshoe aimed at the pit with the goal of wrapping the horseshoe around the stake. Albeit the goal for most of us is to just get the horseshoe in the pit.

While playing this game with 4 people, break into teams of 2 and the 2 opponents throw against each other into the horseshoe pit.

Bottle Bash

A combination of disc golf and horseshoes, Bottle Bash is a fun game to be played in a group of 4.

Not to mention Bottle Bash can make a great Drinking Game. Bottle Bash, also called Beersbee or Polish Horseshoes, includes 2 poles stuck into the ground that includes a platform at the top for a bottle.

Each team of 2 is manned with a frisbee and the goal is to throw the frisbee and hit the pole to knock off your opponent’s bottle.

The other team gets the chance to defend their goal by catching the rebounding Frisbee or bottle, reducing a point the other team might have scored.

Sounds easy but throwing a frisbee with that much precision can prove to be a fun challenge. Read our full rules to play with Beersby Drinking Game rules or Purchase Bottle Bash online.

Ladder Ball

Ladder Ball, also known as Ladder Golf, can be played in teams of 2 for a total of 4 people of all ages. It is very easy to learn the rules of ladder ball.

Don’t think it’s a breeze, wrapping your throwing piece around one of those ladder rungs can be harder than you might think it will be. It makes it a fun challenge, and why not add some fun competition as one of your go-to outdoor games for 4 people?

There are 3 ladder rungs that are standing tall and placed on a square base. There are 2 of these pots that are placed at opposite ends of the playing area.

You can move it closer or farther together to add more challenge to your game. You hold onto one of the balls, swing the other back and forth and then throw your piece at the ladder hoping that you can wrap one of your pieces around a ladder rung.

Each ladder run is worth 1, 2, or 3 points starting from the bottom up.

Buy Ladderball Online or make your own with DIY Ladder Ball instructions.

Flagger Toss Game

Try your aim with the World’s first Flagger Toss Game and attempt to get your bean bag flag into the pylon.

Fairly simple rules and a simple setup will ensure all 4 people can catch on fast. Score an Instant win if you get the flag into the pylon.

Playing outdoors with wind or no wind can add an additional challenge to this Flagger Toss. Each of the pylons is collapsible making it very portable, you can even bring it with you to your next BBQ. Buy Flagger Toss Online.


Molkky, a top-rated European game, is similar to lawn bowling but with wooden lawn pins.

This is an ideal outdoor game for 4 people but can also be played in much larger groups of up to 26 people.

Molkky is played by throwing the dowel underhanded at the Skittles approximately 3 to 4 meters from you arranged in a small group. The first person to 50 wins. But there’s a fun catch.

If you score over 50 points you are penalized by 25 points so the game is not won till it’s won.  Read our complete Molkky guide. This classic European game can be easily made yourself or ordered: Molkky game.


If you are reading this, it’s safe to say you have probably played and loved cornhole. The BulziBucket game markets itself as being a better version of Cornhole.

It’s a collapsible and lightweight multi-bucket game that can be played on the grass or even float in water.  Played with hacky sack bean bags, score points based on the bucket tier you sink your bean bag into.

This game also comes complete with 3 different playing style rules, throwing, hack it, or assist it.

Therefore it can make a perfect game for 4 people to play. Read our full rules to play BulziBucket and review or Buy Online.


The object of Kubb is to throw wooden batons at a group of wooden blocks, known as Kubbs, to knock them down.

Kubbs is a lawn game that is a combination of Horseshoes and Lawn Bowling but with an addition of skill and strategy.

The game includes a set of 10 Kubbs with one king Kubb. Unlike bowling, the Kubb’s are not aligned all together but aligned along a baseline at 2 ends of a field 24 x 15.  

You must knock over all the field Kubbs before you can knock over the King Kubb. Kubb is known as “Viking Chess” for its Viking heritage and strategy.

Overall, this game will provide tons of fun for a group of 4. Read the Backyard Games Kubb rules to play with drinking game rules or  Purchase Kubb online.



A classic lawn game to play with 4 people. We are sure you have heard of the classic game of Bocce but if not also learn from our Complete Guide of Bocce!

Bocce is a lawn game where the object is to throw your ball and get it closest to the target.  The closest person wins the round. 

A Bocce set comes with 4 sets of colored balls, approximately half the size of a bowling ball. 

The colors included are normally red, blue, green, and yellow.  Each person gets to choose 2 of the same colored balls.

You can choose to play Bocce in a lot of different types of terrains, including your backyard, a field, a beach, camping, or in the forest for even more added challenge.

It will indeed keep your group of 4 Backyard Gamers entertained. Bocce is like a much simpler game of golf. 

You are making a throw at the start line towards a target and trying to get your ball closest.  If you are trying to spend social time among your group of 4, Bocce can be perfect. 

Its slow pace and not requiring much concentration can make it wonderful to also hold a conversation or enjoy a cold brew together. Purchase Bocce online.


Rollers is fun lawn game, a mix between Bocce, Horseshoes and Lawn Bowling.

Using wooden pieces, place the goal pieces at least 25 feet apart. In teams of 2, players stand on opposite sides by each goal.

Played in rounds, each player takes turns throwing their 2 rollers toward the goal. The player with the piece closest to the goal wins.

You must roll the piece and it should hit the ground within 4 feet.  Rolling in the grass can be fun and a challenge.

To add a scoring variation, if your piece lands flat, you receive the points on the piece. However, if your piece lands standing on its side, get both points.

The points system adds an extra fun challenge to this already entertaining game. Read our full review and Rollers rules to play or  Buy Online.


If your group of 4 isn’t interested in getting active with lawn games, try staying on the patio with Hookey.  

An Australian classic game, Hookey is a variation of the classic ring toss game and darts.

The board does involve a setup or mounting time, but once setup can be left up year-round to be played anytime.  

Hookey involves a large wooden board 300mm with 13 hooks and 6 rubber rings. Each person throws the 6 rings at once for his turn and the points are added up.  

The first person to 101 wins the game. Buy Hookey Online.

Washer Toss Game

In Washer Toss, place each Washer Toss box 21 feet apart, which presents a challenge in itself. Adjust accordingly to the age group and the skillset.  

The box contains a cup in the middle of the box. The aim is to throw your relatively small washer toss piece and get it into the cup, or the box.

Throwing it into the box itself can be a good challenge. The game includes 8 washers, each player gets 2 washers to throw.

The first team to 21 wins. Purchase Washer Toss Online.

Flippin Chicken

Our list of games for 4 people wouldn’t be complete without something really wacky and fun.  

For the vegetarians out there, don’t worry, only fake chickens are used in this game.  There are no teams and each player plays on their own.  

To play, each player takes a turn flipping a chicken at a target disc. These rubber chickens aren’t predictable and can be a bunch of fun flippin’ everywhere, even the worst throws can luckily bounce on the target.

The number of throws it took to land your chicken on the target is your score for that round.

At the end of 9 rounds, the player with the lowest score wins. Bocce meets miniature golf, meets chickens. Buy Flippin Chicken Online.


A classic lawn game, Croquet is a Backyard Game similar to mini golf.  

Instead of aiming to get the ball into a hole, you must aim to get your ball through 6 arches through a course.  

Once you have gotten your ball through the arches, you must hit the stake at the end before going back to the beginning of the course.  

The first person there and back wins. It’s not as simple as it sounds as you can also ricochet your opponents of course and can only pass through the arches in one direction.  

If you miss it, you must go back and try again costing at least 3 turns. Croquet, can be played with 2 people, but really an ideal backyard game for 4 people, or even 6 people.

Read the Backyard Games complete rules for Croquet and our unofficial drinking rules or Purchase Croquet online.

Ping Pong

Break out the Ping Pong table to play doubles and this game can be played indoors or outdoors with a group of 4.

You don’t even necessarily need one of those large ping pong tables stored in your garage but can purchase a Ping Pong Nets that can be attached to any table.

Ping Pong, also known as Table Tennis, has even been an Olympic sport since 1988. Players use a small paddle and a lightweight ball to rally back and forth between teams.

This game is fast-paced and demands good reflexes and precision.

Cornhole (Bean Bag Toss)

Cornhole is another of our favorite outdoor games for 4 people. 

With Cornhole, choose your team of 2 and stand opposite each other beside the cornhole board. 

The Cornhole board game is a large wooden or plastic board with a single hole at the top. 

If you get your bean bag in the hole at the top, you’ve hit the jackpot and get 4 points. The points are added up, and the points from each team do cancel each other out. 

If you got 4 in total and the other team got 3, for the round you would get 1 point. Don’t think that Cornhole is a sleepy game and won’t get that animated.

Just wait until you are both concentrating to get that perfect bean bag aim. Find our Complete Cornhole Guide or purchase it online.



Badminton might look like child’s play but get a group of 4 people together and you might have a fun and active competition going down.  

Badminton is another classic game that I’m sure you have a racquet kicking around in your garage. A fun fact: it’s very popular in Asia and courts are often built into parks.

To play Badminton with 4 people, set up a court. This can be with or without a Badminton net. Choose with your teammate to stand side by side or one in front of each other.  Regulation games are played to 21. Get the badminton rules or get the price online.


Since we mentioned the favorite classic of Badminton, Speedminton is our favorite game like badminton.  If you happen to find your group in windy conditions or playing on a beach, you might want to upgrade to Speedminton.

With an improved design, Speedminton features a different-sized racquet and a heavier Speeder aka birdie.

The improved design allows you to play in the wind with no interference. There is no net required, and this game has a fun version and a pro version. 

On the pro version, the Speeder can reach up to 190 km/hr. The rules are slightly different but just as easy to learn.

Find the Backyard Games Speedminton Rules to Play and Review or Buy Online.

Beer Pong

After you have played some of the icebreaker games, why not break out the classic beer pong?  This game doesn’t need a huge group of people to still be fun and competitive among 4 adults.

The beer pong rules are so simple and all you need is 20 red solo cups with some ping pong balls.  Of course, if you are a serious fan of beer pong, you can get beer pong racks and tables to play with. 

Try this game out, it’s not just for college kids and you probably will just have fun!

Ring Toss

If you like Horseshoes but don’t want to go through the hassle of destroying your beautiful grass for a horseshoe sand pit, Ring Toss is a wonderful alternative.  

Easy to set up and portable, assemble the 4 stakes in a cross.  Played in a group of 4 and there are a number of variations.

You can purchase a Ring Toss game online or create your own Ring toss by nailing stakes into the ground.  In teams of 2, take turns throwing your rings, and the first team to 21 wins.

This game is great for all ages as it is pretty simple but still can require finesse.

We hope that this list of outdoor games for 4 people adds a bit of entertainment to your next BBQ, kid’s party, or just beach fun.  

If we missed any please comment below with feedback! We always love hearing about new Backyard Games.

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