15+ Best Frisbee Games for Kids and Adults in 2024

While throwing Frisbees with friends is fun, organizing and playing one of these frisbee games takes it to an entirely new level. There’s something about how a frisbee soars through the air is exhilarating.

Once you’ve learned to throw it that is. Learning the trick to trying to curve the disc just to hit the target or aim perfectly at your partner across the field.

Frisbee designers are always looking for new and fun ways to improve the shape or form of the flying discs or think of new toss games. But we just like the classic Frisbee. 

Therefore, we are excited to share some new ideas to play with classic frisbees and different ways to play the ultimate disc toss games.

The best frisbee games to play in your backyard, park, camping, or the beach:

Kan Jam

Kan Jam is one of our favorite classic backyard games that ranks in our top 5 favorite outdoor games. It is a 4 player frisbee tossing game that requires skill and the perfect touch.

Essentially you are trying to throw a frisbee in or as close to the garbage can, so your partner can deflect it in.

There are different points awarded for landing on the top of the bin, your partner deflecting it in, or your partner deflecting it against the garbage can-like target.

You achieve an instant win if you are able to throw it directly through the front slot of the bin. This is not a game for kids, but a fun Frisbee game for adults ages 12+.

We have 2 other blogs just dedicated to this game, both the classic rules and the Backyard Game Unofficial Drinking Rules. The game is sold individually or in a combo game set, but definitely, the official Kan Jam version will have you tossing for years to come.

Tic Tac Toss is a super simple, but really fun game. It’s the perfect DIY frisbee game using materials that you probably already have in your garage.

The game is like the original Tic Tac Toe game with Xs and Os. Except you need to throw with Frisbees where you want your piece to land in the game.

It is an easy DIY game that you can create and set up in a matter of minutes. All you need is a tarp, a roll of duct tape, and approximately 12 frisbees you can buy from a dollar store.

The goal of the game is to get 3 in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The first player or team to do so wins! Get the full DIY instructions and rules to play Frisbee Tic Tac Toss as well as a Drinking Game Rules.

3. Bocce Frisbee Toss


Most people have played Bocce Ball, but most people haven’t played Bocce Toss.  The same game but instead of rolling heavy balls you are tossing frisbees.

This frisbee game can be played with 2-12 players, or as many flying discs as you have. Your goal is to land your frisbee as close to the (target) as possible.

This DIY game can even use a target ball you probably already have in the house, like a tennis ball.

This can be played as individuals, or as teams, and take over the field. The game rules are easy but you can get the full Bocce Toss Rules here.

4. Frisbee Tennis Tossing Game

Named Frisbee Tennis, because it is best played on a tennis court. But because of the game rules, it should be called Frisbee Volleyball.

It is best played with 12 players (2 teams of 6) and can also be played with 8 players. Split the players in 2 and have them on opposite sides of the net.

Just like volleyball one team serves (tosses) the frisbee over the net and tries to score points on the other team. If the receiving drops the disc, or takes more than 3 passes to get it over the net the other team gets the points.

If you do not have a tennis court it can be played in a field with cones to mark off the area.  The reason the tennis court works so well is that the net in the middle makes sure you do not throw it hard at the other player’s feet.

We mark a “dead zone” about 2 meters on each side of the net and is counted for out-of-bounds. The rules are quite simple, just do not throw the frisbee out of bounds, and do not drop it.

5. Disc Golf or Frisbee Golf (FROLF)

Disc Golf or Frisbee Golf

Disc Gold or Frisbee Golf Game, or as we like to call it “Frolf” is played like the rules of golf but a lot more fun. In our opinion! Essentially you are throwing your frisbee at a target trying to land it in the basket, with rules very similar to golf. Our full guide can be found here!

A lot of cities and parks have frisbee golf courses, and is a very competitive sport.

Just like in golf some players come with multiple Frisbee to play with. A driver for long shots and a putter for the short range.

If you do not have a course, you can play this with other objects and create your own course with whatever you have. Make sure to include lots of obstacles with trees, branches, ponds, and playground equipment if possible.

6. 500 Up Frisbee Game

Many of us have played 500 up in baseball or kickball growing up. Now transform this game into a great Frisbee game. It’s the same game except, minus getting embarrassed when missing the ball.

The rules are simple, one person is the tosser and everyone else is the catcher. The tosser gets to decide how many points will be awarded for each toss. The tosser yells out the number of points as they throw the frisbee.

If the catchers catch the frisbee in the air, they get the points that were called. If the catchers drop it, they will be deducted a number of points.

Once the frisbee hits the ground, it is considered dead and no points are awarded. The first player to reach 500 points wins, and will be the tosser next round.

This game is supposed to be no contact but does have some jumping in close quarters as everyone anticipates where the frisbee will land.

7. Sir Catch A Lot

We call this version Sir Catch a Lot, but some other people call it a throwing race. Essentially you split into teams, and see how many times you can catch and throw the disc to your partner.

It’s a competition to see who can throw it the most times, more than the other team.

Before beginning, decide how long you want to stand apart and see how many passes are possible.

A few variations include double points for throwing with your forehand, not moving your feet, or catching on your finger.

The first team to 20 points wins! This is a great game for schools and large groups of kids.

8. Polish Horseshoes (Beersbee)

One of the best Frisbee Drinking Games, but is fun to also play sober. There are many different names for this game including Polish Horseshoes, Beersbee, Bottle Bash, and many more.

The objective of the game is to knock off a cup from on top of your neighbor’s stand. You can do so by hitting their bottle direct or knocking the pole by throwing the frisbee.

When you knock the bottle off the other team’s stand, they can then try to catch the bottle or frisbee to regain the points. This is another game that has further instructions you can learn here for how to play Beersbee game rules.

9. Fricket


Beersbee has been made popular by college students everywhere.  But we think this game originated from the original game, Fricket. The main difference between the two games is the use of 2 poles vs one.

In Fricket, place 2 poles 15″ apart with a red solo cup upside down on the pole.  This makes the rules for Fricket even easier to make a DIY game of.

Read more of the Fricket rules for this popular frisbee game. They even have a Fricket association!

9. Frisbee Baseball Game 

Frisbee Baseball Game is just like the original baseball game, except there is no pitcher. Have all the players spread out around the field.

The batter gets to throw the frisbee. Make sure that it does not land out of bounds, and has no bunts. The frisbee must travel at least 5 meters.

However, unlike baseball, we do not give 3 fouls. This means that if it lands out of bounds, is caught, or does not travel at least 5 meters you are out.

Some backyard games allow the basemen to hit the thrower with the disk, counting them out. However, in our experience, this led to some painful hits so we would recommend against it.

10. Frisbee Bowling

Why bother going to a bowling alley when you can set up your own Frisbee bowling game right in your backyard? All you need are a couple of Frisbees and some makeshift pins.

You can use plastic water bottles, soda cans, or even wooden pins if you have them on hand.

To make sure the pins are stable, fill them with water to weigh them down. Then, take turns trying to knock them over by throwing Frisbees at them.

If you opt to use water bottles as pins, we encourage you to either use recycled bottles or refrain from buying new ones solely for this purpose, as it’s important to be environmentally conscious.

For an extra twist, consider playing nighttime Frisbee bowling by adding glow sticks to the water-filled pins. This will create neon-lit bowling pins, adding an exciting and visually appealing element to the game.

11. Frisbee Soccer

Frisbee Soccer is a lot like ultimate frisbee, except played on a soccer field. You are not allowed to run with the frisbee, but you can pick it up if you drop it. Split up into teams, choose a goalie, and see how many goals you can score with your frisbee.

Ideally, you will want to play with 8+ players (4+ per team) with actual goalposts. Throw the frisbee down the field in between players without getting intercepted to score a goal. If you do not have a goalpost, then make a simple goal with cones, coats, or anything you can find.

12. Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee

When playing frisbee games it is hard to throw around the term ultimate, but after playing this game for even just a few minutes you will see why it is called what it is. It is a very faced paced and strategic game and is one of the ultimate workouts.

It combines the best aspects of USA football and soccer into a fun Frisbee game. It’s a widely known game, recognized by the International Olympic Committee, and has tournaments. It is played best with 10 players (5 on 5) on a large open field.

Essentially you are trying to make it to the other team’s goal by throwing the Frisbee to your teammates.

Once you catch the frisbee, you are not allowed to move from that spot. This has you anticipating where your teammates will be and throwing the frisbee to them.

13. Pool Jumping Frisbee Game

Grab a camera for this frisbee game you are going to need it. A waterproof camera is ideal! For the pool jumping Frisbee game, each player takes turns jumping off a diving board and trying to catch the Frisbee in the air.

Your friend will judge with style and completion points for your efforts. In sport mode, snap a few snapshots of the motion in action and will probably be a really cool new profile picture.

14. Stack them Up

This is a fun outdoor birthday party idea for kids of all ages. The stack them up frisbee game is a contest to see who can stack the most Frisbees on top of each other. You may want to take an average of several rounds or see who gets the most out of their 3 tries and wins.

Mini frisbees work best, or pick up 10, 20, or 30 flying discs from your dollar store. This sounds easy, but the higher you stack them the more challenging it gets. Arguably even more challenging than Jenga!

15. Outdoor Frisbee Toss Game

There’s a plethora of enjoyable disc toss target games that can be excellent additions to your backyard game collection. Many of these games can be played solo or with groups of up to 8 people. If you’re seeking a way to ramp up the difficulty, simply take a few steps back before tossing the disc.

Conversely, for younger children or players with less experience, taking a few steps forward can make the game more accessible and enjoyable.

Below are some fun Frisbee toss games we’ve indulged in, which are sure to be thrilling additions to your next day of outdoor games.

16. Frisbee Catch Game

At the core of all frisbee games is simply being able to throw and catch the flying discs. There are so many different types of frisbees for many different occasions.

The best thing about frisbees is that they are portable, stack together, and get people moving. They build hand-eye coordination skills, are social, and most importantly fun.

If we missed any other Frisbee games, make sure to comment below!  If you are looking for an adult version of Frisbee toss games check out our 8 Frisbee drinking games

Or if you are looking for a variety of games, check out the ultimate 68+ outdoor games.

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