How To Play Fricket: Outdoor Frisbee Tossing Pole Game

Fricket is a fun outdoor frisbee game that goes by several different names including cups or the original disc pole game. Think Cricket + Frisbee = Fricket.

Before seeing this the other day, I had always thought of Beersbee or Polish Horseshoes, as they are similar but slightly different.

Fricket came first, Beersbee came second. The biggest difference is 1 vs 2 poles and slight rule variations.

The goal of Fricket is to score points by either knocking the cups off your competitor’s poles or throwing the frisbee between the wickets.

Create the goal on each side by setting up 2 poles 15 inches apart.

This game is so simple, all you need is four 4-5 foot sticks, frisbees, and some plastic cups to start playing.

What is included in Fricket?

There are a lot of games like Fricket, but I have never seen an official set.

Some of the pole games are designed to put a bottle on instead of an upside-down plastic cup.

We recommend the bottle bash set you, so you can play the best of both games.

  • 1 Frisbee
  • Four 4-5′ Poles approximately .5″ thick. Bamboo garden stakes work the best, but you can use any material you can find such as wood, steel, or plastic rods for your wickets.
  • Four 16-ounce plastic red solo cups. You will need an extra few additional cups as replacements.

How to Setup Fricket

You need a larger area to play Fricket, ideally on level ground. Because of the required space, it’s a great camping game or beach game for adults.

The official Fricket rules say that the wickets need to be 40 feet apart.

For tournaments play with these rules, otherwise, I would start at 30 feet apart for the first game. Move back as you get better.

The 2 poles at each end form a wicket, like a goal. Anchor the poles into the ground about 15 inches apart. Put the 4 cups upside down on top of the sticks. That’s it!

How to Play Fricket Infographic

How to Score Points in Fricket

There are a variety of ways that you can score points in Fricket and one of the elements I like most about this game. Each game is played till 21 with a side change at 10.

  • If the offense knocks off a cup and touches the ground, you get 1 point for each cup that hit the ground.
  • If the offense throws the disk between the wickets without touching them, 2 points are earned.
  • The defense tries to catch the knocked-off cup with one hand before it hits the ground. If they do, the defense team earns 1 point. No points are awarded if the cup is caught two-handed or is trapped against the body

Fricket Rules

Fricket is a 4-player game with teams of 2.

Unlike Horseshoes, Ladder Ball, and Beersbee, your partner stays on the same side as you. Teams sit at opposite sides and take turns from offense and defense.

To start the game, you can decide who goes first by choosing a random game of chance or throwing for it. Or we play the team with the oldest person going first.

Now that we are all set up, here are the Fricket rules:

1. Each player on a team takes a turn throwing the frisbee toward the other team’s wicket. There is only 1 frisbee for this game so you alternate throws after the other team has thrown.

2. The throwing team (offense) tries to hit one or both poles to knock off the cups or pass through the wickets. Keep reading for scoring rules.

Don’t cross the front of the wicket line before throwing. If you do, the other team can yell “foot foul” and no points are awarded.

3. Meanwhile, the defense will stand behind their wicket and attempt to catch the cup with one hand if it gets knocked off.

They are not allowed to touch the disk until it has completely gone across the wicket line. 

Checkout the fricket rules video below or on Youtube!

How To Play Fricket


Out of all the different outdoor Frisbee games, this is a fun one that does not require much setup.

All you need is a frisbee, a few friends, and a couple of plastic cups, and anyone can play.

We saw some kids playing with sticks from a tree and sticking them in the sand.

Because you only catch and throw with one hand, Fricket could make an even better outdoor drinking game.

You would be surprised at how many great drinking frisbee game ideas there are.

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