15 Fun Freeze Tag Games: New Twists on the Classic Game!


Freeze tag is a timeless game that was a staple of recess in elementary school. Core memories were made playing this game for me that will never be forgotten. Tag is a great way to run around and burn energy for the even the most hyper of kids. If you’re looking to spice up your tag games, here are 15 exciting variations that will keep everyone engaged and entertained!

Freeze Tag Games

1. Classic Freeze Tag

The classic version never gets old. One players is “it” and try to tag others. If tagged, a player must freeze in place. Other players can unfreeze a frozen player by tagging them. It’s simple yet always a blast!

2. Flashlight Freeze Tag

For a nighttime adventure, try Flashlight Freeze Tag. “It” uses a flashlight to tag players by shining it on them. Once tagged, players must freeze. Unfreezing is done by another player tagging the frozen player, adding a fun twist to the chase.

3. Chain Freeze Tag

In this version, when a player is tagged, they join hands with “it” and become part of a chain. The chain grows as more players are tagged, but only the players at the ends of the chain can tag others. It’s a fantastic way to promote teamwork and strategy!

4. Hospital Tag

In Hospital Tag, if a player is tagged, they hold the part of their body where they were tagged (e.g., leg, arm) and keep playing. A second tag freezes them entirely. This variation adds an extra layer of challenge as players navigate the game with “injuries.”

5. Everybody’s It Freeze Tag

For an intense game, try Everybody’s It Freeze Tag. Every player is “it” and tries to tag others. If tagged, a player freezes. The last player unfrozen wins, making it a fast-paced and chaotic version of freeze tag.

6. Toilet Tag

If tagged in Toilet Tag, players must crouch down and hold out one hand like a toilet handle. They can be unfrozen by another player “flushing” them (pushing down their outstretched hand). It’s a hilarious twist that’s sure to get everyone laughing.

7. TV Tag

When about to be tagged, a player can freeze and shout the name of a TV show. They must stay frozen for 10 seconds before rejoining the game. This variation tests players’ quick thinking and knowledge of TV shows.

8. Shadow Freeze Tag

In Shadow Freeze Tag, “it” tries to step on other players’ shadows to freeze them. Players must avoid having their shadows stepped on, adding a fun and challenging element to the game.

9. Traffic Light Freeze Tag

One player is “it” and calls out “Red Light” (freeze) and “Green Light” (go). Players can only move on “Green Light” and must freeze on “Red Light.” It’s a great way to incorporate listening skills into the game.

10. Color Freeze Tag

In Color Freeze Tag, “it” calls out a color, and players wearing that color are safe from being tagged. All others must avoid being tagged. This variation is perfect for adding a bit of strategy and creativity to the game.

11. Animal Freeze Tag

Players must freeze in an animal pose when tagged. They can be unfrozen by another player mimicking the same animal sound while tagging them. It’s a delightful way to add some silliness and creativity to freeze tag.

12. Balloon Freeze Tag

Players must carry a balloon and avoid getting it popped by “it.” If their balloon pops, they are frozen until another player gives them a new balloon. This variation adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge.

13. Scavenger Hunt Freeze Tag

In Scavenger Hunt Freeze Tag, players must collect certain items while avoiding being tagged. If tagged, they must freeze and drop their collected items. It’s a fantastic way to combine two fun activities into one game.

14. Rock-Paper-Scissors Freeze Tag

When tagged, players must play a quick game of Rock-Paper-Scissors with “it.” If they win, they stay unfrozen; if they lose, they freeze. This variation adds a fun, competitive twist to the game.

15. Musical Freeze Tag

In Musical Freeze Tag, music plays while players run. When the music stops, “it” tags players while they must freeze. When the music resumes, unfrozen players can move again. It’s a great way to incorporate music into tag.

For some inspiration take a look at these amazing videos from the tag championships here!


With these 15 variations, you can keep your freeze tag games fresh and exciting. Whether you’re playing with kids or adults, these creative twists will ensure everyone has a blast. There is no way possible group of kids could still have energy after playing a few of these games!

Feel free to share your favorite freeze tag variations or any new ideas you have in the comments below. Happy tagging!

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