Fantastic Flip Cup! 12 Game Variations and Rules!

As far as drinking games go, Flip Cup is at the very top of the list. This versatile, fast paced game can get everyone playing and the competitive juices flowing. It is the perfect party starter and the ultimate team game. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the world of flip cup games, exploring different variations, rules, and strategies.

Classic Flip Cup

Classic Flip Cup: Let’s start with the basics. Classic flip cup is played with teams of equal numbers standing on opposite sides of a table. Each player has a plastic cup partially filled with a beverage, typically beer. The objective is to drink the contents of the cup and then flip it upside down using only one hand, with the rim balanced on the edge of the table. Once successfully flipped, the next player on the team begins like a relay race. The first team to flip all their cups wins! There is a step by step wiki guide here.

how to play flip cup

Flip Cup Variations

Survivor Flip Cup: Standard flip cup game, but the winning team gets to vote a player off the losing team. However, the losing team still needs to play the same amount of cups as the start, so a player will have to flip two cups. This continues until all the players on the losing team have been eliminated. This game gets messy towards the end when you have a player trying to drink and flip maybe 5 or 7 cups at a time!

Speed Flip Cup: In this fast-paced variant, speed is key. Every player starts at the same time and teams compete to finish flipping all their cups as quickly as possible. The adrenaline rush is on as players gulp down their drinks and flick their cups with lightning speed. It’s a race against the clock and an exhilarating test of coordination and teamwork.

Multi-Table Flip Cup: For larger gatherings or adventurous spirits, multi-table flip cup is the ultimate challenge. Multiple tables are arranged in a row, with teams stationed at each table. After successfully flipping their cups, players must race to the next table to continue the game. The chaotic energy of this variant makes for a memorable experience.

Blindfolded Flip Cup: Players wear blindfolds while attempting to drink and flip their cups. Communication among teammates becomes crucial as they guide each other through the game. Blindfolded flip cup adds an extra layer of suspense and laughter to the traditional format.

Pirate Flip Cup: In this variation players must balance on one leg and cover their eye with one hand like they have an eye patch. The more you act and speak like a pirate, the funnier it gets!

T-Rex Arms Flip Cup: Players must put their arms in their shirts and play standard flip cup with little arms!

No Hands Flip Cup: Simple enough, no hands allowed! Drinking the cup is one thing, but flipping it is the real challenge here. Some good strategies are picking the cup by the rim in your mouth and turning your head to the side and gently putting the cup down. Another effective way is if you suction the empty cup on the side and place it down that way. Odds are you will be wearing the beer by the end of this game!

Connect Four Flip Cup: Players play standard flip cup but after they drink and flip, they run to a connect four set and drop in a piece. First team to connect four wins!

Flip Tac Toe (Flip Cup Tic Tac Toe): Teams play flip cup one vs one and whichever player wins gets to place their mark on a tic tac toe board. First team to get three in a row wins!

Slip n Slide Flip Cup: This is the best sunny day flip cup game but requires a slip n slide! Players rush down the slip n slide to a table and play flip cup. After they flip, they must run back up the slide and tag their next teammates hand. First team to flip all their cups and get back to the starting line wins!

Fuck Yeah: This flip cup game requires a little more coordination! This is a two person per team game and players must stand on the opposite side of the table. The first side starts the game with classic flip cup. After they drink and flip, the partner goes and drinks their cup. After drinking, they put their cup down on the table but must flip the cup in the air into their teammates cup. The player receiving the cup is allowed to move their cup to catch the cup in the air. First team to catch the cup wins!

Now that you know these 12 versions you can create a flip cup Olympics and crown an ultimate flip cup champion! Mixing up the games will keep everyone entertained and the party thriving. Always remember to drink responsibly and mix in some water. Let us know if there are any games we missed and that we should add to the list!

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