Field Day Games! 10 Classic Games to Transport You to Elementary School

Field day was a yearly tradition in elementary school where we used to complete class vs class in a series of classic games. As a 10 year old this may as well been the olympics to me! Each class would have different color shirts, gear and face paint and the competition was on! Whether you’re organizing a company picnic, or a family reunion, field day games for adults are the perfect way to break the ice, promote teamwork, and create lasting bonds. In this article, we’ll turn back the clock and unlock some core memories that you may have forgotten.

Field day games

Field Day Games

  • Three-Legged Race: The three-legged race is a classic field day game that requires teamwork, coordination, and balance. Participants pair up and tie one leg to their partner’s leg. The goal is to race against other pairs to reach the finish line without falling over. It’s will always be hilarious to watch the uncoordinated groups stumble to the finish!
  • Potato Sack Race: Players climb into a sack and hop their way across the field to see who can reach the finish line first. It’s a simple yet exhilarating game that never fails to bring out the competitive spirit in everyone. Burlap sacks, pillow cases, or anything like those will work great!
  • Egg and Spoon Race: This game requires a little more balance as players have to balance an egg on a spoon and race across the field without dropping the egg. Ping pong balls can be used instead of eggs if necessary. To make this game even more fun you can have the participants spin in circles before they start!
  • Tug of War: Tug of war is the ultimate test of strength and teamwork. Participants divide into two teams and pull on opposite ends of a rope, trying to drag the other team across a designated line. It’s a thrilling battle that is sure to get everyone involved hyped up!
  • Obstacle Course: The obstacle course is a staple of any field day event, offering a series of challenges that test agility, speed, and problem-solving skills. Participants navigate through a course filled with obstacles like cones to weave through, hurdles to jump over, tires to run through, and ropes to crawl under. It’s a race against the clock as participants strive to conquer each obstacle and reach the finish line in record time. Here is a list of DIY obstacle courses for kids for some ideas! If you have some older kids that want a real challenge then check out this amazing Ninja Obstacle Course on Amazon!
  • Water Balloon Toss: Plan this game for when every one is already hot from running around to help them cool down. Participants pair up and toss a water balloon back and forth, taking a step back after each successful catch. The goal is to see how far they can throw the balloon without it breaking!
  • Sponge Relay Race: Teams compete to see who can transfer water from one bucket to another using only sponges. It’s a race against time as participants soak their sponges in a bucket of water, then race to squeeze it out into another bucket at the opposite end of the course. The team that fills their bucket first wins, but be prepared to get soaked!
  • Dizzy Bat Race: Participants spin around a baseball bat ten times before attempting to race to a designated point. It’s a hilarious game that tests balance, coordination, and the ability to run while feeling dizzy.
  • Bean Bag Toss: The predecessor to cornhole, put your aim to the test in the bean bag toss, where participants try to land bean bags on targets with different point values. It’s a game of skill and precision as participants take turns tossing bean bags from a designated distance, aiming to score the highest points and claim victory.
  • Wheelbarrow Race: One participant holds the other participant’s legs while they walk on their hands, racing against other teams to reach the finish line. It’s a test of strength, balance, and communication as participants work together to navigate the course and beat the others. This game definitely takes a toll on your shoulders as you get older!

If you need more game ideas here is our huge list of kids outdoor games!

Field Day Games for Adults

Time for a few rule additions to turn these all ages games into field day drinking games! If you like these you will love our list of outdoor drinking games. These games would all go great in a backyard beer olympics!

Three Legged Beer Ball: Combining these two games challenges teammates to figure out how to chase ping pong balls together while also having to chug beers. Check out the Beer Ball guide here!

Egg and Spoon Flip Cup Relay: Take the classic egg and spoon game but once you get other side you have to play flip cup! Once your cup is flipped you run back and your teammate then goes. First team with all their cups flipped wins!

Water Balloon Dodgeball: This one may not be a drinking game but after a couple drinking games it will be plenty fun chasing around everyone with water balloons. Last person standing wins!

Dizzy Bat: Instead of the racing like the other version, switch the game to normal dizzy bat. This involves chugging a hollowed out wiffle ball bat full of beer, spinning around 10 times, and then having to hit the can with the bat like baseball!

Bean Bag Toss: Easy. If your opponent scores a point, you drink for that amount.


Grab some friends and turn back the clock and play these classic field day games! Whether you are organizing a birthday for kids or a birthday party for adults this is guaranteed to bring out the competitive spirit. Let us know if we missed any games or if they should be added! Have fun!

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