Own the Pregame: 8 Sensational Drinking Games Without Cards, Cups or Dice

Drinking games are a must to hype up the group for any social-gathering. While Beer Pong, Flip Cup, and Kings are mainstays at most parties, there are plenty of times you may not have access to all the required equipment. Wether you are tailgating, camping, or just hanging with friends somewhere, you will want to know some drinking games without cards on hand. Here are some of the most fun games to impress your friends!

Drinking Games without Cards, Cups, or Dice

1) Thunderstuck

We used start every Beer Olympics with a celebratory opening round of Thunderstruck to get everyone engaged and fired up. This drinking game is as simple as standing in a circle and playing the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC. The first player starts drinking and they keep drinking until they say thunder, then it moves on to the next person. This game will have players switch drinking 34 times, but the real winner (or loser) is whoever has to chug the entire guitar solo!

2) Name Game/Think While You Drink

The Name Game is an easy and entertaining game to get everyone thinking and engaged. Players take turns saying the name of a famous person, then the next player is required to drink until they say the name of another famous person whose first name starts with the first letter of the previous person’s last name. For instance the first player says Michael Jordan. The next player could say a name like Jim Carrey. Next player in line would have to start with C like Chris Rock. But If someone picks a name with a repeating letter like Christopher Columbus the direction would reverse. If someone says a single name like Seal then they get to choose whois next.

The game is better if you include famous names from movies, sports and books too because it’s amazing to see what everyone can come up with. No repeat names! Remember the person who is thinking of a name must be drinking while thinking!

3) Cheers to the Governor

This hilarious game will really test everyone creativity as anyone has the chance to make up a new rules.

  • To start everyone sit in a circle and count to 21. The first person says, “1,” the person next to them says, “2,” and so on.
  • When you get to 21, say “Cheers to the Governor!” and drink. The person who says the number 21 gets to make a new rule to replace an existing number. For instance, replace 10 with an animal noise.
  • For the rest of the game, instead of the number 10 someone has to make an animal noise.
  • If you mess up or forget a rule, take a drink. Then, the person next to you starts the count back at 1.

By the end of the game all the numbers are rules and it gets ridiculous to take anyone serious! If you need some ideas, you can find our full guide here!

cheers to the governor rules

4) Power Hour

This classic game only requires a case of beer and sheer will to get through an hour of straight drinking. The game is simple… take a drink every minute for an hour. Guaranteed you will go through multiple drinks and it will get harder as the time goes by. If you have a phone available, you can find many great Power Hours on youtube! A few of my favorites are 90’s power hour where the song switches every minute or comedy movie clips where you get a classic movie scene every minute. Its best to keep everyone accountable as people are bound to drop like flies later in the hour!

5) Thumper

The first time I ever heard of this game was from the movie Beerfest. The game starts with everyone sitting in a circle and choose a personal sign.

  • Before starting the game, each player must choose a unique hand gesture and a corresponding “thumper” sound. For example, a player might choose to clap their hands together while shouting “Thump!” or slap their knees while saying “Boom!”
  • After the first player’s turn, the person sitting to their left must quickly replicate the gesture and sound. Then, this player performs their own unique gesture and sound. This keeps going clockwise around the circle until someone makes a mistake.
  • As the game keeps going, you have to speed up the pace to really put the pressure on.
  • The drinking rules are easy enough..when someone messes up they drink!

6) Never Have I Ever

Warning: This game will force your friend group to learn a lot more personal details about each others lives than ever before! Players take turns going around in a circle and share something that they haven’t done before. If a player has done that, they have to take a drink. It’s a hilarious way to share stories while getting to know each other better!

7) Edward 40-Hands

Grab a 40oz beer for each hand and it’s game time! Rules are simple, you can’t let go of the beers until they are both done. It is for sure more of a challenge then a game, but it can definitely get competitive and certainly entertaining!

8) Categories

First player chooses a category and everyone takes turn naming things that belong in the category. If someone hesitates or repeats then they drink. The weirder the category, the more fun the game is!

So now you will be prepared for the next time someone is looking for some drinking games without cards! Most of these games can be included in your next Beer Olympics. Also check out our list of the Top 15 Outdoor Drinking Games! As always, drink responsibly, be safe and have fun!

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