Best Drinking Game Rules for 10 Classic Backyard Games

Leave the keys at home and shut the neighbour’s windows. There may be a lot of trash talk and good times with these exciting drinking game rules for your favorite outdoor games.  

It was a proven fact that most of the classic lawn games such as Croquet and Kubb, had exciting drinking rules that have not had the respect they deserve. You have never seen these games like you will now.

Most important rules are that all of the Drinking Games Rules for the classic Backyard Games we cover, all can be played while holding a beer in 1 hand.

Here are the 9 Drinking Game Rules Variations:

Mix a lot of Molkky Drinking Game

You may have troubles walking the line but as long as you can still count your way to 50 your fine. The Molkky Drinking game is like a strategic game of bowling except you can no go over 50 points.

By knocking over select pins or multiples of pins has a different scoring strategy. A few rules include scoring 10 or more points, knocking 6 + pins, or destroying your partners better believe will be drinking.  Molkky is similar to the real game of bowling and will keep challenging your math skills. Read our full Molkky drinking game rules here.

Rambling RampShot Drinking Game

Do not get too banged out of position with the RampShot Drinking Game.  This game will have you jumping and diving all over the field with a drink in your hand. Each team member stands at different sides of the RampShot throwing the ball at the goal. If you miss a shot your team mate may be able to recover it or even bounce back to your competitor.

The RampShot design has grooves around the goals that creates unpredictable bounces and many hilarious moments.  Different levels of future drunkenness are created by the Rampshot rules.  Such as the shooter hitting a 3 pointer, catching the ball, or hitting multiple 3 points.  Read our full Rampshot Drinking Game Rules here.

Too Much Kubb Drinking Game

See why Kubb was called “Viking Chess” and we think the creators of it always planned this to be the perfect drinking game.  What isn’t more Viking than having an Irish Stout in hand, or if your daring an Irish whiskey. While sitting at opposite ends throwing wooden poles at each other pieces will put your drunk googles to the test.

The point of the game is to take turns throwing wooden blocks at your competitors knocking theirs down before they do. If your game is not very one-sided has a longer playing time of 20 minutes to several hours. The entire goal of the game is not too get too drunk to defend your king.  Read our Kubb Drinking Rules here.

Call you out KanJam Drinking Game

The point of KanJam is to be able to throw in a straight line even if you are unable to walk it. If your team score a Direct Hit, Slam Dunk, or forget to take a drink then odds are that your team will be drinking.

Perhaps your KanJam will be familiar to my pool skills where the drunker I get the better player I am. Regardless 1 point happens when your partner deflects your Frisbee into the goal, 2 points for hitting it direct, and 3 for a Slam Jam of knocking or landing it directly in. Read our full Kan Jam Drinking Rules here.

Luscious Ladderball Drinking Game

The Ladderball Drinking Game tries to get all up and over your competitors before they wrap their balls all around you.  Points are given for the different bar you wrap your Bola’s (balls) around. If you wrap it around the side of the ladder, the point is applied for whichever row it is on. 3 Points Top bar, 2 points middle, and 1 point for the bottom.

We only have instructions on how to play Ladderball but to convert this into a drink game here are the point to drink conversions.  At the end of a round, the score of the winning team is how many times the other team drinks.  Don’t let the other team get 3 Bola’s on that top ladder rung for a total of 9 points!

One Arm Croquet Drinking Game

If Croquet was not as challenging enough as it is we are challenging you to play this with only 1 hand.  Swinging the large Mallet adds a hilarious twist to each swing. The goal is to get to the finish line in the fastest time with least number of strokes. Hitting your ball through the holes and making sure that you do not get smacked.

Called a roquet, one of your friends could smack your ball out of the course at any moment.  Answering a phone, being first one knocked out, or just what happens when you get smashed are just some of the fun drinking game rules.  Take this normal lazy game of Croquet to the next level. Read our Croquet Drinking Rules here.

Tic Tac Drunk Frisbee Drinking Game  

Once and a while we need to go to something so simple of trying to get a Frisbee into 3 spaces in a row to win. The Tic Tac Drunk Frisbee Drinking Game as same as traditional Tic Tac Toe. The only difference is that you are throwing frisbees on to a large tarp versus writing down X or O’s on paper. Grab yourself a large tarp and some tape to make a large tic tac toe board.  

You will also need 10 Frisbee’s, ideally 2 different colors.  For added challenge play each round a step further away from the score board.  The drinking game rules are if you miss a shot or land in an already occupied square, take a drink.  First person to land 3 in a row wins, the other person takes 2 large drinks.   If you like this game, check out our other 8 Frisbee Drinking Games.

Bottoms Up Bocce Drinking Game

Do not bump into too many other balls on your way to snuggle up with your favourite little White Ball. The only thing much better then the Bocce is the Bocce Drinking Game. Perhaps even paired with the Bocce Drink Recipe. Few players escape each round by not taking a drink.

It’s sure to get the whole group of players having a lot of fun. At the end of each round, everyone except for the person closest takes a drink. Read the full rules of regular Bocce here.

Clogged Up Cornhole Drinking Game

After a few too many drinks when playing Bag Bag Toss (Cornhole) it can be very hard to land the Bean Bags in the goal. You really should only be rewarded when hitting it into the hole versus hanging on by the side. As a fun fact the original game started from farmers throwing Corn Cobs into a trashcan and evolved from there. As a drinking game the only time you should be placing your beer down is when grabbing a new one from the cooler.  

The same traditional rules of Cornhole apply but with some drinking game rules twists. At the end of the round, you take as many drinks as the other team scored. So if the other team scored 2, take 2 drinks.

We hope that adding some hilarious drinking rules to the classic backyard games will provide you with lots of entertainment, and hopefully not too much of a hangover.

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