Disturbed Friends Rules, How disturbed are your Friends? + Drinking Rules

Disturbed Friends is a party game designed to show you how disturbed your friends are, and most important how disturbed they think you are.

After playing this card game I know think that Cards Against Humanity is quite tame. In fact on the box they even say “this game should be banned” and they are quite right.

This is one of the many matching card games like cards against humanity but truly takes it to the next level. You are faced with horrible situations, unethical debates, and sexual situations that should make you re-evaluate some friendships.

Disturbed Friends Rules, How disturbed are your Friends? + Drinking Rules 1
Disturbed Friends Rules, How disturbed are your Friends? + Drinking Rules 2

Disturbed Friends comes with 10 sets of player cards to make a party favorite or game to bring out at Christmas. Before telling you too much about it keep reading for the disturbed friends rules and how to play.

Disturbed Friends Infographic:

How to Play Disturbed Friends

How to Play Disturbed Friends

This is one drinking card game that does not have to be explained twice.

Each box comes with 250 Question Cards, 100 #winning Cards, and 10 Sets of Player Cards.

Each person takes turns asking the question cards and the goal is to guess which card they are going to choose. Then each player then puts their card face down before their voting card.  The card played is on an A, B, or C to what they think you will pick.

Then you read your answer out loud and if they guess it right then they are a #winning card. Once you get 5 #winning cards, you win the game!

A few examples of these question cards are:

  • When I am about to organism, please….
  • Tell me you love me
  • Finger my ass hole
  • Punch me in the face
  • I think that the closets guy to me will eventually…
  • Grow a perve stache
  • Buy a blow up doll and use it
  • Text dick selfies
  • In order to destroy my Arch Nemesis I would…
  • Inject them with aids
  • Frame them for murder
  • Steal their diary and post it on social media.
  • Eeny, meanny, miny, moe
  • Hobo street fighting
  • Midget tossing think they should definitely make __________ an Olympic sport.

Disturbed Friends Expansion Packs

Disturbed Friends Rules, How disturbed are your Friends? + Drinking Rules 3Disturbed Friends Rules, How disturbed are your Friends? + Drinking Rules 4

If you like this game, there are expansion packs, even more messed up cards then the original pack. This disturbed Friends Expansion Pack can be played as a mini game or part of the original. It has 110 new cards from the worst game ever made.

The Suicide Desk expansion pack, found on the Disturbed Friends website, literally has been banned from Amazon.

Disturbed Friends Drinking Rules

Now that you know to play the game, I think it’s safe to say you would be playing this game only while having a drink in hand.  Therefore the additional drinking rules are super simple.

In addition to having the judge pick the best card, also have the judge pick the worst card.  The person who contributed the worst card, takes a drink.

By the end of this game, you’re self integrity might be gone, so your drink probably will be empty anyhow.
So in summary, if you liked the worst cards from Cards Against Humanity, you will like this game. The idea of only having to think of an option A, B, or C makes sure that with different scenarios, its surprisingly funny.

It is a game that you may not play more then 5 or 6 times. It’s worth having in your adult board game collection for the nights that you do.

I would not recommend this for teens as it has adult humor and is targeted towards college style parties and pre drinking parties.

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