25+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids

Christmas is that cozy and fun time when families huddle up, share laughs, and create awesome memories together. Among the things that stick, the giggles and cheers during our family-friendly Christmas games always have a special spot in our hearts. We surely don’t want any mini Grinches this year, so let’s swap those screens for some real interactive fun!

We’re big on games and can’t wait to share our list of the coolest Christmas Party Games for kids. Get ready for a roundup of games that are not just fun, but are sure to keep the kiddos buzzing with excitement all holiday season long!

Best Christmas Party Games for Kids

Pin the Nose on The Snowman Game

25+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 1

The same classic version of the Pin the Tail on the donkey but for Christmas! There are several versions of this including Rudolf, Snowman, or Red Nose on Santa. You can make your own or buy a fun set for under $10. If you do not want to use a thumb tack or pin you can replace it with stickers.

Then put your design on the wall, blindfold the children, spin them around, and see the fun unfold. It’s always hilarious funny when they nose’s are so far away. Click here to get the price.

Santa Clause Go Fish Card Game

25+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 225+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 3

Everyone loves Go Fish but the Santa Clause edition makes it an even more fun and festive Christmas game for kids. You can call by number or object. Do you have any snowman? Do you have Rudolph?

These are so much more fun then just asking for a 2. See the first to get rid of all their cards in this classic Christmas Family Game!  Click here to get the Price Online.

Build a Christmas Puzzle Together!

Christmas Puzzle with the Kids

Assuming the kids are not too rambunctious from all the oven mitt unwrapping games above, building a puzzle is a relaxing way to end or start a night.  Christmas themed puzzle’s are a wonderful timeless game that can be put together over and over, year after year.

There are so many to choose from but we personally love this one of Santa’s holiday village puzzle.

Christmas Monopoly Kids Board Game

Christmas Monopoly

We all love Monopoly but playing the “Christmas-Opoly” on Christmas Even is even cooler! A classic family friendly board game. A festive twist on the classic with candy canes, trains, teddy bears, and scrooge as players pieces. Get the price.
25+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 425+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 5

Christmas Bingo Game

Christmas bingo for kids

All children love bingo and sometimes the game of Bingo is a forgotten game.  Not this holiday season, play this festive Christmas version of Bingo designed especially for kids. 

Filled with snowmen, candy canes, presents, Santas, and snowflakes, this game is sure to get the kids in the holiday spirit. Make sure to have lots of prizes on hand for when they get to Yell BINGO! One of the greatest feelings Get the price.

Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer Board Game

25+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 625+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 7

This is one of the best Christmas board games for kids we ever played. I mean “we” because it is fun for the entire family. Christmas can not start until you can find all the lost misfit toys to the north pole.

You will have to journey through a winter wonderland and get back to Santa’s Workshop.  Will your kids be able to save Christmas and be the first to help Santa?  See the full Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer Board Game Here.
25+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 825+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 9

Christmas Reindeer Antler Toss

Ring Toss is always a fun Backyard Game but this Reindeer Antler Toss is so much cooler. The Christmas Ring Toss Game you wear on your head and throw rings towards each other. Time to start your own Reindeer Games and blow up your own headset and rings. Get the price.

A Christmas Story “The Party” Board Game

25+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 10

If you are a fan of the movie Christmas Story then you should like this game! Wait that must mean that everyone must love this game then?   This game is meant for older children (age 14+) that have seen the movie.

It challenges people to recall events places, and other details from the original film. Not a game you will play every single year, but one fun Christmas Board that needs to be played over the holiday season. Buy online.

Christmas Photo Booth Game

A photo booth must be one the cutest and best ways to remember the best nights of the holidays! Plus, who does not like getting their picture taken. You can easily make your own photo booth or use the fireplace or Christmas tree as the background.

For props use whatever holiday decorations or costumes you have that will make a memorable photo. You can also buy some props and get hilarious 40+ sets for under $10 as well as backdrops sets very reasonably priced.

25+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 11
25+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 12

Christmas Memory Game

The Christmas Memory game is a fun twist of a very popular classic matching game. It is a simple matching game but not so simple if you can not remember which squares you flipped or what they had. Be the first to match all your Christmas image and wine. The new naughty or nice provides a fun strategy and new element to this classic Christmas Game.

Classic memory with beautiful and very cheery Christmas themed pictures on all the tiles. It can also be played with a “naughty or nice stealing twist”.  Click here to buy online.25+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 13

Christmas Bean Bag Toss

One of the top backyard games, cornhole or known as bean bag toss, is transformed into a Christmas Party Game favorite! Do not let Santa get away with all the points in the Bean Bag Toss and Tic-Tac-Toe Combo.

Christmas Charades Game

25+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 14

Charades is a classic family friendly board game based on acting out words. The object of the game is to guess what your team is saying using only gestures. This means that the person acting out is not allowed to talk.

With the Christmas edition you will be acting out some of the best holiday characters. Ever seen someone act our a snowman, it will be tons of fun! Get the price.

Elf on a Shelf Board Game

The Elf on a Shelf is a very highly rated board game for kids that the entire family will enjoy. Turn over a card and see what you get and what type of challenges you have. A nice card moves you forward while a naughty card moves you back. Get the price here.25+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 15

House of Marbles Game

Welcome to the Great Christmas Tree Stacking Game! House of Marbles Game seems a lot like a few of the drinking games we featured but fun for kids. You take turns stacking Christmas Trees on the pile without it collapsing.

Whoever knocks overs the Christmas Tree must as punishment sing a Christmas song for the amusement of the winners. A simple and faced paced Christmas Game for kids that will have them falling over in laughter. Get the House of Marbles Here.

Christmas Lights Limbo Game

How low can you go? One of the fun Christmas Party Game the kids have a huge advantage over the adults. Well unless you a yoga guru who can walk completely sideways but we will talk about that on a different day.

Hopefully you have extra Christmas lights so you’re not pulling it from the tree for a classic limbo game. For safety reasons we would say not to leave it plugged in while doing so, but (wink wink) it is far more fun while it shines bright.

Start off at about 4 feet and work your way down, moving it 4 or so inches each time. Last person to go under it without touching wins!

Best DIY Christmas Party Games for Kids

“Santa Says” Christmas Game

To play Santa Says Christmas Game is a lot like “Simon Says” just with Santa. Start off by choosing one of the children or parents as Santa. Santa will then issue instruction for the players (or elf’s) to follow. For example, Santa Says touch your nose, Santa says jump up, Santa says touch the prettiest ornament on the tree.

Touch the prettiest wrap present, oh wait, we didn’t say Santa Says! You are disqualified if you do not follow the instructions Santa says or get tricked in following the instructions that did not start with “Santa Says”. No matter what happens Santa Says this is a great Christmas game for kids that gets everyone laughing and active!

Oven Mitt Unwrapping Game

This must be one of the funniest games that we have today and simple! Grab a pair of oven mitts, fill them with wrapped candies and tie up the top of the oven mitts.  Hand out to each child and see how many candies each child can unwrap in only a minute. 

The candies they unwrap, they get to keep and enjoy.  Best to play this game in only 1 round so they don’t get too much sugar or get some low sugar cookies to keep a calm house later.

Make it a friendly competition or turn it into a relay race where in teams a player only gets to open one candy then pass the oven mitt on. With relay races you could play a bunch of rounds with teams of 2-6 players a team.

Christmas “Hot” Parcel Game

A fun Christmas variation to Hot Potato but using presents instead. Well we would suggest using an empty box or something not breakable for tossing it around. Get in a circle and start passing the presents around and not be the one holding it when the music stops. You will need one person to control the music and not to look at the other guests to make it fair.

Christmas 20 Questions Game

Have you ever played 20 questions? It is a classic road trip game but can definitely be converted into a Christmas edition. 

You have someone that picks a place or thing and the other players have 20 questions in total to guess it. You may want to start by asking if it is a person, then a place, or a thing. If it is a thing can you buy it at Walmart and what department. This way you can get an idea of what they are thinking and guess it within 20 questions.

Really fun game that does not require anything but to get you thinking. Only rule in the Christmas edition, the topic or thing you are thinking of, must be Christmas related of course.  

Decorate Christmas Cookies

One of the only things kids love more then eating them is making Christmas Cookies! All the stars, snowmen, sprinkler, and icing are probably making you hungry just reading this. With some of the fantastic Cookie Cutter sets you will be making gorgeous cookies and creating lasting memories.

Would you Rather?

Ask these funny, hard to answer, and sure to render some giggles 20 questions of a “Would You Rather” game? Questions like, would you rather receive socks or a dictionary for Christmas.

These 20 questions were put together by backyard games and come with a printable, we hope you like it! Click here to see the would you rather kids christmas edition.25+ Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 16

Mystery Stocking Game

The mystery stocking game is a Christmas Eve Favorite Game in our homes that gives the kids something they can play with that night. For this fill up a stocking with wrapped secret gifts and pass around the circle so the kids can guess what it is.

If they guess what it is correctly they win and get the prize. Keep the items small and make sure everyone gets one.

Santa Trip List Game

This is a great Christmas party game for kids and helps them learn their ABC’s. Have the children sit around in a circle and have each child take turns naming something important for Santa to bring along with his trip. For A the first player needs to say a letter that begins with A.

Santa will need to bring an “apple” as he may get hungry or need to feed the reindeers. Next letter is B so Santa will need to bring with a “beer” because my daddy loves one after a long trip. You can make it challenging for older children by picking specific categories or clothes.

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