How to Create and Play DIY Christmas Jenga

Why Play Christmas Jenga?

Christmas Jenga is an easy way to elevate the festive spirit and introduce a fun and engaging game that the entire family can enjoy.

While many of us love board games, not every game is suitable for the holiday season.

For instance, while games like Settlers of Catan might be a hit on regular days, they might not capture the essence of Christmas.

On the other hand, Christmas Jenga, with its unique twists and turns, becomes an instant favorite, especially among the younger members of the family.

It’s not just about stacking blocks; it’s about creating memories.

DIY Christmas Jenga

What You Need For DIY Jenga:

DIY Christmas Jenga Supplies

Materials Needed:


  1. Preparation: Paint one side of each Jenga tile with chalkboard paint. Depending on the wood’s absorbency, you might need up to three coats. Allow each coat to dry for an hour and let the final coat cure for 24 hours.
  2. Design: Once the paint has cured, use chalk or chalk pens to write and draw actions on each tile. Some fun suggestions include “Thumb War,” “Cookie Time,” “Chicken Dance,” “Tell a Joke,” and “Sing a Christmas Song.” The possibilities are endless, and you can customize the tiles based on your family’s preferences.

Christmas Jenga Tiles:

Christmas Jenga Tiles

Christmas Jenga Tile Suggestions:

  • Thumb War: Engage in a playful thumb wrestling match.
  • Cookie Time: Grab a Christmas cookie. After all, it’s the season of treats!
  • Tickle Me: Tickle the person who drew this tile.
  • Chicken Dance: It’s time to teach (or learn) this classic wedding dance.
  • Joke: Share a funny joke with the group.
  • Sing a Song: Sing a line from a favorite Christmas carol.
  • I Need __: Fill in the blank and let the fun unfold.
  • Rule Time: Set a new rule for the remainder of the game.
  • Toast: Raise a glass and make a festive toast.
  • Arm Wrestle: Challenge someone to a friendly arm-wrestling match.
  • Skip: Take a break and skip your next turn.
  • Story Time: Share a short, fun story with everyone.
  • Naughty or Nice: Which list are you on this year?
  • Moo-Cow: Mimic the sound of a cow.
  • Tell a Secret: Share a harmless secret with the group.
  • 2 Truths, 1 Lie: Can others guess which one is the lie?
  • Floss: Show off your dance moves!
  • Talk in an Accent: Pick an accent and speak in it.
  • I’ve Been __: Fill in the blank with a fun activity.
  • Put it Back: Return the tile to its original spot.
  • Truth: Answer a question truthfully.
  • Phone Off: Take a digital detox for a round.
  • Name the Reindeer: How many can you remember?
  • Pull Another: Draw another tile.
  • Christmas Movie: Share your favorite holiday film.
  • Put on Gloves: Add a challenge by wearing gloves for your next turn.
  • Push-Ups: Do a set number of push-ups as decided by the group.
  • Dare: Accept a fun dare from the group.
  • Rhyme Time: Start a rhyming chain with the group.
  • Worst Gift: Discuss the least desirable gift you could receive.
  • Last to Blink: Engage in a staring contest.
  • Blank Tile: A wild card for players to decide.
  • Selfie: Capture the moment with a group selfie.
  • Whistle: Whistle a tune of your choice.
  • Twerk: Show off your dance skills.
  • Silent x 2: Stay silent for the next two rounds.
  • Ho-Ho-Ho: Laugh heartily like Santa Claus.
  • Ask a Question: Pose a question for everyone to answer.
  • 30 Sec Shake: Shake out all the holiday stress.
  • Christmas Tradition: Share a cherished holiday tradition.
  • Cartwheel: If space allows, do a cartwheel.
  • Change Directions: Reverse the order of play.
  • Hugz: Spread the love with a hug for everyone.
  • Lefty’s: Play using only your left hand.
  • Twirl: Do a graceful twirl.
  • 3 Shouts: Shout out three festive words.
  • You’re Out: Take a break for a round, but stay in the festive spirit!

This list offers a mix of fun, challenge, and holiday spirit, ensuring that every round of Christmas Jenga is memorable!

How To Play Christmas Jenga

For those unfamiliar with Jenga, the rules are straightforward:

  1. The person who sets up the tower goes first.
  2. Players can only use one hand to remove a tile. Tiles from the top three rows are off-limits. After removing a tile, place it on top of the tower.
  3. The game continues until the tower falls. The last person to successfully remove a tile without toppling the tower is the winner!

Fun Fact: In 1985, Robert Grebler built the tallest Jenga tower with over 40 2/3 levels!

Christmas games are so much fun! After you have put together your Holiday Jenga, also check our other Christmas games, 20 Christmas “Would you Rather” Questions games, and left right gift exchange game.

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