7 Christmas Drinking Games that will get you Tipsy

Christmas parties can be so much fun if you break the ice a little with a fun drinking game. I don’t like those drinking games where I end up sick all night or with a nasty hangover, I like the drinking games that are fun and get me tipsy.

The drinking games that are best enjoyed with a ground of friends and feeling happy.

So I put together a list of Christmas themed drinking games that you can bust out and be the hero of your next Christmas party.

7 Christmas Drinking Games:

Christmas Dinner Drinking Game

Christmas dinner drinking game

This can be fun for Christmas parties or you can play with your family on Christmas dinner.  Depending on how fun your family is of course.

I love to print these either on the table or at the party entryway. Plus I created a super cute printable.

Click here to get the printable.

Naughty or Nice

This might not be a drinking game, but I like to add a special rule to this game.  Every time you get a naughty card, take a drink.

This game has been a hilarious hit to every party that I have brought it too.

Get the naughty or nice printable here.

Christmas Movie Drinking Games

One of my favorite pastimes at Christmas time is cuddling up on the couch and watching a Christmas movie. But you can definitely kick things up a notch with these 10 Christmas movie drinking games. Some of my favorites are:

Christmas Jenga Game

Drunk Jenga has been one of the most popular drinking games on our site. So why not add in some Christmas cheer? Try adding these cubes to your Jenga Christmas edition:

  • Christmas Drinks (take a drink every time someone says Christmas)
  • Mistletoe kiss
  • Eggnog shot
  • Name all the reindeer
  • Naughty Santa dance
  • Worst gift

Drinking Game Ugly Sweater

7 Christmas Drinking Games that will get you Tipsy 1

I saved the best till the last. Combine an epic ugly Christmas Sweater party with a game of targets. Simple rules: take a shot, you miss, you drink! The best ugly sweater drinking game!

Antler Drinking Game

This game was one of our top-rated games from our adult christmas games list.

Combine antlers with beer pong and it makes the ultimate Christmas drinking game. If you get an antler, the other person must take a drink. You can play as singles or as doubles. Play till 3 or 6 whichever meets your holiday cheer.

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