Cheers to the Governor Drinking Game! Rules and How to Play!

This post teaches you how to play the Cheers to the Governor drinking game. Originating from England, this game has grown worldwide and all you need is a few friends and drinks. I first learned of Cheers to the Governor when I was backpacking in Laos. A few random travelers and I were pregaming at the hostel before a night out and they taught me this hilarious drinking game. Once I came back to the United States, I learned some people call it “Cheers Joe!”

Cheers to the Governor Drinking Game! Rules and How to Play! 1

Cheers to the Governor Rules:

  • To start everyone sits in a circle and counts to 21. The first person says, “1,” the person next to them says, “2,” and so on.
  • When you get to 21, say “Cheers to the Governor!” and everyone cheers and drinks. The person who says the number 21 gets to make a new rule to replace an existing number.
  • For instance, replace 10 with an animal noise. For the rest of the game, instead of the number 10 someone must make an animal noise.
  • If you mess up or forget a rule, take a drink. Then, the person next to you starts the count back at 1.

Fun Rules Examples to Replace Saying the Numbers:

  • Spin in a circle
  • Take a gulp of drink
  • Tap yourself on the head
  • Make a funny noise
  • Choose someone who has to drink every time
  • Say the number in a different language
  • Doctor’s Orders: players must solemnly decree “Doctor’s Orders” before taking a sip of their drink, as if prescribed by a wise physician.
  • Little Man: Take the pretend little man off your cup and take a drink
  • Sing a Song Lyric

More funny rules can be found here!

cheers to the governor rules infographic

Part of the game’s charm lies in its adaptability. Over the years, countless variations and innovations have emerged, each adding its own unique twist to the classic formula. Some prefer to incorporate themed phrases or challenges, while others introduce additional rules to keep things interesting. The only limit is your imagination, making “Cheers to the Governor” a game that can be enjoyed time and time again!


Cheers to the Governor drinking game stands as a beacon of lighthearted fun and camaraderie. Whether played in a crowded bar or around a kitchen table with friends, this game never fails to make people laugh. So here’s to the Governor, whoever they may be, and to the countless memories! Cheers!

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