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Outdoor Drinking Games

We at Backyard Games believe that the fun shouldn't be just for kids when it comes to Backyard Games. As adults there is nothing better than hanging with friends outdoors on a warm day enjoying a few cold beers in our favorite portable chair. If it is having friends and family over to the backyard for a BBQ or a fun filled camp out we have the best drinking games for you.Just to be clear drinking games are not just for college students pre-drinking for a frat party. Those days are long behind many of us but one thing is still true...we all love to drink! Drinking games can be fun for all ages and can be hilariously funny.  They inspire competition, cooperation, and are a great way to get to know your friends better. If  you are looking for games without so much activity, check out our Drinking Card Games List. Below are the backyard games approved resources for the best Outdoor Drinking Games. We promise they will keep you feeling silly and having fun all summer long!

"We have a drinking game in United States, it's called drinking" :D

8 Best Frisbee Drinking Games

Consider this the best 8 frisbee drinking games you are going to see for the person who will only play with a beer in their hand. Nothing to physically demanding but sure provide a lot strategic and fun play. A few of the frisbee drinking games include Beersbee, KanJam, Frisbee Boccee, Frisbee Tic-tac-toe, and many more outdoor lawn games.

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Beersbee: How to Play the Best Frisbee Drinking Game

Voted “Best Outdoor Game in the World” by College students everywhere. This game is a challenging team based game meant to get you drunk every time a team member makes a mistake. The goal is to knock off your competitors bottle from a pole without them catching it or the frisbee. Doing this one handed and hitting your target with frisbee 20+ feet out is quite the challenge and fun game.

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Top 15 Outdoor Drinking Games

Add a flare to the classic Backyard Games by adding a little alcohol to the mix to adapt classic games to drinking games and create new outdoor drinking games. Disclaimer: you must be legal drinking age to play these games. Second disclaimer, if you loose more than 3 rounds you might want to reconsider your participation. Outdoor Drinking Games can be a fun afternoon game to play with friends or a game to break out after the sun has set and the night needs a kick up before everyone falls asleep at the campfire. We are not talking about the regular games of Cornhole or Bocce, but have put together a complete list of 15 fun Outdoor Drinking Games you can try this Summer.

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