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Fun Drinking Card Games and Adult Board Games For Parties  

After a long day of some backyard games it is nice to play a game that you can sit down. There are many different drinking card games and board games for adults for many different occasions. All of the games we listed are guaranteed to boost your enjoyment while having drinks with family or friends. To make things easier for you we wanted to break the games down into different categories all with unique games in each. This includes the top drinking card games to play with just a deck of cards, the best board games, Christmas party games, and the dirtiest party games that make cards against humanity PG.



How to Play the Monopoly Drinking Game

Monopoly is one of our favorite classic board games that is also a lot of fun, to especially drunk! Monopoly is a board game that does not need any introduction. Odds are you already have in your board game collection, maybe even 2. It is one of the most loved board games in the world and about time that we published the Monopoly Drinking Game Rules.

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How to Play the Asshole Drinking Card Game

The Asshole Game is a fun poker style group card game where you race to get rid of all your cards first. Also known as “President & Assholes”. Each player takes turns laying down a card(s) that is higher then the last one played. Be the first player to get rid of all your cards so you can be the President and remain in power and get the Asshole drunk.

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