10 Drinking Card Games Like Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is known by many as one of the best drinking card games for parties. Odds are if you are reading this then you must have played it at least 5 or 10 times and loved it.

Unfortunately, the appeal and shock value of the cards have worn off. Many users are asking for alternative card games even that will make our friends feel even more awkward. Ever since the original matching game “apples to apples” many new card matching games have emerged with many alternatives that are lot of fun.

Keep reading for some drinking card games like Cards Against Humanity to add to your adult board game collection.

Without Ado, Here is the List of Card Games like Cards Against Humanity:

Voting Game | Cards Games like Cards Against Humanity

1. The Voting Card Game

The Voting Game is one of the best drinking card games that is like Cards Against Humanity in reverse. Instead of playing the classic matching game with a single judge, everyone votes for who should get the card instead.

Everyone is voting for who in the room playing the game the card most applies too. For example, one of the cards asked who is going to be the hardest to recognize in 10 years? Another one asked who always comes in second place? As you can see only hilarious things can come out of this and sometimes some awkward moments.  Turn it into a drinking game at the same time but the person who is voted takes a drink.  We vote yes that your party will love drinking card game and you should buy the voting game online.
Drunk Stoned or Stupid

2. Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid Card Game

The reason they call it Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid is because 100% of people who play this drinking card game is either drunk, stupid, or stoned. This is a matching game like Cards Against Humanity but has more interactive plays.

Everyone in the group decides who is “MOST LIKELY TO” to the action on the card.  There are 250 different prompt cards in this game with situations even more extreme then Cards Against Humanity.  Best played in a larger group, 10 is suggested, be prepared to call out your friends.  You need to be in the right mood for this drinking card game, but if you at the ideal intoxication level Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid is frigging hilarious.  Get the price.
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3. God Hates Charades Card Game

God Hates Charades is another drinking card game that you will need to add to your adult board game collection. The creators of this game call it a mix of Cards Against Humanity meets Taboo.  It is a fast-paced game that will have you acting situations and matching cards to win. Imagine acting out Jaba The Hutt Blowing Neil Armstrong for a piece of the moon” or “Kermit the frog taking a shit in a litter box”.

This game also launched on Kickstarter and has some hilarious future moments for all your friends. There are 400 cards with 40,000 unique scenes with unique pop culture for any party. Odd are that if you like Charades then God may just hate you. Make sure you do not go to hell and get your own version of God Hates Charades Card Game.

4.  WTF Did You Say Card Game

The matching game that claims it is Bigger & Bolder than the competition! WTF Does a pretty good job at this stretching boundary and taking things too far. But the games is exactly like cards against humanity, just more extreme.  I would have liked it if they had come up with something different then Cards against Humanity but hey CAH fan’s will still love this game.  The game comes with a set of 594 cards, so you can keep playing it many many times.  Add a drinking card game rules by the worst card submitted drinks. Buy WTF did you Say Card Game online.
Pick your Poison Card Game

5. Pick Your Poison Card Game

Pick Your Poison is a card game that is best played drunk. It is more of a “would you rather” game but very similar to Cards Against Humanity. When the judge picks a would you rather card and the player then “Picks Their Poison” from the cards that they have in their hand. You play to the audience in the room and hope that the other players agree with you.

To give you some insight, a few of the poison cards in the game include donating half your paycheck to the KKK or participating in a nursing home orgy. Your friends may be wondering where the poison is after playing this drinking card game that you should really get for your next board game night. Here are the full details here and where you can buy your own Poison Cards!
Slash Romance without Boundaries

6.  Slash Romance Without Boundaries Card Game

Who says that drinking card games can not be romantic?  The goal of slash is to create the best romantic pairing by matching your cards with the question cards. For a bit more, story telling you may request each player explain what they were looking to create. It may be the first day, wedding day, or old and married. A lot of the cards are based on pop culture and hilarious people. Our only suggestion is if the person “match maker”  picks the card does not know them they can draw again.  Get the latest price.
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7. Dirty Neighbours Card Game

Get ready to see how dirty of neighbors your friends are in this drinking card game. The Dirty Neighbour game is another matching game like Cards Against Humanity but has an fun twist with a Madlibs aspect in it. There are 250 hilarious cards that will have all your friends competing to see who the dirtiest neighbor in the room is. The first dirty neighbor to collect 5 cards wins. Make sure to watch out for the neighborhood watch or they might just bust your party. Click here to be one of those Dirty Neighbors and see more about this awesome adult board game!
Spank the Yeti

8. Spank the Yeti Card Game

If you can not tell but just read the name this is an adult drinking card game of questionable decisions. Like Cards Against Humanity you match cards and put them into categories. This game is next level. They even did a Kickstarter to get it started.

Each round a player takes turns matching up 3 Action Cards with Object cards and the players try to guess their answers. 1 player pairs up 3 Action Cards with 3 Object Cards, and the other players try to correctly predict his or her answers. The best part of the game is analyzing your friends to explain to them why they would make the choice.  Get the latest price.
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9. Poor Choices The Card Game

It is just like Cards Against Humanity in a matching game where the (Card Boss) reads a scenario and the players complete the sentence. One of fun rules Poor Choices has is that you sabotage the others by exchanging terrible traits. This then becomes part of your competitor’s character and makes it harder for them. A hilarious drinking card game of sabotage and crazy hijinks. You will not be making a poor choice in life today if you were to add this to your adult board game collection. Click Here to find out more.
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10. Santa Versus Jesus Card Game

If you have ever wondered who rules Christmas if it is Jesus or Santa this adult board game is for you. The Santa Versus Jesus Card Game is one of those games that you will not only be playing at Christmas. Plus we love some good Christmas cheer all year round.  It is a strategic team based battle to see who can earn the most believers and rule Christmas. There are brain games, riddles, puzzles, and some insane challenges. This is an adult drinking card game that will have your entire party cheering and chugging beers in laughter. Buy Santa Versus Jesus.
We hope this list of card games like Cards Against Humanity will provide you hours of entertainment with friends, if we missed any games, we would love if you would leave a comment below!  Check out our 15 Outdoor Drinking Games if your looking to get outside or our other game lists:

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