15+ Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs for 2024

Cards Against Humanity is one the most popular card games for “horrible people” and for good reason. Most likely if you are searching for the expansion packs you’re a horrible person who loves the game as much as we do.

After playing it 10+ times you tend to see the same cards, so it’s time to mix it up. Luckily there are 30+ different Cards Against Humanity expansion packs for cards that make the original seem tame. We also put together some ideas for games that are similar to Cards Against Humanity.

If you got this far and are not familiar with Cards Against Humanity. It is essentially a matching game. 

Each round one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their white card that they think the person will find the funniest. If your card is picked the most you win!

Cards Against Humanity Expansions Pack

The Cards Against Humanity Base Pack

Before reading about all the expansion packs, you first need to get the original Cards Against Humanity game first. You Can even play a simulation round in the Cards Against Humanity lab.

The lab also helps improve the game and helps the creators decide on new cards for the expansion packs.

The expansion packs, even though most can be played on their own, need to be added to the original. Therefore, it is called an expansion pack, duh. The new 2.0 version is under $30 on Amazon and has 500 White Cards and 100 Black Cards.


Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs

The team at Cards Against Humanity most likely thought that their fans were not smart enough to figure out all the different number expansion packs, so decided to sort them in an easy-to-use color.

If you are looking online, you may see a reference to Expansion Packs 1-6. If you see these do not buy any of the older expansion packs, as you may have the same card appear twice. Keep reading for all the official Cards Against Humanity expansion packs.

The Green Box

15+ Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs for 2024 1

The Green Box contains 300 new cards and is the biggest Cards Against Humanity expansion packs. Well, it is tied with several of them below, but nobody has more!  They quote this as it is “their best cards ever… making your life worth living again”.

It contains more cards in heaven and earth, and some are just downright weird. These 300 new cards need to be played with the original.  Click here to get the price.

Just to give you a few cards in the Cards Against Humanity Green Box includes:

  • A tiny fireman who puts out tiny fires.
  • Albert Einstein but if he had huge muscles and a rhinoceros dong.
  • An empowered woman.
  • Getting killed and dragged up a tree by a leopard.
  • Eternal screaming madness.
  • My brother’s hot friends.
  • Watching a hot person eat.
  • A duffel bag full of lizards.
  • Working so hard to have muscles and then having them.
  • Political correctness.
  • The fear and hatred in men’s hearts.
  • The clown that followed me home from the grocery store.
  • I may not be much to look at, but I screw like ___.

The Red Box

15+ Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs for 2024 2

The Red Box contains the exact same cards as the 1-3 expansion packs that we mentioned above. There are no new cards, but you can be guaranteed for some laughs. Get the price.

A few of the cards within this deck include:

  • A bigger, blacker dong.
  • A 55-gallon drum of lube.
  • A magic hippie love cloud.
  • ______ would be woefully incomplete without ______.
  • After months of debate, the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly could only agree on “More ______!”
  • Before I run for president, I must destroy all evidence of my involvement with ______.
  • Charades was ruined for me forever when my mom had to act out ______.
  • During his midlife crisis, my dad got really into ______.

The Blue Box

15+ Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs for 2024 3

The blue box contains the expansion packs 1-3, while the blue box contains expansion packs 4-5. Get the price.

A few of the cards you can expect in here include:

  • Crapping all over the floor like a bad, bad girl.
  • Sucking all the milk out of a yak.
  • Being popular and good at sports.
  • A man who is so cool that he rides on a motorcycle.
  • A buttload of candy.
  • Getting all offended.
  • One unforgettable night of passion.
  • Filling a man’s butt with concrete.
  • James is a lonely boy. But when he discovers a secret door in his attic, he meets a magical new friend: _________.
  • Don’t worry, kid. It gets better. I’ve been living with _________ for 20 years.
  • My grandfather worked his way up from nothing.
  • When he came to this country, all he had was the shoes on his feet and _________.
  • Behind every powerful man is _________.

The Period Pack

15+ Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs for 2024 4

Not a lot of people can market a game and get away with calling it the Period Pack. This is because it is 30 special cards, Cards Against Humanity’s most absorbent pack yet.

These cards were written while the ladies at the company were on their periods. The cards come lightly scented to help reduce odors (not joking) and is recommended to play every 25-35 days with the original base set. Instead of telling you all the cards on this expansion pack, we thought it would be best if you imagine or buy your own copy here.

The College Pack

15+ Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs for 2024 5

The Cards Against Humanity College Pack expansion is designed to help you remember the glory days when all you ate was Mr. Noodle and had sex all the time.

It even comes with a special poster for your dorm room or closest to remember the good ole days. It has 30 brand-new cards about learning and throwing up. This pack highly suggests you break up with your high school boyfriend and you should order one here.

90s Nostalgia Pack

15+ Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs for 2024 6

Seeing that I was born in the 1980’s this expansion pack both speaks to me and kind of makes me feel old. I think of part Simpson and “don’t have a cow man” and hilariously ugly styles that surrounded us.

This is another 30-card nostalgic pack that has some of the best jokes someone who lived through this can only get. Get the latest price.

A few of the cards include:

  • Too sexy for its shirt.
  • Freeing Willy.
  • Liking big butts and not being able to lie about it.
  • Kurt Cobain’s death.
  • The Great Cornholio.
  • Pamela Anderson’s chest running in slow motion.
  • Yelling “Girl power!” and doing a high kick.
  • A bus that will explode if it goes under 50 miles per hour.
  • Black Cards:
  • Siskel and Ebert have panned _______ as “poorly conceived” and “sloppily executed.”
  • Up next on Nickelodeon: “Clarissa Explains _______.”
  • How did Stella get her groove back?

Weed Pack

This is one expansion pack that really resonated with my life for so many years, unfortunately, I keep forgetting what cards were in it.

I would assume that it was 30 cards around weed and different names for it. Possibly about munchies and finding the nearest taco bell. Get the price here.

Food Pack

The food expansion pack would go well with the Weed pack in our last example. I mean who does not love food? However, they do like to make fun of the food that we eat in the United States and how much we eat of it. Get the latest price.

A few of the 30 cards you get in this expansion pack include:

  • It’s not delivery. It’s ___.
  • Being emotionally and physically dominated by Gordon Ramsay.
  • Real cheese flavor.
  • Oreos for dinner.
  • Committing suicide at the Old Country Buffet.
  • I’m Bobby Flay, and if you can’t stand ___. get out of the kitchen!
  • Now on Netflix: Jiro Dreams Of ___.

Jew Pack

cards against humanity jew pack

After seeing these cards let’s just say that there was no way I could write them here. Luckily for you, 100% of the writers at Cards Against Humanity are Jewish and can make fun of themselves.

View 30 of the best cards their big brains spit out full of real truths and sadness. Get the price.

Nerd Bundle

The Nerd Bundle now includes the 5 smaller packs listed below!

cards against humanity nerd pack

Fantasy Pack

The Fantasy Pack is pretty much a spoof on some of the most successful and popular movies of all time. I am the friend you do not want to play this with, who barely has seen any popular fantasy movies.

The Fantasy Pack entails famous references most other people will get. Get the price.

Here are a few of the 32 cards you get from this pack:

  • Kneeing a wizard in the balls.
  • Crappy in a wizard’s spell book and jerking off in his hat.
  • Handcuffing a wizard to a radiator and dousing him with kerosene.
  • Shooting a wizard with a gun.
  • And in the end, the dragon was not evil; he just wanted___.
  • Critics are raving about HBO’s new Game Of Thrones spin-off, “___ of ___.”
  • Having tired of poetry and music, the immortal elves now fill their days with ___.

Sci-Fi Pack

Red Alert! The Sci-Fi nerds in all of us have detected 30 new cards.

A few of the cards you will detect in this expansion pack include:

  • (A picture of Sean Connery from the movie Zardoz)
  • A misty room full of glistening egg sacs.
  • Going too far with science and bad things happening.
  • Three boobs.
  • An alternate history where Hitler was gay but he still killed all those people.
  • A hazmat suit full of farts.
  • A protagonist with no qualities.
  • Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.
  • Cheerful bj robots.

Geek Pack

The title of this expansion pack really speaks for itself! This 30-card pack is all about Bazinga’s, Video Games, D&D, Games of Thrones, and Other things our dorky self-love. Feel free to add a little Geek to all the horrible Cards Against Humanity classic cards. Get the price.

Science Pack

The Science Pack is a fun mix to add to the game, and also to see who reads books among your friends. The 30 hilarious cards have theories on evolution, global warming, and the far and distant planet of Uranus. Get the price.

World Wide Web Pack

Cards Against Humanity World Wide Web pack

The hardest part about the World Wide Web Pack must have been choosing only 30 cards from the hundreds of thousands of possibilities. I mean beside the few untrue stories and adult films you can find; the internet has a lot of great inventions.

A few examples of these great cards that was written anomalously from users of reddit include:

  • YouTube comments.
  • Game of Thrones spoilers.
  • Taking a crap while running at full speed.
  • A complete inability to understand anyone else’s perspective.
  • Getting teabagged by a fifth grader in Call of Duty.
  • Matching with Mom on Tinder.
  • Goats screaming like people.

Your Crappy Jokes

cards against humanity your dumb jokes

Are you the type of person that normally laughs at your own jokes?  If so, you are going to love the Your Crappy Joke Expansion Pack.

It is 50 blank cards, so you can write your attempt at your humor for the game. This expansion pack includes instructions in hopes that your cards do not suck too much. BJ Robot anyone? Get the price.

The Cards Against Humanity Christmas Expansions Packs

Cards Against Humanity Seasons Greetings Pack

To wrap up the list, here’s the most festive Cards Against Humanity expansion pack we’ve seen. Christmas is the time that you should be spent with family or playing outrageous card games with friends. The Team at Cards Against Humanity have launched 3 different expansion packs for these memorable occasions. After playing this game, you may be subject to receiving coal for the next few years. There is the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Holiday Packs or get the unofficial Humanity Hates the Holidays.

These holiday themed cards include:

  • A Christmas stocking full of coleslaw.
  • A Hungry-Man™ Frozen Christmas Dinner for One.
  • Another dreadful year.
  • Clearing a bloody path through Walmart with a scimitar.
  • Elf jizz.
  • Screwing up “Silent Night” in front of 300 parents.
  • Gift-wrapping a live hamster.
  • Immaculate conception.
  • The worse, Jewish version of Christmas.
  • Finding out Santa isn’t real.

Which Cards Against Humanity expansion pack is the best?

Our personal favorite from the list is the Green Box expansion pack! The Green Box expansion pack contains a mix of silly, absurd, and provocative cards that are well-written for memorable gameplay. All are great for different circumstances and groups make sure to try a few!

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