Bulzibucket Outdoor Toss Game Review & How to Play

Not only is BulziBucket one of the BEST 2 to 4 player outdoor toss games but the entire game also floats! It is also an awesome swimming pool game plus it’s great on land too.

The best way to describe this game is to compare it to a mix of Cornole, Horseshoes, and Beer Pong.

The game is pronounced like “bulls-eye bucket” and is essentially a 3-level bucket that you try to land your hacky sack game pieces in.

Let’s take you through the rules of the BulziBucket outdoor game and show you how to play with our Backyard Games unofficial drinking game rules!

How to Setup BulziBucket Outdoor Game

In less than a minute you will be able to fully assemble the BulziBucket game and be ready to get your game on.

Each BulziBucket game set includes 2 large collapsible 3-tier bucket targets, 8 bean bags, and a carrying case.

The game is much larger than we thought it would be (awesome thing) but is still extremely compact and collapsible at the same time.

It is a really well-made design and the creators deserve a high five for it. Once BulziBucket is assembled you will want to set up on level ground with the buckets 12-15 feet apart.

This part is like horseshoes where it can be a 2 or 4 players game, so pick your partners and stock up your coolers.

How to Play BulziBucket

The beauty of BulziBucket lies in its versatility. There are numerous ways to play, which keeps every game exciting and unique.

In a four-player game, teammates sit at opposite sides of the buckets and rotate turns between rounds. Each player is actively involved, with no waiting around for your turn to throw.

Feel free to experiment with different throwing styles, be it underhand, overhand, or sidearm, and aim to sink as many shots as possible. Scoring involves three tiers, with the top bucket rewarding the most points.

Teamwork comes into play for off-target shots, where your partner can deflect your bean bag into the bucket for additional points. Advanced players might even “hacky sack” the bag into the bucket, adding a fun element of skill to the game.

Remember, assists must come from behind or the side of the bucket, without interference with the bucket itself. Keeping these rules in mind, the game’s overall mechanics resemble a beachside version of cornhole.

How to Score in BulziBucket

Scoring in BulziBucket is easy to grasp. Each bucket is labeled with points (3, 2, 1), so you’ll never forget their worth. The top-level earns the most points and is the most challenging target.

The scoring specifics are as follows:

  • Each round includes four bags per team.
  • Cancellation scoring applies, where only the net points count. For example, if one team scores 4 and another team scores 2, the winning team is awarded 2 points.
  • The last bag you throw, called the “bullseye bag”, is worth double. It’s a delightful twist that keeps things interesting!
  • The first team to reach or exceed 21 points wins, provided they lead by at least 2 points.

Bulzibucket Rules

Now that we’ve explained how to play, let’s go over the rules. While we provide the official rules here, remember that the main goal is to have fun, so feel free to create your own rules or variations to suit your style of play.

Team Setup

  • Teams consist of either 1 or 2 players each.
  • In a 4-player game, partners sit at opposite sides and alternate tossing after each round.


  • Each team is allotted 4 balls per round.
  • Teams alternate after each throw until all 8 balls have been thrown.

Boundaries and Conduct

  • An imaginary line exists in front of the bucket, which players must not cross while throwing.
  • Contact with the bucket is not allowed.
  • Bags contacted above the top of the bucket are not permitted and will be removed.
  • While assisting, players should not use their foot as a backboard and no use of hands is permitted. Maintain a level of elegance in your gameplay.

Assisted Shots

  • Assisted shots are allowed, but they must occur outside the perimeter of the large bucket.
  • To assist your teammate’s shot, you must “hack” the bag twice before taking the scoring shot. For this, your partner must throw the bag directly to you.

Starting the Next Game

  • The losing team from the previous game gets the privilege of initiating the throws in the next game.

See it in action:

BulziBucket Outdoor Drinking Game Rules

BulziBucket is an outdoor game that is best played with a drink in hand. What other games can you be playing sinking shots while sipping drinks in a pool?

We highly recommend that for each BulziBucket drinking game, a bet or hilarious rule is also placed.

Here are a few additional BulziBucket outdoor drinking game rules we play in our backyard.

• After each round the losing player or team must have 1 drink per point they lost.
• If you miss all 4 balls for zero points that round you must take 1 drink.
• You must always have 1 drink in hand or take a drink.
• Losing team must cheer and take 3 drinks.
• Committing a foul in the “official” rules above, take 1 drink per rule broken.

This drinking game can be played with a refreshing beverage in hand, making it a great choice for adults who are legally above the drinking age. However, we want to emphasize that this game is about fun and camaraderie, not excessive or competitive drinking. Always remember to drink responsibly and know your limits.

BulziBucket is truly a unique game that is a refreshing change from many of the outdoor toss games we have seen lately. It’s similar to the fun that we already love with other games but brings convenience to a game that otherwise was clunky cornhole.

Instead of using the classic bean bags we also like that Bulzibucket uses hacky sacks, which is a fun challenge in itself during gameplay.

The game pieces are sturdy, and yes the buckets actually float and the balls won’t sink. The buckets were much larger than expected which was great for the gameplay.

If you like outdoor games Cornhole, Ladderball, or horseshoes but want something more portable this game will be for you. Just pack the game up in minutes and you will be playing in a matter of minutes.

Featured on our Ultimate Outdoor Game List, Games for 4 People, and Beach Games for Adults.  It is a truly valued guest to any of your next BBQ, tailgate, camping, or picnic events. Get latest pricing for your own BulziBucket Set.

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