5 Easy to Build DIY Outdoor Games

Are you sick of finding buying an games at walmart and having them fall apart after only one summer?

I am.

This has happened countless times.

There are some higher quality games like spikeball, rampshot, and speedminton that I have found this doesn’t happen too.

But even some of the best games like ladderball, can be questionable quality at times.  That’s why last summer we put together instructions on making a metal or wooden ladderball set.  And those will last…well your handy skill dependent.

If you are still learning, here’s a quote that I found funny, and relatable.

Measure Twice. Cut Once. Realize you Messed Up. Say Some Swear Words. Go Back to the Store. Measure Twice. Cut Once.

At the time of writing this, we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.  But we are also approaching summer. I believe getting outside in the backyard to play some games is going to be a saving grace this year.  

More than ever, backyard games will be so important.  To get our mind of the worries of the world.  To just have fun with our family.  And to get outside and soak up some much needed Vitamin D.  

I know it can be hard to pry kids away from the game consoles, even in the summer.  But getting kids to embrace outdoor play is also important.

So, if you are looking for a project during this lockdown phase, most of these games can be done with some simple tools, some scrap wood and a little time.

I have embraced the sourdough bread making, now my pants are getting a little tight.  I have also insanely cleaned every corner of my house.  So it’s time to move onto a more productive project.  These projects will last you many many more summers to come.

Leave a comment at the bottom for if you have made these DIY wooden games.  Or any others that you have found too!

5 Easy to Build DIY Outdoor Games 1

5 Wooden DIY Outdoor Games


1. LadderGolf 

DIY Ladder Ball: How to Make a Ladder Golf Game

This game also never gets old.  For some reason I can just keep on throwing that ball at the opposing ladder for hours.  Ladder Ball can be played with 2 to 4 players and very simple to learn.

If you don’t have have any wood around, then you can also use PVC pipe for this Ladder Ball Game.

2. Koob or Kubb

Known as Kubb or Koob. It’s has tossing skills and strategy, but actually a wonderful lawn game.  Think of it as Viking Chess.  The rules of Kubb take a bit more to learn, but I promise it’s worth it.

And as it turns out, it’s actually super simple to build.

Get the full how to build instructions at: lets-get-together.

3. DIY Giant Wooden Jenga

If you haven’t figured it out, I really love Jenga.  I also love a lot of giant outdoor games, including giant jenga. 

For the adults, we are also super popular for the drinking game jenga rules.  It’s not just regular Jenga, because you add different actions to each Jenga piece.  I’ve even created an all ages Christmas Jenga game.

A friend of mine even built their giant Jenga with yard scraps from a construction site that the crew gave to him.  So with a little creativity on where to find the wood, you can even build this game free.

Get the full instructions on how to build giant jenga by Lemon Thistle.

4. Washer Toss

5. Cornhole

Cornhole, also more commonly referred to as Bean Bag Toss.

This is the largest game on our list.  So if you have a garage with storage space, this game will be no problem.

Plus cornhole is fun to play in groups.  You might not have heard of some of the other games on this list, but you have definitely heard of this one.

Get the build instructions at: mycrazygoodlife.com.

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So I hope these ideas has got your creative juices flowing and inspired you to build your own DIY wooden outdoor game for this summer.  

This past couple weeks have been amazing to see everyone outside gardening and mowing their lawns.  But let’s be serious, when we get to have BBQ’s again, there is no time for such things.  With Fathers day coming up, I found this lawn robot for on this backyard gifts for men list.  If it’s as good as my indoor robot, I’m pretty excited to try something like this out! 

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