Bocce: Game Review, How to Play and Where to Buy 2024

Bocce is a time-honored game that has added a joyous spirit to numerous family camping trips for decades. As a close second to croquet, Bocce is often a game passed down through generations. Its roots can be traced back to ancient games played during the Roman Empire.

Widely appreciated as a camping or beach activity, Bocce is widely known and requires no introduction. Traditionally, Bocce is played on a court that measures 90 feet in length and 8-13 feet in width, but the beauty of the game is its adaptability to any terrain.

Bocce is a fantastic option for multi-generational family fun, suitable even for young children. However, don’t assume that it’s a monotonous, tranquil activity.

Bocce can ignite excitement, prompting cheers when a player’s ball lands closest to the target and clinches a round victory. You have been forewarned!

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What is Bocce Ball?

Bocce Ball Game including Bocce Ball Rules and How to Play

Bocce remains a timeless backyard favorite, consistently resurfacing even among newly discovered games. It’s our go-to choice, particularly for camping trips.

Regardless of the group’s composition, it’s likely that almost everyone will have played and enjoyed Bocce.

In a nutshell, Bocce is a game that utilizes 8 larger balls and a smaller white one. The first player throws the white ball, and all other players vie to get their colored ball closest to the white one. Intrigued? Read on!

What Does a Bocce Set Include?

Bocce Whats Included

A typical Bocce set consists of 8 balls, divided into four color sets, and a target. Each set includes red, blue, yellow, and green balls, each weighing 2 lbs and with a standard diameter of 107 mm. The set also includes a smaller white target ball, known as the Jack or Pallino, and a carrying case.

Bocce ball sets are portable and surprisingly lightweight given the size of the balls. They usually come with a convenient carrying case featuring a foam form to secure the balls. Check the price online for more details.

How to Set Up Bocce Ball

One of the biggest advantages of Bocce is the lack of setup requirements. Simply unzip your carrying case, distribute balls to players or teams, and get ready for some fun!

Bocce can be played in a regulated court or virtually any open area. For open-area play, ensure you have ample space; a medium-sized backyard is an ideal starting point.

Bocce Court Size and Guidelines

bocce ball

Bocce can be played with relative ease and flexibility. Unless you’re participating in an official Bocce league, for which we’re not providing instructions, backyard rules apply. For up to four players, each player chooses two balls of the same color.

For two players, each selects two same-colored balls. If eight people are playing, each pair selects two balls of the same color. There are plenty of ways to determine which team goes first.

Deciding the Order of Play

Bocce: Game Review, How to Play and Where to Buy 2024 1

Methods for choosing who plays first can range from rock-paper-scissors, drawing straws, picking high or low numbers, or simply favoritism. After deciding who goes first, proceed counterclockwise to assign the rest of the order.

The order of play may not always be the same for each round’s start, so it’s crucial to establish the throwing order before the game begins. Also, decide if the game will be played to either 12 or 21 points.

Launching the Jack

The team or player who wins the initial toss throws the white ball, or Jack. This is because the player who gets their ball closest to the Jack earns the round point. The Jack’s thrower may have an advantage, as they can replicate the form and strength used to potentially achieve similar results with their ball.

When playing on a court, aim for a spot 8 feet before the backline. If you’re playing in an open area, get creative and explore varying distances, slopes, obstacles, or even bouncing off a backboard for added challenge.

How to Toss A Bocce Ball

how to toss bocce ball

If you’re not the one to throw the Jack, keep a keen eye on where it lands when someone else throws it. Even if it disappears into tall grass, you’ll need to approximate its location.

Once the white ball is thrown, you get to throw first. You can opt for an underhand toss or a lob, striving to land your ball as close to the Jack as possible.

The player whose ball is closest to the Jack wins the round and earns a point. If your ball touches the Jack, you earn two points. If the two closest balls belong to the same player or team, you earn two points.

Remember, it’s acceptable to hit other players’ balls or knock the Jack from its original position. This is a competitive game; don’t be shocked if you or a teammate reach for a measuring tape or stick to determine points.

The round’s winner throws the Jack first in the subsequent round, which could be an ongoing advantage. The first player or team to reach 12 or 21 points wins the game.

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