25 Fun Board & Card Games for Adults and Couples

20+ Best Board and Card Games for Adults & Game Night

After a long day of Backyard Games sometimes we need to escape indoors for a fun board game with friends. It is nice to have something that distracts everyone from their electronic devices and get together for some laughter and fun. Board games are great icebreakers for a group enabling interactions, socializing with each other, and just a lot of fun! Adding in our natural competitive spirits and alcohol always makes for a great night. We wanted to write a full blog on the best board games for adults for game night!

Party Games for Adults | Board Party Games

1. Catch Phrase Game – (Drunk Phase)

Catch Phrase is a fast talking and fast pace game that is always the hit of the party. The reason we put it number one is because it is so much fun to play! It is a very fast game to play and does not require much explanation. A great game for couples or even number groups of friends. Catch Phrase is a mix between hot potato and charades. This game is still PG so can be played with all ages. You can play with up too 4 teams (best for 2-4 couples).

Quickly pass the disk around before it buzzes to the other team or you lose the point. You get the word or phrase on this and need your partner (or team) to guess by saying clues and passing to your other team. This game gets loud fast as you can make any gestures, say anything except what you are acting out for your team to guess correctly what it is before passing off.  For Drinking rules, the team that is holding the Catch Phrase when it beeps must drink.  This is a super fun game, and you will get to see which teams are really in sync.

Cards against humanity

2. Cards Against Humanity Game – (Crazy Messed Up Fun)

Cards Against Humanity has earned the spot on my shelf as it has quickly rose to popularity since it’s creation only in 2011.  The game is simple and never needs to be explained twice.  The good thing about this board game is unlike many Truth or Dare you do not have to expose any scandalous secrets or weird shit you have done. This is the type of game your guests will want to play on more then one occasion and has multiple expansion packs so it never gets boring.   We put it at the top of the list due to it’s popularity and we make reference to games “like cards against humanity” throughout this list.

Each round one player draws a black statement card and everyone choose a white card from their hand that they think that person will pick as the winner.  For most of us, we usually choose the most hilarious or inappropriate card that goes in line with the main card. Fair warning may create awkward but awesome moments between friends.  To add a drinking game twist to Cards Against Humanity, the judge of the round also chooses the worst card, and that person drinks.  After getting hooked on this game, here’s sample cards for the official 16 expansion packs

What do you Meme

3. What Do You Meme Card Game

This is an adult party game for the social media generation. Countless shares and laughs have been enjoyed from a hilarious meme of too found on Instagram or Facebook.  From this game, you will even recognize a lot of these hilarious meme pictures from your newsfeed. What Do You Meme Board Game is a toned down version of Cards Against Humanity except instead of matching words you use pictures instead.  It comes with 435 cards (360 caption cards and 75 photo cards) and is not a game you will play dozens of times but is a good one to have on the shelf for a diner party game.

The rules are simple. Each round you take turns as the judge and display a photo card that everyone else plays a caption card to. The judge decides on the best pairing (normally funniest and that person wins the round.   Same as Cards Against Humanity, for the Drinking Rules, the judge picks the worst card and that person drinks.  Get the price.

Dirty Minds Card Game

4. Dirty Minds Card Game

Dirty Minds is one of the cleanest dirty party games you will ever play. If you are the kind of person that laughs when you hear dirty reference in everything you say you will love it!  The point of the board game is to use their dirty clues and respond with clean answers. The new versions are even more outrageous than the original one. One of the questions was “what goes well with a little head”, your answer “hat”.   Perhaps your may have a few friends with Dirty Minds you may enjoying playing with. This is an adult board game that is best played in larger groups and will provide hours of dirty fun. Get the price.

5. Exploding Kittens Card Game

This board game was produced by Oatmeal, and was the highest funded game on Kickstarter!  There was a good reason why it did so well. It is a fun and surprisingly strategic board game, similar to Russian Roulette card game.  Players draw cards until someone draws an exploding kitten.  If you draw an exploding kitten, hopefully you have a defuse card or you’re dead.  Last brave kitten standing wins.  Battle your opponents with other cards to avoid the exploding kitten card such as laser pointers, belly rubs, and catnip sandwiches.

The game gets more and more intense as it goes on because you have a greater chance of drawing the kitten in an exploding ball of furry.  According to CNN, “It’s like UNO, except there are goats, magical enchiladas, and kittens that can kill you.”  We were personally shocked how much fun this game is and you will too! Get the price.

6. Bears VS Babies Board Game

Bears VS Babies is another game by the producers of Exploding Kittens, and just as creative.  This game, however is strictly for adults as the graphics of the cards are quite entertaining but explicit.  To play this game, you use your cards to strategically build monsters or bears.  Once you have built up a strong enough monster or monster army you can attack another players bears.  Whoever eats the most babies, wins the game!  Bears VS Babies is designed to be played with 2-5 players and takes approx 20 minutes.  Learning the game can take a couple minutes however.  This entertaining Adult board game even comes fully equipped with a grooming kit, including a condom!  Get the price.

7. Drink-A-Palooza Board Game

Drink-A-Palooza is known by many as the best drinking board game for adults ever! This is because it combines many games such as Beer Pong, Kings Cup, Flip Cup, Quarters and all into one drinking game. It comes with beer pong, spin the bottle, deck of card, dice, and everything else you need except an excessive amount of alcohol.  We cannot promise this game will be good for your dinner party but will be guaranteed to give you a hangover tomorrow.  Get the price.

Distrubed Friends

8. Disturbed Friends Card Game

This game is truly the worst game ever made, well at least the game creators claim this! And trust me if you think that Cards Against Humanity is a messed up, you should not even read the rest of this description.  It is truly meant for disturbed adults and you may wish you never played. The point of the board game is to vote on what you think your friends will do in horrible situations. It has 250 distrusting questions and 100 offensive cartoon cards.  We put together a full review and rules for how to play disturbed friends.

If one unlucky player picks a multiple-choice question and reads it out loud.  It puts them into horrible situations, sexual scenarios and will cause debates on how messed up they are. One situation involved a bunny version of Michael Jackson grabbing his crotch while standing in front of a group of little kids.

This is not the type of game to play with your parents, coworkers, or with a new girlfriend you want to keep dating. Get the price.

Last Word Card Game

9. Last Word Card Game

After the few extremely offensive and drunk games Last Word is a perfect refresher! It is a fun game for all moments and proved in sales with 1.5 million decks sold.  The game involves connecting subjects and letters while racing other players.  By the nature of the Last Word board game women tend to always win this as they have lots of practice (joking but not).

How each round works is someone blurts out a subject, then a letter and players yell out as many combinations as they can. Last person to say the last word before the random interval timer wins! For example, favorite food “subject” starting with P “letter.  For this we would have pizza, peanuts, pineapples, pretzels and so on. Do not repeat the same thing that has been said and in this time, you will win by throwing in that last word.  Get the price.

5 Second Rule Card Game

10. 5 Second Rule Card Game

5 Second rule is a simple and fun card game for adults that does not last long. If you think that sentence was a bit “sexual” then Dirty Minds above may be more for you ha-ha.  To play the 5 Second Rule game you pick a card, read the topic, and start the timer. You now have 5 seconds to name 3 things that fit the topic. It’s not as easy as it seems.  The ridiculous and tongue twisted answers that come out are hilarious. For example, with 3 types of dogs (pugs, Dalmatians, and shiatzus) or 3 famous bald people, 3 types of hats. Just spit it out to win in this fast paced game.  Get the price.

11. Smart Ass Board Game

Can you name the Smart Ass in your family or group of friends? Smart Ass (that board game) is a fast paced trivia board game where you want to be the first person to yell out (who, what, and where) questions.  It is even okay to yell out first even if it is not your turn and you get rewarded for this. Time to bring a new Smart Ass to your next board game night that your adult friends will actually like.  Get the price.

Taboo Game

12. Taboo Card Game

Taboo is the game of unspeakable fun. Like charades you need to guess the secret word in less then 60 seconds without mentioning the 5-taboo word. It seems simple but try to mention wrist watch without saying time, wrist, or clock. This game requires 4 or more players and will be a hit of the party.  Get the price.

Pick your Poison Card Game

13. Pick your Poison Card Game

Pick Your Poison reminds me of another Card Against Humanity but more like “would you rather”. The judge picks a Would You Rather and the players “Pick their Poison” and hope that the other players agreed with them. I find it is a game that can be expanded on so is a bit more repayable every time players add on. A few examples of poison cards are participating in a nursing home orgy, donate half your paycheck to the KKK, take 5 shots of tequila every morning for breakfast and more! Get the price.

14. Anomia Card Game

Our brains are always thinking about all different kids of random things. So Anomia puts them to good use. The goal of this adult board game is simple. Draw a card from the middle and flip it up. If your card matches one of another player you will have battle! With this you will have to give an example of the person, place, or thing on the card before they can do the same for yours. If you yell out a correct answer first then you win and take their card. Anomia will have friends laughing while trying to beat each other to the pinch. This is a fast-passed game that typically lasts 30 minutes to keep everyone amused.  Get the price.

Been There Done That

15. Been There, Done That Party Game

Been there done that is a fun game and icebreaker that lets you find out more about your family and friends. With 850+ situations from missing a flight, milking a cow, or traveling to Europe, no games are ever the same. This is a family friendly game that is meant for ages 13+ up. In fact, you may have a friend from India that has traveled the world and pretty much experienced it all. We call him “bin der dun that”. With all kidding aside the Been There Done Board Game is fun for adults that are not too amused by Cards Against Humanity retched humor. 

Voting Game | Cards Games like Cards Against Humanity

16. The Voting Game

The Voting game is one of the best party card games for adults that will test some of your relationships with friends and even your spouse. As much fun as it is, some of the questions may be hurtful for some. One of the questions (like who always comes in second place) was hilariously executed when a couple of friends of ours broke up and had come with their new relationships. Another hilarious question was who will be the hardest to recognize in 10 years?

The Game time is around 30-90 minutes with 160 questions. The game box says not recommended for accountants and other people without personality. However, this is not the case for the accountants I know how are far more crude and hilarious than the rest of us. Get the price.

17. Quick and Dirty Offensive Party Game

When someone names the Quick and Dirty Party Game with the headline “Offensive Party Game” you know its going to be entertaining. The team that created this did a good job in making it different then the many Cards Against Humanity typed board games. It is small and very portable with a 70-card deck that provides more then 1,000 unique rounds. They used 4 sides cards with 42 of the best categories and. Best of all it makes a good drinking game and rewards us fans with dirty minds. Get the price.

Quickwits Party Game for Adults

18. Quickwits Party Game

Quickwits is a fun filled party game and must be on of the loudest games we have played. This is because everyone is shouting their hilarious answers and break out into laughter. There are 150 cards and is very easy to learn no matter how much you have drank. Each card has a category and a symbol on it. Players draws a card and places it faces up on the table. When 2 of the symbols match players race to give examples of the category on the card. First to do so wins the card.

The game typically ends with screaming in each other face and pretty much rewards it. Get the price.

19. Confessions Game

Confessions is the card game for adults full of secret and lies! In fact, it just may be the most awkward party game you will ever play. It is a mix between Cards Against Humanity, Truth or Dare, and Never Have I Ever.

It starts off with a card promoting someone to tell a story. Then it is up to the players to decide if your telling the truth or an awkward lie. Trust us when we say that the cards go to funny to down right awkward.  There are nearly 300 confession cards and is not a game that you will play more than a few times. But the nights that you do, with the right friends, and the right amount of booze will lead to a night you wont forgot no matter how hard you try. Get the price.

20. Cool Cats and Ass Hats Card Game

Are you a Cool Cat or an Ass Hat?  Well if your friends like this game as much as we did you will be a cool cat. If your friends do not like this board game this makes them (not you) an Asshat. This is another game like Cards Against Humanity but has a fun twist. Everyone tallies up on a scorecard if the Master will like the card and person who guessed right the most wins. The winner gets to draw a Cool Cat Card while the loser draws an Asshat Card.  Get the price.

I Betcha

21. iBETCHA Adult Card Game

If you think that Cards Against Humanity is a bit too extreme then I Betcha you will not like this card game for adults. It is a mix of CAH and Never Have I Ever.

One good thing is that the cards are sorted from level 1 to level 3. Level one has questions like have you ever accidentally liked a picture while Facebook Stalking? With Level 2 has questions like have you ever been in a police car forgot to erase your browser history?  Level 3 takes it the extreme with questions like made a sex tape or faked an organism? Get the price.

22. Jenga Drinking Game

We consider Jenga to be a board game, but just classic Jenga would probably not be the top contender for your next party with friends.  However, upping the fun by adding a drinking game component to each of the cubes that pulled will leave the whole room laughing.

Play out rules such as British accent, Young Buck, Siblings, Phat Ass, Kids card, ladies drink and so many more hilarious rules.  The best part, you don’t know which one it will be till you pull the Jenga cube out.

Read our 54 Jenga drinking tile rules to play with.

This One Time I

23. This One Time I,….

Every time I head “this one time” I think of the movie American Pie and Band camp. Now you can think of hilarious moments with this One Time Adult Board Game of Poor Life Choices. It is the opposite of the “Never have I Game” and instead focuses on what you have done! Not sure if it is a good first date kind of game, or perhaps it may be. This is NOT a dinner party game for couples unless you are a bunch of swingers. Time to start the night off with who is the craziest and dirtiest of them all.

There are 450+ cards and each card has 3 different situations for you to choose from. Let’s just say that this is an ideal game for a bachelorette party who will have their own “this one time” stories to tell from that night. Get your crazy night here.  Get the price here.

F**k The Game

24. f*!k The Game

F**K the Game mission is to help you get smarter while swearing at your friends. The goal is to get rid of all your cards first and has all types of hilarious rules. Once the dealer flips the card you have different actions to play depending on the card. You will need to quickly shout the colour you see or the word it says. There are choke rules for when people take too long as well as Slap Happy Rules. This is a fun adult board game that will f**k with everyone heads by using tricky combinations of colours and swear words. If you want to get f**ked click here to read more of this fun card game.

A combination of any of these games will for sure get you to win game night. If there are any games that you think should be added to the list or would like us to do an in depth review please let us know! Have fun!!

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