Jenga is the drinking game that will have you falling all over the place! By falling all over the place, we mean falling all over the place with laughter. Try not to drop the tower of blocks while you’re laughing at the fun drinking rules.

We love this Jenga drinking game because:

– The rules are so simple, anyone can learn quickly.

– Each gameplay is less than 15-20 minutes, and high attention spans are not required.

– It’s an affordable game with very little equipment required.

– It has hilarious rules that are customizable to your audience.

– Free printable included below.


Drinking Game Jenga

Jenga is a classic board game, that puts your balance and soft touch to the test.  You pull out a block from the tower, gently, and then gently stack it back on top.

After a few alcoholic drinks and some enthusiastic friends will your hand be steady enough to pull the last block out before it comes collapsing down?

Here are the Jenga drinking game rules that we play in our backyard. Giant Jenga Drinking Game is one of our favorite 15 outdoor drinking games.

Croquet Drinking Game Rules

How to Setup Jenga Drinking Game

All that’s required for the Jenga Drinking Game requires the classic Jenga game and a couple of sharpie markers.

However, before you can set up your drunk Jenga, you first need to decide the hilarious rules and actions. These actions are colored on one side of the block.

When assembled, the side of the cube with the action is placed face-in.  That way you don’t know what action you are going to pull from the tower.

There are 54 different blocks all with different actions, challenges, or just funny twists.

To assemble your drunk Jenga, first, you need to get your 54 cube values together before you begin. You can download the free printable below to save time. Or choose from the list below for the Jenga drinking game values we play with.

You don’t want to start this process with the permanent marker and create doubles by accident.  You can use doubles if you like, it’s not a guarantee that every action will get pulled each game.

Drunk Jenga Cube Values:

1. to 5. You drink (5) Blocks – Drink 1, Drink 2, Drink 3, Drink 4, Drink 5.
6. to 10. They drink (5) Blocks – Give 1, Give 2, Give 3, Give 4, Give 5.
11. Ladies drink – Big drink for the women.
12. Gentlemen drink – Big drink for the guys.
13. 2 truths, 1 lie – If the players guess the lie you drink, otherwise they drink.
14. British accent – Speak with the accent for the rest of game (drink 1 per slip).
15. Arm wrestle – See if the player to the left is stronger (loser drinks).
14. to 16. Make a rule blocks – This rule will be enforced for the game (1 drink per slip).
17. Young buck – Youngest person in room drinks.
18. Elder card – Oldest person in the rooms drinks.

19. The Real Slim Shady – Will you stand up for rest of game.
20. Kings Cup – Everyone pours booze into a cup and you drink it.
21. Slap that butt – Go around in the circle as everyone slaps your butt hard.
22. Higher education – Take 1 drink for every year of post secondary education.
23. Sibling love – Take 1 drink for every brother or sister you have.
24. Thumbs – Put your thumb to the table last person to do this drinks.
25. Phat Booty – Give a drink to the person with best booty in the room.
26. Nameless – Nobody can say your name for the rest of the game or they drink.
27. X rated – Say the name of the last adult film you watched.
28. Rock scissors paper – Take 1 drink for each win and give 1 drink each for loss.
29. Sadly Single – All single players take 1 drink 1 each.
30. Kids Card – All players with kids need to have 1 drink each per kid.
31. to 32. Bartender Blocks – Take a moment and refill everyone’s drink.
33. Left Switch – Drink with your left hand for the game (1 drink per slip).
34. Sir Slams a Lot – Finish your drink and yell cheers.
35. Waterfall card – Start drinking and everyone must follow till you stop.

36. Muggsy Bogues- Shortest person drinks.
37. Tall tale – Tallest person drinks.
38. Sobriety test – Soberest person has 4 drinks.
39. Drunkard – Punish the drunkest person with a nasty shot.
40. Fast food junkie – last person who ate a fast food burger drinks.
41. Kanye West – You must refer to yourself in third person or drink each time.
42. Made you blink – Challenge someone to stare down first one to blink drinks.
43. Gummers – No showing your teeth for the rest of the round or drink each time.
44. Say cheese – Give away 1 drink for each food with cheese item you can say in 10 seconds.
45. Hashtag – You must say hashtag #before #each #word #until #your #next #turn.
46. Cartwheel challenge – Pull a semi decent cartwheel and everyone else drinks.
47. Spilly talker – last (or next) person to spill any drinks 1.
48. Vegan card – All the non-meat eaters must take 1 drink.
49. Cellphoneless – Next person to look at their phone drinks.
50. Cast of Friends – Can you name 8 of the cast from friends in 15 seconds or drink?
51. Text a random – Text a random person a random funny message.
52. 4 Eyes – All people with glasses must have a drink.
53. Cute couples – Any happy couples must have 2 drinks each.
54. Dizzy bat – Spin around 10 times as fast as you can.

How to Play Drunk Jenga:

Once you have chosen hilarious actions and punishments for all your blocks, now is time to set it up tower. The tower should be 18 stories tall and 3 blocks per story.

You can either set up the Jenga tower by showing the Jenga drinking rules on the outside or pointing to the inside.  If you point it to the inside, then it’s a surprise for each player what rule they will get.  (Recommended)

Time to start playing and here are your unofficial Jenga Drinking Game Rules:

  • Knock the tower over and finish your drink.
  • Complete the action that the Jenga block says (no peaking).
  • Only use 1 hand to pull the blocks (the other needs to hold a drink).
  • You may test how loose or tight the blocks are before pulling.
  • Once you start pulling the block it may put it back, but only in the original position.
  • Whoever knocked over the tower has the privilege of setting up the next round.

The rest of the classic Jenga rules are all the same.

You can only use one hand to remove blocks and can not take blocks from the last solid top row.

Each player takes turns removing a single block from any row of the tower and adds it to the top. Once you pull that block from the tower, you must act out or complete what the block says.

Once a new story of 3 blocks is built on top then you can start a new row.

Keep removing a block and carefully placing it on top being mindful of the wobbly tower.  The person who pulls the block that causes the tower to fall is the loser.  Everyone else wins!  

How to make your Own DIY Jenga Drinking Game

Jenga must be one of the easiest drinking games for you to make. Please do not enjoy a beverage while operating a saw to make this game.

All you need is a few 2 X 4 and cut them, sand them, and write the drinking rules on them. For tools, you will need a circular saw and an electric sander. For the larger outdoor version, the block sizes will need to be 8.5 inches long X 1.5 tall X 2.6 inches wide.

If this is too much effort, you can buy a nice set delivered for under $20. Here are a few we recommend:

Drunk Jenga will be the hilarious hit at your next get together or party.   

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