What is the Asshole Drinking Card Game? 

The Asshole Game is a fun poker style group card game where you race to get rid of all your cards first. Also known as “President & Assholes” this game reminds us a lot of real politics right now.

There are a lot of assholes getting drunk and presidents doing anything they can to stay in power. Not only is this how you win in politics but also how you win in the Asshole Game as well!   Each player takes turns laying down a card(s) that is higher than the last one played.

Be the first player to get rid of all your cards so you can be the President and remain in power and get the Asshole drunk.

Originally featured in our 20+ Drinking Card Games or check out the similar game Big 2.

Asshole Drinking Card Game

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How to Play Asshole Drinking Card Game

Essentially you want to get rid of all your cards by playing a hand that is higher then your competitors. Think of the rules in poker where you always need to play a higher hand then your competitors. Players start off with their lower hands first saving their best plays for the end. We will first cover the rules for how to play the game and then below will add in the additional drinking game rules.

Here are the step by step Asshole Drinking Card Game Rules:

  • Start by dealing 6 or 7 cards to each player. If there are 4 or fewer players, I would personally deal 10 each.
  • Whoever has the 3 of Clubs starts the first game. Suits do not matter afterwards. Game play continues clockwise after this person. They can choose to play a single or any card they want.
  • The order of cards is 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. (2 is clear card and highest).
  • Each player takes turn laying down a card (or cards) higher then the last one played
  • If the next player lays down a card(s) that equal to the previous card or cards played, the next person’s turn is skipped. They can still play their next hand (in that round) after having a drink.
  • Once you pass (if by choice) you can not come back in the round
  • To play a card(s) think of hands in poker. Doubles beat singles, triples beat doubles, straight beast triples, flush beats straights, full house beats flushes, quads beat flushes, and straight flushes beat quads. You do need to play a higher poker hand when you can play the same combination just a higher number. For example, two 6’s to beat two 4’s.
  • 2 is a clear or  power card. It wins any round and you get to start off with whichever card(s) you want. Some games play that Jokers are also wild (or clear cards) but we normally do not.
  • Some versions play that if you can beat the card that you have too. We do not play this rule and you can pass if you want.
  • The first person to get his cards out will be labeled as the President during the following round. The last person to get rid of his cards becomes the Asshole. The Asshole must give their 2 highest cards to the president and the president can give away any 2 they want. Some games you have Vice Presidents and Vice Asshole when you have 4+ people.  If you are playing with vice’s you exchange 1 card each.

Asshole Card Game Drinking Rules

Asshole is not the game that you will get you silly drunk, but is a fun party game for adults. Feel free to make your own variations, but these are the drinking rules we play in our backyard:

  • 2 drinks for the player that goes out first each round
  • 2 Drinks for the Asshole each round
  • Playing a 2 (clear card) makes the last person you beat take 2 drinks
  • Any time a single king is played (take a drink)
  • Having your turn skipped (by player playing same card) take a drink and wait your turn.
  • Asshole always shuffles and offers to refill the drinks for anyone.

If you are looking to try out more games, drunk jenga or drunk uno are also great party games.

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