The Ultimate Guide to Beersbee: The #1 Game for Summer Fun

Beersbee also known as Bottle Bash, Beersby, and Polish Horseshoes, combines everything you need for the perfect backyard drinking game. Frisbee’s, beers, and the outdoors, what else do you need?

When you have a competitive group of backyard gamers playing you will see why most college students call Beersbee the Greatest Outdoor Game Ever! I would challenge this, but I do think it’s a very fun game of beer frisbee!

Beersbee originated from a very similar game, called Fricket. The objective is to throw a Frisbee across the field knocking off your opponent’s bottle from the stand. Down below we will teach you the best methods for at home DIY Beersbee.

It is a team game that requires skill, and patience, but minimal physical activity so you can always have a drink in your hand. The game is designed to get you wasted and does not disappoint.

It’s a game that can be played with teams of 1 to 3 people, so you can play with up to 6 people. Beersbee is also listed on our 8 Frisbee Drinking Games and Top 15 Outdoor Drinking Games.

Enjoy Responsibly with Non-Alcoholic Alternatives

While the game can be played with alcoholic beverages, we believe in promoting responsible and inclusive fun. That’s why we encourage you to consider non-alcoholic alternatives as well. Whether you’re a designated driver, don’t consume alcohol, or simply prefer a non-alcoholic option, there are plenty of delicious and exciting alternatives to enjoy.

From refreshing mocktails to a simple soda or sparkling water, the possibilities are endless. Check out this list of non-alcoholic beverages for some inspiration. Remember, the goal of this game is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Always drink responsibly and know your limits.

What is Included in Beersbee

For those who are not inclined to make their own set or want something more portable, there are many great sets to choose from. We had made the mistake of purchasing this set on a 4-in-1 combo that was far too flimsy.

You will want a pole that can either stick into the ground or with a base that will stay on solid ground. The Bottle Bash with Standard Surface model is what we use in our backyard.

How to Play Beersbee

Beersbee is one of the easiest Frisbee games to learn, but hard to master. Find a field, backyard, or good spot at a campground to get started.

Beersbee is meant to be played 2-on-2, but we like to modify the rules to be 3-on-3 or heck even 1-on-1. Teams sit on opposite ends of the field approx. 20-30 feet apart.

beersbee set up

Teams take turns alternating between throwing a Frisbee across the field at the target. The targets are a pole with a bottle, can, or ball on top.

You get your points by knocking your competitors can to the ground. If you or your team drops the Frisbee the entire team drinks.

The game is until 11 and switches sides when a team reaches 6 points. Just to keep it interesting! When teams cross you must high five! It is a real spectator sport that gets a lot of attention.

How to Score Points in Beersbee Drinking Game

The scoring system of Beersbee places emphasis on the “catchability” of throws. The throwing team must aim to hit the Frisbee within a designated zone; otherwise, they risk a penalty for an uncatchable throw.

This implies that the Frisbee must not be lower than knee height as it crosses the fault line; this zone is termed the “catchable area.” Additionally, the throw should not be excessively high or too distant to catch outside the catchable area.

Committing any of these three infractions results in no points being awarded, and the turn moves on to the next player. Further details about the scoring system can be understood from the offensive and defensive positions explained below.

On Offense (Throwing Team) 

The goal in Beersbee is to knock the bottle or can off of your neighbor’s pole. You can either do this by hitting and knocking off the bottle directly (Dinger) or knocking it off by hitting the pole.

  • 1 Point – Throwing the frisbee and knocking the bottle down by hitting the pole.
  • 2 Points – knocking the bottle off directly without hitting the pole. (Dinger)

On Defense (Defending Team)

With blocking the target (Goaltending)  you will try to catch the Frisbee and the bottle from the throwing team.

  • 1 Point Reduction – Catching the bottle that was knocked off by the frisbee reduces the points scored.
  • 1 Point Penalty – Not catching the frisbee adds 1 point to the throwing team if it was a reasonable throw.


4 Beersbee Scoring Examples

1. Direct Hit with No Catch:

If the throwing team scores a direct hit on the target and the defense team fails to catch either the Frisbee or the bottle, the throwing team earns 3 points.

2. Direct Hit with Partial or Full Catch:

If the throwing team scores a direct hit (worth 2 points), but the defense team catches the Frisbee, the bottle, or both, the points vary. If the defense team catches both the Frisbee and the bottle, they subtract 1 point from the throwing team’s score.

However, if the defense team catches only one item, either the Frisbee or the bottle, the throwing team’s score is reduced by 2 points.

3. Hitting Pole with No Catch:

If the throwing team hits the pole and dislodges the bottle but the defense team does not catch either the Frisbee or the bottle, the throwing team earns 1 point.

4. Hitting Pole with Partial or Full Catch:

If the throwing team hits the pole, knocking off the bottle, and the defense team catches either the Frisbee, the bottle, or both, the points vary.

If the defense team catches both the Frisbee and the bottle, the throwing team scores 0 points. If only the Frisbee is caught, the throwing team still earns 1 point.

Beersbee Drinking Game Rules of Play

We know there are many variations of this game. These rules are the Backyard Games Drinking rules we play at home.

We encourage everyone to make their own twists to this game and add in any penalty/rewards drinking shots or funny activities. Beersbee thrives on sportsmanship and fun so make sure to always be honest even if your defending team missed it.

Beersbee Drinking Rules Technicalities:

1. A Frisbee is considered out of play once it hits the ground. If it bounces before it hits the target then it does not count.

2. Every time your team messes up you all must drink. This is no team sport with “I” in Team.

3. You must always have a drink in your hand. If you put it down for 1 second without permission means the entire team takes a drink.

4. Even when diving you must not spill your drink. You drink once.

5. Frisbee thrown in play must be catchable for the defending team. If it is not catchable your team has 1 drink.

6. Frisbee throws that are not catchable (too far or too fast) are deemed uncatchable and no points are awarded.

7. Catchable Frisbees are thrown from where they land if behind the throwing line. The thrower must plant 1 foot where the frisbee stopped.

8. Frisbees landing within 2 meters of a target are thrown from the line.

9. The losing team must finish their drinks.

How to build your own DIY Beersbee (Beer Frisbee) Game  

This game is quite easy to set up. All you need are two 5-foot poles with stands, two bottles, and a Frisbee. It’s essential that the pole isn’t too rigid, as you want the Frisbee to be able to knock the bottle off the top or make the pole wobble enough to cause the bottle to fall.

I recall trying to play this game using a tree stump, but that didn’t work at all. Over the years, I’ve seen and even built various creative versions of this game.

People have gotten inventive with the types of poles used, including tree stumps at the beach, hockey sticks, brooms, and ski poles. We used ski poles in college. There was even an attempt with a coat hanger (though that was more of a humorous experiment).

Among all the options, the best sets are usually made with PVC piping. It’s crucial to ensure that the pole is fitted properly to hold the bottle. A handy tip is to take the bottom of a beer can, cut it, and mold it to the pole to create a secure base. This way, when you place your bottle on top, it stays steady and firmly in place.

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