15+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories

For many of us beer pong is not just your average drinking game, it is a way of life.  It is an extremely competitive individual or team sport in which players compete for the championship while punishing others. As much fun as it is to play, it is also entertaining for all fans and spectators.

It is very easy to learn with simple rules, while ensuring that everyone playing gets drunk. Get our Backyard Games unofficial beer pong rules before getting started. In fact, it is one of those games you may bring to a sporting event, picnic, camping, party, or even a family reunion. Now let’s go over the best beer pong tables and beer pong drinking game sets to make a splash at your next party.

1. Classic Beer Pong Racks

The first time I saw the beer cup racks, I bought 3 beer pong sets just to keep for presents. If you are tired of playing with amateurs who just push the cups together, keeping the formation lose and bouncing off in many directions. You want as little of space between the lines as possible, so your shot does not get bounced off instead of deflecting in. From glow in the dark to freezable sets, the beer pong options are endless!

2. Classic 8′ Beer Pong Table

Upgrade your party with a portable 8-foot regulation size beer pong table. These are spill proof, lightweight, fold up, and easy to store.  These are perfect for tailgating, bars, house parties, and of course any fraternities. Be the hero of your next party!

3.  Beer Pong Table with Holes

Personally, the classic beer pong tables above work fine, but the tables with specific holes in them take it to an entire new level. The pre-filled holes keep perfect formation, avoid spillage from being bumped or windy days, and make sure no fouls are committed. It is easier to aim with the cups in the holes, and is less functional as made specific for it.  This will make you the hero of your next party. Get the price.
15+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 115+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 2

4. Beer Pong Table with Net

Our job is to bring you all the different options, so you can make your own beer pong informed decision. Even though our backyard games doe not a net, you may want one! This table is designed to make games faster by not chasing balls and stops your friends from leaning. Do not worry you can still block shots and make put your friends to shame but not bringing those weak bounce shots in your house.  Get the price.
Hex Cup Beer Pong Solo Cups

6. HexCup Beer Pong Game Set

After seeing the Kickstarter for the HexCup we started to get excited.  Instead of playing with round cups, these engineers solved the biggest problem by producing the 8-sided cups. No more gaps between the cups, exceptionally durable, and most important perfect when re-racking. This product is so new that all the other sets we mention today do not even offer this. Their patented design is changing the way we plan in our backyard. Get the price.

7. Inflatable Beer Pong Floating Sets

If beer pong was not awesome enough, try playing it in the pool. No cannonballs during this game, but for calm pool conditions is a must have. The H2PONG Inflatable Beer Pong Table Has Built in Cooler and lounge that will provide hours of entertainment. It keeps your beers cold, while playing, so no having to stop the game to refill. Just because the game stops, does not mean that the fun must. Relax at the pool on this float that is enjoy one of these awesome swimming pool games, fun approved and party safe.

Make your next party lit with this Inflatable Beer Pong Pyramid. Perfect for Spring break, tailgating, pools, lakes, beaches, dorms, and more! Get the price.

8. Battleship Beer Pong

You will be so excited to see that one of your favorite childhood games was made into a fun filled drinking game. Beer Pong Battleship is typically played as a floating swimming pool game.  Place your beer pong targets in floating ships and try and sink your opponents ships.  This version keeps you cool and having fun in the pool, one of our favorite swimming pool games.

Another version of Beer Pong Battleship is Battle Shots, one of our 15 outdoor drinking games, an easy DIY game.  Print off our free Battle Shots printable, and setup on a table with a divider between the 2 to play Battleship, but with shots. A third option is to add into your existing game of beer pong cup inserts with, Pong on Fire that uses similar to Battleship rules.  The goal of the game is to sink all your competitor’s ships to win.  Get the price.

9. Giant Beer Pong

The best drinking games are the ones to play outside. Giant Beer Pong is one of those! There are numerous different kinds now, but the one we have in our backyard is the Yard Games Giant Pong Set.  This set includes 12 buckets and heavy-duty plastic balls that look exactly like red solo cups and pong balls. The buckets are approximately 9″ diameter, 9″ tall, and balls are 3.5″ diameter. Much like beer pong, this too is best played with 2 or 4 players at your new camping or backyard event. Just fill up the buckets with water, or sand, and anything to weigh them down and get ready for hours of alcohol fueled fun. There are numerous versions, and similar competitors, all that you can view here.
15+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 315+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 4

10. Mini Beer Pong

Who says that bigger is always better? Ladies we know, in this case, and most cases, yes bigger is better. However, the fun and mini sized can still get the job done.  This is a smaller and more compact social game where you use your finger and catapult the mini versions across the table. Includes: 1 wood game board with skid-resistant footing, 2 launchers, 1 tethered ball, 25 cups and a mesh storage bag for all components. Get the price.
15+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 515+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 6

11. Elevate Beer Pong Set

A fun and exciting twist for us who have played beer pong way too much. Not only with this 3-tier platform elevate your classic beer pong experience, but will also elevate your drunkenness. Multiple sets of combined to create a different playing experiences with even more cups. In fact, you can play with up to 50 different cups in total. Get the price.
15+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 715+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 8

12. Bru-Bag Outdoor Toss Game

Bru-Bag is one of the best version of the popular bean bag toss (cornhole) game we have played. It has the classic rules of Beer Pong (redemption’s, Rack-Racking- Overtime) but is played on a cornhole board with 12 holes. The beauty part of this game, is when you throw a bean bag in a hole, in beer pong you pull the cup out, in Bru-Bag you cover it up. Be the first to land in all your competitor’s spaces to win the game!   Get the price.
15+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 915+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 10

13. Basketpong Beer Pong

Instead of sinking free throws, you will be slamming free shots after schooling your friends at basketpong. Basketpong is a mix between basketball and beer pong, for an exciting outdoor game mix between the 2. The backboard of this has 9 slots to insert rims into, and is meant for playing at the same 8 feet as the classic beer pong tables. Each unit breaks down for portability and storage. Get the price.
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14. Megapongo Beer Pong

It is very rare that something come along that completely changes the beer pong world. This is meganpongo. It is a portable way to play beer pong, perfect for camping, tailgates, the beach, and other places when a table is not feasible. Everything folds up in an easy to carry case, has a backboard, plus your can rearrange the cups. Each game has 19 target cups that can played with many configurations. A few of the beer pong variations to play are ring of fire, round the world, horse, or make up your own rules. This won the best Tailgate Game of the year in 2013 and made in the USA.  Get the price.
15+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 1315+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 14

15. Point Pong Game Set

As cool as Megaponogo is, the set is more costly, heavier, and a bit more complex then it must be. I am not knocking it, but there is a simpler version in Point Pong and it also floats making this a fun pool game. The one drawback from a traditional table is that there is no bouncing the cups. However, it does make a fun game to sit around in a circle trying to sink shots from all angles.  Get the price.
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16. Mountain Beer Pong Table

Mountain Pong is a fun twist on the classic game. In this game you challenge your friends to climb up the mountain. The solid base makes it sturdier, and prevents the cups from being spilled or knocked over. It makes it more challenging then the original game, as you are throwing at one cup versus a dozen.
15+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 1715+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 18

15+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 1915+ Awesome Beer Pong Tables, Racks, and Accessories 20

17. 2-in-1 Cornhole & Beer Pong Table

Not only is this a beer pong table, but also folds up into a high quality cornhole table. We absolutely love combo games, because often you can save money and storage space. This 2-in-1 Game Easily converts in under 60 seconds from a fun filled indoor game to one of our top 5 backyard games. For a family reunion or work picnic, because if you showed up with only a beer pong table they may think you are an alcoholic. However, are odds everyone will be playing beer pong by the end of the night. See Price

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