20+ Best Beach Toys and Beach Games for Kids

Perfect Beach Day: Choosing the Right Toys and Games

Many of us cherish the memories of amazing beach days from our childhood when our parents packed up the family car and took us to our favorite sunny spot. Those moments truly defined what childhood was all about. School is out for the summer and we need to keep the kids busy!

Now, as parents ourselves, having a comprehensive list of entertaining beach games for kids and inflatable beach toys can make the difference between having to go home early and not being able to pull them away from the fun at all.

We recognize that it might not always be possible to bring these games to the beach, but we wanted to provide some ideas for the best beach toys for kids. Also, don’t forget to check out our beach games for adults, suitable for the more mature and perhaps athletic members of the group.

After packing essential beach accessories for kids such as sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, hats, swimwear, water, sandals, and snacks, you may find that space is already a bit tight.

This means that all the beach toys for your kids need to be portable, compact, and engaging enough to keep them entertained.

In this guide, we’ll cover the best beach games for kids, inflatable beach toys, and beach accessories you’ll need to create the perfect beach day. And for post-beach fun, be sure to check out our Backyard Games for Kids list!

Kids Playing Games on Beach

Best Beach Games for Kids:

Beach Obstacle Course

This exhilarating race will get test both creativity and endurance for the kids and will be sure to entertain.

Have the kids set up a series of obstacles in the sand meandering down to the water. Use sandcastles, boogie boards, or any other equipment you may have. The sand can be built up to be jumped over or as a cone to run around.

Have two buckets on the top of the course opposite of the water. The kids then run down through the course with a smaller cup to fill that cup with water. The goal is to run back to the bucket with a cup full of water to fill it up. First team to fill the bucket all the way with water wins!

Boochie, Best New Beach Game For Kids

Boochie is one of the best games for kids and is guaranteed to have an amazing time.

An average game lasts about 15 minutes and is perfect for kids with shorter attention spans. There are many different challenges with an active-play element and a unique 12 sided rolling target.

So even though the game is short, it can be played over and over and always be different for each player. The silly instructions such as keeping 1 elbow on the ground while tossing balls create a lot of laughs.

This is meant for kids (and adults) ages 6 and up. Read our Review and How to Play Boochie Instructions or Buy Boochie Online.

Beach Jazzminton Game

Similar to badminton but Jazzminton is so much better. It does not require a net and the innovative birdie design makes it playable in more windy beach conditions.

Kids love this as it’s fewer rules and more hitting things, the best of badminton, tennis, and ping pong.  

The feathers are glued with water-resistant glue so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart at the beach.

For easy transportation to the beach, this game is neatly packed in a poly bag.  Includes 2 fluorescent paddles with soft ripple foam grip, 1 ball, 2 red, and 2 yellow birdies.

Jazzminton is sure to keep your kids entertained at the beach and requires very little space in your picnic basket.  Get the price.

Beach Boogie Boards

No need for giant waves when you can experience the same surfing sensation as you skim across the shore.

Just to be clear that falling is all part of the experience and will happen. Make sure the beach is not too busy.  

There is nothing worse than getting hit in the ankle with a boogie board.  Frolicking on a boogie board is a great way to work on balance, plus it’s a ton of fun.  

Boogie Board racing is a great game to get the kids competitive spirit flowing. Rules are whoever can get ride the wave the furthest wins!

As a kid, I remember making my own and sanding it down with my dad so if you’re willing to put it in the world is a great DIY project. If not….click here to buy a boogie board online.

Kids Sandcatle Shovel

Sandcastle Shovel & Equipment – Sandcastle Contest

A kid’s day at the beach would not be complete without building a castle in the sand with a giant water-filled moat and wall. 

You do not need to spend a lot of money on a fancy sand sculpting tool kit when a basic shovel, bucket, and various size cups will do. Bring a spray bottle and straws for some serious sculpting!

Have the kids start a sandcastle contest and you be the judge. Score them on size and creativity. They have fun while you get to relax, its a win-win!

Here are some of our favorite toys for building sandcastles because when you’re done, the 3 sizes of “buckets” easily click together.  Buy Alto Beach Toy’s online.

Water Guns for the Beach

Don’t bring a shovel to a water gun fight. Make sure your kids are adequately equipped or prepared for the challenging situation squirt gunfight. If you are nice enough you may not even be the eventual target (but most likely will catch some backfire).

As fun as playing water fights in a backyard are, which are fun, it’s even better to bring this fun to the beach. Don’t worry about losing time when there is a never-ending water supply of fun. You can have them build sandcastles and use boogie boards for cover to create more fun!

A fun water gun game can be target practice. Create targets in the sand or with stood up boogie boards and see who can be the most accurate!

Water Balloon Launchers

Some of the most fun (and trouble) we got in with kids was our 3 person water balloon launchers. There are two types of additions to a water balloon fight you might find.  

These are Water Balloon Slingshots and water balloon launchers, which are different. The water balloon launchers can shoot hundreds of feet.  

Disclaimer, they are not the safest toys so make sure your children can play responsibly.

Launching them across a quiet beach or field at friends, water balloon launchers can fling a water balloon up to 400 yards!  So make sure you choose a quiet beach. Buy water balloon launcher online.

Beach Mini Aquarium

A great way for kids to learn and get interested in wildlife is to get an aquarium and net to catch and release sea creatures. It can provide countless hours of entertainment looking for crabs, fish, tadpoles, frogs, and anything else I could find.  

The best part is because you are scooping up the wildlife you aren’t risking damage to them by touching them.  

Display them proudly before releasing them back into their natural habitat. Leave the beach at the beach.  Buy beach aquarium online.

Spark Toss & Catch

Doesn’t this just look like a lot of fun? Instead of bringing baseball gloves check out these cool net designs with foam balls. The Spark Shark Toss and Catch is meant to get wet so great beach games for kids. 

This will result in hours of enjoyment at the beach in and out of the pool, even including 1 player games.  

Playing with toss and catch games, such as Spark Shark Toss, can encourage better motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and interpersonal skills. Buy Spark Shark Toss online.

Kids Beach Chairs

A trip to the beach with kids is never complete without a super cute and portable lightweight beach chair. Bonus if this has an umbrella and juice box holder attached.  

There’s a huge variety of super small kids chairs available on the market.  We have seen a lot of the low rider chairs (or sand chairs) so you can stretch your feet out without towering above everyone beside you.

Our favorite beach chair is even beach themed with crabs. Buy kids portable chairs online.

Giant Beach Ball

Giant beach balls

This giant beach ball is one of the coolest and most ridiculous things at the beach. Its all fun and games until the winds come and the beach ball becomes Godzilla to unsuspecting San Castles!

I’m just loving the new giant outdoor games trend. This 20-inch inflatable watermelon beach ball will entertain and keep the attention of your kids in or out of the water. 

Simply throwing a ball around will get them moving around so much that they will probably need a real watermelon break soon.  Buy watermelon beach ball online.

Kid Friendly Beach Radio

Let’s be serious, normal electronics are never safe around the kids let alone at the beach. This is one less worry with a waterproof speaker that the kids can play too without worrying about ruining it.  

This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker works from up to 60 feet away for the ultimate portable speaker. That means at 60 feat away the kidlets can listen to their music and you can enjoy the blissful beach.

Designed for the shower it has the highest waterproof rating and is rubberized to be as sand proof as possible.

Listen to some of their favorite (or yours) songs at the beach or drown out some of the noisy people around you. Buy waterproof speaker online.

Wobbly Worm Kids Beach Toss

The Wobbly Worm Game must have been inspired by playing the traditional Ring Toss Game after far too many beers then adapted for kids.  

This game will surely get your kids giggling like crazy with a wobbly worm spinning crazily everywhere. Work on your reflexes to successfully throw your ring on the wobbly worm.  

The goal of the game is to throw rings over the wiggle worm’s head as it passes.  The better you get at it the further you step back.

This is designed for 2-3 players and is fun for the whole family. Get the full Wobbly Worm Rules or Buy Online.

Kids Beach Frisbee Games

There are so many games you can play with just a Frisbee.  From just playing catch, to Frisbee Bocce, to even long distance Aerobie Flying Disc, or 500 up.

Here’s 15+ Frisbee games list that you can play with a Frisbee on the beach.

We understand this is a beach game for kids list but for the parents, we also created the best 8 Frisbee Drinking games you may enjoy.

For now, here are some links to Frisbee products with the best ones for throwing, water, long distance, and just awesome.

Bali Beach Inflatable Bed

20+ Best Beach Toys and Beach Games for Kids 1

This is not just for kids but an amazing beach toy for adults. The kids will enjoy the challenge of inflating the bed as well as sitting on it.  

It’s like sitting in a giant hot dog!  Well a very comfortable hot dog, but we thoroughly enjoy this as an essential beach accessory for both young and mature.

Make sure to go for a good quality one, or it will start deflating and pop very easily.

Just swing it around in the wind to inflate without ever using a pump or blowing up! Buy an Inflatable Beach Bed online.

Inflatable beach toys for kids

We could have done an entire post of the best pool floats so instead going to show you a few amazing ones.

Something secure enough to prevent flipping over (from perhaps a little brother) and cool enough to make the other kids jealous.

This spaceship floating device with squirt gun is pretty awesome!

Juice box beach coolers

Your children need to stay hydrated and well fed if you are going to spend all day at the beach.

You may also want to hide a few cold beers to enjoy while the little ones are taking all their new beach games for kids for a test drive.

Why not make it a super fun cooler with a beach pirate theme!  And once it’s done serving it’s purpose as a cooler can be used as a play toy or floaty by the kids. Buy pirate beach cooler online.

Weights for Kids

Fun and adjustable barbell set for kids. Weight plates can be filled with sand or water to get them pumped up.

Show off their strength by lifting the set with ease. Teach them the basics early and get them involved in fitness and make sure they return bigger and stronger for your next years beach days. Buy kids weights online.

Waterproof Football

As awesome as many of these games are there is no substitute for a classic waterproof football.

You want a football that is not too big, has good grip, and does not hurt the head in case it hits you in the nose.

The cyclone footballs are great for water games as it does not soak up water and is fun to throw. Buy cyclone football online.

Fly a Kite at the Beach

What can be more fun than on flying a kite on the beach on a warm summer night? Kites are fun for all ages, and even fun for the spectators not even flying the kit, so even the kids under 3 can have fun watching the kite whip around the sky.  

Consisting of 2 wings, kites are lightweight aircraft that are tethered and react against the air to lift into the sky.  Teach the kids to kite, and who knows even get ready for competitions or kite flying festivals.

Last thing you want is a cheap kite that breaks and falls into the crowd or has trouble catching the breeze. 

Make sure to pick up a good high-quality kite that will last for at least a few summers with a couple of intense crashes. Buy a Kite online.

Beanbag Bullseye Toss Game

A great revision to Cornhole except you are trying to land it in the middle of a target and instead of a board features a fold-up blanket. The oversized target is 55 X 55 inches and has pegs to keep it in place.

All the rules are easy to follow and as you get better just move closer or further away from the target.  

Plus this game can also double as a great beach blanket while not in use.  Buy Bean Bag Bullseye online.

Parachute Games

kids playing parachute game of tag

Yes, you read correctly, bring a Parachute to the beach for some fun beach kids games. Kids have an unbelievable time with it jumping on the sand and playing in the water.

Play with it or just sit on it, a parachute will also make a great really large beach mat. There are over 100 different games a child can play using these parachutes, here are 24 popular parachute games to try.

The parachute is sturdy and can bounce water balloons or whatever comes its way.  Not only that, parachutes fold up so when not in use at the beach, they will hardly take up any space in your garage. 

Also featured in 50+ Birthday Party Games for Kids, you will find a parachute is multi-use. You have probably only encountered these parachutes at schools but they are surprisingly affordable, buy a parachute online.

Giant bubble Maker

Giant Bubble Maker

Send giant 20-foot bubbles all over the beach! The huge bubbles create larger then life memories. You might even find yourself having more fun than the kids with this game.  

This is one of the games you may have even have as much fun as your kids are having. Amaze everyone at the beach.  

Invented in 1984, this amazing bubble wand has so far to be outdone.  A 90 inch woven fabric, absorbs and releases maximum bubble soap and with a sliding control on the handle gives you even more control over the bubble output. Buy a giant bubble wand online.

Poof Outdoor Star Toss Game 

For kids ages 6 years and older, this beach game, POOF Outdoor Games Star Toss is a new throw based on the classic game of horseshoes except better for kids.

Instead of a horseshoe it is a star with far more points to wrap around the pole. You can play with 1-4 people where each team throws the stars at 2 stakes in the ground.

The closer the star gets to the stake the more points you get. Buy Star Toss Online.

UNO Splash

Uno is a great game for both kids ages 7 and older and adults. The Special Waterproof Uno Cards with the handy clip to keep the cards together make it a great game to clip onto a beach bag and go!  

After the kids are all tired from running and swimming around the beach, unwind with some downtown on the beach towel and a simple game of Uno.  

Splash proof and water resistant cards are the perfect beach companion around water. And if you are looking to kick it up a knock, here’s our Uno Drinking Game Rules.  Buy Uno Splash online.

Kids Beach Olympics

Take some or all of the games listed above and combine them into the olympics! Every event counts as a point and whatever team wins gets the gold medal. This is a great way to keep the kids busy all day with creative and competitive games!

Create a standings/scoreboard in the sand to keep score and have a big ceremony at the end to crown the winner!

Kids Beach Olympics infographic

After seeing all these games, it is definitely time to hit the beach! If you need some games for bigger kids or adults they can be found here!

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