20 Best Beach Games For Adults and Big Kids

Looking for the best beach games for adults? Whether you are spending time at a lake cabin with friends or headed to the ocean for a fun-filled weekend, it is always a good idea to bring a game your friends will love to play.

From classic backyard games such as bocce ball to new favorites such as Spikeball or Kan Jam, it will add laughter and fun to your beach day.

The beach is a little different than the backyard for outdoor games. Some of our favorite games like badminton can’t be played if it is too windy, croquet balls not rolling in the sand, or not enough room to set up a volleyball court.

Regardless, we got you covered and wanted to showcase some of the portable, compact, and most awesome beach games for adults.

Just as a fair warning you may just become the center of attention and gain spectators so stock up those coolers. Or, if you’re also on the lookout for games that kids can enjoy, take a peek at our beach games for kids list.

Best 20 Beach Games for Adults to Bring to the Beach:

1. Tidalball Beach Game

TidalBall Beach Game | Beach Games for Adults

Tidalball combines the best of Cornhole, Bocce Ball, and Horseshoes for a ridiculously fun beach game for adults. Bonus as you can also play this game with a drink in hand (we insist actually).

Throw the Tidalball in the hole and get 3 points or 1 for landing in the trench. This is a 4 player game where the team splits and throws from opposing ends. Tidalball is super portable and only takes up a small space in your beach picnic bag.

Read our Backyard Games review of Tidalball with rules to play!

2. Speedminton

Speedminton Outdoor Game

Speedminton is a wonderful alternative to Badminton. It is an outdoor game designed to be played at the beach without a net.

The innovative design of the birdie will not get blown easily in the wind. The playing field is set up with two 18 X 18 Feet squares.

Grab a stick at the beach to draw a line in the sand to establish the Speedminton playing field. Speedminton combines the best of many racket sports that can be played anywhere.

Find our full Backyard Games Speedminton review and full rules to play including rules for double or Buy Speedminton Online.

3. Kan Jam Frisbee Game

A Complete Guide to Kanjam | Backyard Games

The original Disc Slam Frisbee throwing game! Played with 4 people and was one of the games that we loved so much inspiring us to create backyard games. Kan Jam involves two trash can-like bins that are placed 40 feet away.

Each bin has a slot in the middle and is open on the top on both sides. Teams of two, with a member standing behind each bin, seek to defeat their opponents.

A volley starts with a team member tossing a frisbee toward the opposing Kan.

There are several ways to score. Hitting the bin outright scores 2. Having your teammate deflect the frisbee against the outside of the bin scores 1.

Having your teammate Jam the frisbee into the top of the bin scores 3. If you throw the frisbee right through the slot (aka you “slot it”) or if you land the Frisbee directly down the chimney without anyone touching it….then it’s game over. Frisbee then moves to the next thrower, and so on and so on. The game goes to 21.

Read our complete guide to Kan Jam or the Backyard Games Kan Jam Drinking Game Rules.

4. Beach Tennis

Close-up view of beach tennis equipment, including a solid racket, depressurized ball, and high net

Beach tennis itself is a great mix of fun, exercise, and friendly competition. Imagine the joy of playing tennis, but with an exciting twist – you’re playing on the sand, under the sun, with the sound of waves in the background.

Beach tennis is an excellent way to improve your agility, hand-eye coordination, and overall physical fitness. It’s a full-body workout disguised as an exciting game – what could be better?

When it comes to beach tennis, a quality racket set can make all the difference. It’s not about being fancy or over-the-top, but rather about the harmony of practical design features and ease of use.

Check out our guide on mastering beach tennis here for more.

5. Spikeball

20 Best Beach Games For Adults and Big Kids 1

Spikeball is our favorite beach game and is something that stays in the trunk of our car in case a game breaks out.

Frankly, Spikeball is our favorite game altogether. The best way to explain Spikeball is that it is similar to the same rules as volleyball, but instead of hitting a ball over a high net, you hit a small hand-sized ball at a round net.

Here we are playing at a friend’s cabin in the summer recorded from our drone and was just awesome.

Spikeball is a 4 player game is requires a lot of physical activity. This means it is harder to play with a drink in your hand, unlike most drinking games.

Playing Spikeball at the beach is the best because the soft sand helps cushion your fall when diving.  We have created a full guide to Spikeball including setup instructions and rules to play.

There are different options of competitors as well to look at.

6. Rampshot

Rampshot | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

RampShot is an outdoor 4 player toss game that has throwing, catching, jumping, and scoring.

Standing 15 feet apart the goal is to score points by throwing your ball into the opposite goal. Your teammate stands on the opposite side you are throwing from and if your ball bounces off they try to catch it.

If you throw the ball too short then the other team has a chance to steal your points. The design of the RampShot Game creates unpredictable bounces and diving catches.

We have created a full Rampshot guide with instructions on how to play and Drinking Rules to add in. Get the price.

7. Bottle Bash, Beersbee, Polish Horseshoes

Hopefully, the beach you’re playing at allows drinking as this game is one of the top-rated drinking games for College students, worldwide.

There are many different names and slight variations for the game but all are meant to get you drunk.

Originally created as Polish Horseshoes, but now more commonly known as Bottle Bash, Beersbee, or Frisknock.

Essentially you throw a Frisbee at a pole trying to knock a target (usually a beer bottle) off the top. Your competitors try to preserve points by catching the Frisbee or the bottle if you knock their pole.

We have the Beersbee full drinking game edition instructions or check out our other 8 Frisbee Drinking Game list. Get the price.

8. Jazzminton Paddle Ball Game


Unleash the excitement of outdoor gaming with the Jazzminton Paddle Ball Game Set.

This comprehensive set comes with 2 fluorescent wooden paddles, 1 ball, 4 birdies (2 for slow play and 2 for fast), and a durable carry bag.

The paddles, built from 7-layer plywood and coated with water-resistant paint, feature soft, rippled foam grip handles for comfort during extended play.

The Jazzminton set is uniquely crafted to merge the best elements of Pickleball, badminton, tennis, and ping pong into one, making it an ideal all-season game.

The birdies, designed with real feathers and water-resistant glue, guarantee durability even when playing at the pool, beach, or during rainfall.

The game is suitable for indoor and outdoor occasions and can be enjoyed by players aged 6 and above.

The spinning birdies slow the game, creating longer rallies that are exciting and fun for all ages.

The game can even be played over a badminton net, making it a great way to introduce racket sports to children or beginners. Check the price of the Jazzminton Paddle Ball Game Set here.

9. Washer Toss Game

Washer Toss | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

Washer Toss is a horseshoe-style beach game that involves tossing a washer into a tray.

The closer you get to the center the more points you get. It is a test of skills and fun for all ages and fitness levels.

Play with 2 or 4 people and be the first team to reach a winning score or 11 or 21 points.  Buy Washer Toss Online.

10. Frisbee Toss

There are far too many games to play with a frisbee. There are so many Frisbee games that include Tic Tac Throw, Frisbee Bocce, 500 Up, or even just playing catch.

Let’s start with a basic outdoor game that can still keep you entertained for hours.

With a Soaker Frisbee, you can play any fun Frisbee game and turn it into refreshing fun at the same time.

Buy Soaker Water Frisbees online.

11. Kubb Lawn Toss Game

Kubb Lawn Game

Also known as Viking chess and is one of the oldest backyard games. Each team takes turns throwing up to 6 wooden Batons at the competitor’s 5 wooden blocks while standing 24 feet apart.

You can play with any number of players from 2 – 12 people making it a great beach game no one will get left out playing.

Kubb has more complicated rules than other games and takes longer to play but is worth it.

We have created the full rules to play Kubb here and the drinking game rules. Buy online.

12. Molkky

Molkkey | Ultimate 63 Outdoor Games List

We really like Molkky and you will too. Similar concept as bowling but instead of balls you throw wooden skillets at a target trying to knock over the 12 pins.

To win the beach game you must get exactly 50 points without going over. If you do go over 50 points then you are panelized and must go back to 25 points.

Each pin is labeled with a number so knock over that pin and get that much. If you knock down only 1 pin you get the same number as it. Knock over 2 or more pins and get 1 point for each pin knocked over.

it gets challenging when you’re in your 40s (points not age) and can only hit selected pins or you would go over. Best played with 2 or 4 people.

Click here for the Backyard Games instructions on how to play Molkky. Get the price.

13. Bean Bag Toss, Ladderball & Washer Toss Combo

Both Bean Bag Toss (Cornhole) and Ladderball on their own are great games.  And combined into a multi-combo game of 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 outdoor combo sets is even better.

There are even 4-in-1 combo game sets. The combo sets are simple quality games that give you the option to keep playing a different game ensuring you will not be bored.

We put together the 4 most popular combo game sets here.

14. BulziBucket

While we are discussing classic games like Ladderball and bean bag toss, let us introduce a new Cornhole hybrid game called BulziBucket.

This game is MUCH more portable to bring to the beach, even though at first glance it doesn’t look like it. The bins are collapsible and easily fold into a lightweight backpack to bring to the beach.

Not only can you play this game on the sand at the beach, but it also floats so feel play to play in the lake or ocean.

Played with 2 to 4 players, throw it, hacky sack it, or assist it to get the bean bags into the 3-tiered buckets.

Read our Backyard Games BulziBucket review and rules to play or get the latest price online.

15. Waterproof Deck of Cards

Nothing beats a good card game when you not looking to jump and up-dive all around the beach.

The hard thing about playing at the beach is how many decks I have had ruined by sand, water, beer, or salsa. Perhaps you have had a deck ruined by everything above all at once.

Adding a waterproof deck of cards in the beach bag is a great investment with a great return of fun. Buy Waterproof Cards Online.

16. Beach Bocce ball mini

Even though Bocce Ball is not ideal on many beaches we still had to include this.  We personally prefer the challenge of rolling a Bocce ball on a lawn versus sand.

The key with beach Bocce is the sand conditions you are playing must be semi-smooth to allow for the balls to roll once they drop to the ground after your throw.

If the sand is too deep, they will not roll and where you throw them is where they land.

With Bocce, if you are in an open space like the beach, you can cover a lot of ground and move around a lot. Walking from the throwing line to after the 18 rounds you play can be the perfect amount of exercise for a game.

Not too strenuous so everyone can play but also get you up and walking around.

This game is very portable which is why we chose it for our beach games. Read the Backyard Game complete guide to Bocce Ball!

17. Waboda Catch Glove

No sense in playing catch with a ball glove at the beach when you can use the Waboda Catch Glove play set.

These uniquely designed balls are perfect for a wide variety of in-water games of throwing, catching, and skipping across the water’s surface.

Yes, you read that correctly. They actually skip across the water’s surface when thrown correctly.

The ball and gloves will get wet but do not hold water like a sponge making this a perfect beach game. Buy Waboda Online.

18. Beach Tikki Toss Ring

Ring Toss is another classic backyard game that can be played on sand, grass, or even in a pool with the floating version.

Simple enough you toss the rings (usually made of rope) around a wooden scoreboard landing on a peg. You can play ring toss with two to four players.

You can play with the traditional version of Ring Toss or bring along Tiki Toss.

19. Quarterback Toss Game

This may not be one of the most portable games but is one of the best ones!

You can play 4 games in 1 with this, and each game is simple but challenging.

This game is not just a football skills test, it can be a fun and challenging beach game for adults. Buy Quarterback Toss Game Online.

20. Chippo

Chippo, not we aren’t talking about chocolate chips. A hybrid of Cornhole and Mini Golf putting this game is awesome.

Played with 2 to 4 people, try your golf game to get your ball into one of the three targets on the turf-covered game board. You can find all the rules from the official Chippo website here.

We hope you enjoy our list of favorite beach games for adults, now it’s time to take the party to the beach and have an amazing day! If there are any games we should add please let us know! 

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